Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Rest! – 23 August 2012

How funny that after last week’s LightBlast lecture ;o) on Fortitude we now are told to rest?!  Actually, it is a beautiful continuation of Universal Law that supports Life.  Rest is essential.  Not only to our physical bodies, but to Creation.  It is another way of saying equilibrium or balance.  When we are at Rest, the direct flow has an opportunity to open and receive new information.  From that point of Rest, new choice is made and creation begins anew.  This is part of creation and you recognize it as the Feminine aspect of Life.  Rest is a point of reception as the interaction with Life, the unity, is honored.
Life on earth is a reflection of All Life.  As a hologram of being, we contain the whole within and the whole contains all of us.  It is the great mystery of seen and unseen, past and future.  Within Rest is the present of Life shared.  Beyond the need to do, is the ability to allow.  That is Rest, and unity thrives as each becomes One while still in unique physical form.  This experience on earth is visible separation and invisible unity.  Lightworkers shine the Light on unity, the unseen; and new Life begins to form.  Rest well.  Know that your Love makes a difference as new choice is offered to an open heart and mind.  Universal Law does not support Forced Power, but it allows it – for it rests easy in Knowing the unseen nature of Love calling Love.  That is how form builds.
As we sit to Blast Rest, we are feeding new life to the peace that passes into understanding as we hold the grace of Love in open arms.  We are following our gentle heart into an exciting dream of Love, bringing fresh perspective to a tired old story.  We are the reminders of joyful win/win solutions when fear wants to focus on problems.  We are the pillars of Loving strength when all seems lost.  The Rest is up to them!  Blast on!

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