John Ward – The Slog – The Foresight Saga : Interesting Things Happen After A Slogpost – 24 August 2012

A quick roundup of some MSM stories that began here

The arrival of one lone (professional) troll to The Slog this lunchtime shows, I hope, that this site is at last beginning to get under some important skin. His succinct ‘this is all small-numbers crap from backwater site etc etc’ is from the classic mould – and a known source….which I must confess left me vaguely flattered that such folks would take the trouble.

The list of people, titles and places banning The Slog gets ever broader, as does the range of MSM titles overtly embarassed by being so often behind the music. To be banned by the New York Times, the Federal Reserve, the Kremlin, the EU Commission, all Washington government buildings, The Guardian, The Mail, China, Argentina, the Foreign Office, India, Albuquerque and Huffington Post seems to me a range in search of a pattern, which is probably as it should be.

The Berlin government’s diversion of all my links to gay Austrian sites was perhaps the most entertaining yet, and closely followed this piece written about Geli the Osti Changeling some months back. Without any collusion by either party, respected author Gertrud Höhler has written a book called “The Godmother,” about Merkel’s rise to power. As per The Slog’s January piece, Höhler points out how Merkel has orchestrated the end of the political career of literally every powerful governor or other potential rival within her party — one after another. She doesn’t share Western democratic values, argues Gertrud, she is ruining the euro, and all she cares about is securing more power.

Gertud sounds like my kinda gal. Also she looks like Lauren Bacall.

China’s decision to build a whopping 18,000 tonne strategic stockpile of rare earth reserves(now that there’s a glut thanks to falling global demand) may not interest many people; but it does support The Slog’s long-held theory that China has no imperial or globalist ambitions: all Beijing wants is near-infinite self-sufficiency. Once the country reaches that point, its leaders will look happily on as bonkers mercantilism tears itself apart elsewhere, until China becomes the most powerful nation on Earth without every leaving home or firing a single ICBM.

The other Asian monolith India still struggles with blackouts and power shortages. But now an energy plan based on thorium – an element with the potential to replace uranium as an ultra-cheap and ultra-safe nuclear energy source – may fundamentally alter the nation’s and possibly the world’s energy future. Thorium’s potential was featured here some weeks ago, and attracted a never less than lively comment thread. Much of the piece focuses on the US invented excuse of thorium as a means of trapping Iran into accepting it as a future generation raw material for power generation. It perhaps also suggests a new Law of Geopolitics, viz: ‘If you rush into Iran and steal Uranium, Iranians may not accept your thorium, especially if the theorem of the thorium is less fissile than Iranium’.

Meanwhile, more disinformation and doublespeak from the Kanzelerin, whose close associates told Bloomberg that Germany will stand behind the Greek government as it struggles to overhaul the economy, when sources close to her were busy telling Reuters that she had no inetntion of ceding to Antonis Samaras’s pleas for more time to meet the tough terms of Athens’ international bailout.

The latest Slog instalment used sources close to Berlin and Paris to offer more alleged details about the deal that will be hammered out soon enough. Let’s see if these sources are closer to the mark than Merkel’s spin doctors…or what one might now start calling her bamboozle boys. link to original article


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