Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change Are Howling : Do You Know Where Your Going To? – 24 August 2012

There is a common statement I hear from around the world that goes sort of like this “I know things are changing, but they don’t feel like they are changing for me, not that I notice anyway.”  So I have been using the analogy of a glass of water.  Let’s use this glass of water from our massive reboot state from August 8th and 11th.  Your glass was an open container.  The wisdom that got you to that point now forms the glass, which is really your body and consciousness.  Your glass container now has a very different frequency vibration than every before and each day, several times a day a new droplet of water is added into your glass.

Now if you can imagine an actual glass being on your counter and you had an eye dropper and squeezed one droplet of water into that glass, you more than likely will not even notice the droplet’s addition to the glass.  Even adding 3 or 4 droplets a day, you really don’t notice any big gain in the glass at all.  But yet, it is filling up with new water constantly, the new droplet is integrating with the previous droplets changing the entire glass of water with each addition.  But who would notice?  Do this for a week, 2 weeks, a month, now there is something to see, to measure within yourself.

Every person on the planet is changing.

Once upon a time, like last year, those droplets were added monthly or for some every couple of months.  Now the Light of Love is so present in our atmosphere you cannot help but take the new energy in.  Keeping in mind, not everyone likes this new energy.  Not everyone embraces loving kindness.  So they will react as if someone is poisoning them daily, getting a bit more bitchier, more complaining and blaming.  I find these folks to be amazing mirrors showing me how I once was and who I no longer want to be ever again.  I have no problem blowing them a kiss and just walking away.

Last night as I was contemplating this energy field called August and how incredibly different it is for me.  The last time I was able to have a viable meditation (in my bathtub) was on August 14th, the day the two sets of circular doorways appeared.  Now I can sit here in my living room and bring those doors up with vivid clarity and work them, but when I have put myself into my bath I get nothing.  Which is kind of disheartening for me.  I have been going there for 12 years and I can liken it to watching your hair fall out.  I love my hair and I love meditation too!

I remember a day back in 2008 when I put my foot into my bathtub and my team said to me “you no longer have to do this anymore,” meaning purposely go into meditation to receive their communication and guidance.  I already knew that.  I had spent so much time in meditation that I no longer needed to close my eyes to hear and see spirit.  Five years of doing spiritual readings for others really helped to bridge that world as well.  I had already known that meditation was actually just a stepping stone to living in the field of spirit 24/7, but I never released doing meditation.

Thru meditation we are doing so many amazing things.  We are teaching our ego minds to be a full participating partner with our soul mind.  We are learning to take nothing personally and understand and see what is really happening far beyond the surface.  We are fully linking up our spiritual vision and spiritual hearing with the spiritual field that is always present in our lives, so that we are always connected.  We are developing a partnership with all of life beyond our 3D construct.

I suppose this should be a happy exciting moment for me, but it is not so much.  Like graduation from high school or my trade schools of hypnotherapy or massage therapy, it is safer to be in school learning than having to strike out on your own and hope you remember everything you were taught and take it even beyond that.

Pesky August and the changing of the clothes!

I am watching so many people change their lives with acceleration this month.  People moving, changing jobs, changing relationships, closing the doors to fear, opening their hearts to love, really trusting the spirit of their Life.  Some by choice, some by force… but all, in one way or another, going thru change.

Ain’t no wonder the last several of my sharings were about change.  About choosing the change you will undergo.  About breathing air that serves your higher good.

We have had so many drops of water placed within our glass thru August that you cannot be who you were, not without breaking the glass itself.

So, ya haveta ask yourself… who and what are you now?

I was about to segue to reminding you of the door meditation, which I will get to, but a song started playing in my head.  A song sung by the beautiful Diana Ross “Do you know where you’re going to” and is sooooo appropriate for this segue and all of our moments in time.  So before you continue reading, feel this song in your heart as of spirit is singing it directly to you!

Uploaded by on 23 September 2009

If you have not read or done the doorway meditation let me share the link here to the blog.  What I didn’t know then, but really get now, you should eventually get to two sets of circular doorways.  One above, which represents your spiritual mastery within your consciousness of Life and all doors should be either open or dissolved and the entire landscape should be beaming (from the interior) a golden energy.  If it is any other color, there is still work to be done.

Once all work is done, your doorway should actually should be above you and you enter a whole new set of doorways (gotta get the above and below fully fluid and flowing.)  You can almost look at this other set of doors like piano keys, with the strings of the energy connected to your above doorway.  When you open a particular doorway on the ground level, you are actually activating and bringing in the full magnetic energy of that doorway into your created life.

You do not even have to do anything with your ground level doorways (at least, I have not had to yet, if this changes I will update.)  This lower set of doorways is giving us the tool to really harness and use to spiritual mastery from the above doorways.  One at a time as needed.  If you go around and just swing open all the ground level doors you will find yourself overwhelmed with energy and more than likely… blowing fuses everywhere!

I am still working with door number one.  Altho all my other doors above are gold and open, I have yet to discover what is within them.  Maybe that is because so much of my own focus this month has been in my financial sector, preparing to leave for a 2 week vacation without worry.  Let me tell you, just looking at the door activates the energy of flow.  Living freely, as spirit does (and we are all spirit) should not be work.  The work was done in the above set of doorways, clearing the past energy from your full on spiritual field of life.  Yet it does take a new mindset (at least for me) to live free as spirit.  No worry, no stress, just open the door in front of you and let the energy flow.

There is also another exercise that we can do that came thru one of yesterdays readings.  This is set for those who are within the winds of change (should be every one of you, in one way or another.)

The new visuals are just so funny.  Her reading opened up and I could see what looks like an inverted (turned inside out) umbrella without the material on it.  Each of the spokes went upwards and seemed to connect to a portal of energy within her upper atmosphere of life.  (Not completely in the sky, but just above her head a few feet.)  There were seven spokes and then the handle coming down to her created reality.  I had seen her right hand (receiving hand) on the handle itself.  This entire skeleton of an umbrella was oscillating between silver (high earth vibration) and gold (high spiritual vibration.)

I didn’t fully understand this visual at first, but man oh man I could feel the intense energy of it.  Now this lady is in major change in her life.  She is moving out of her home (not by choice) and working to understand what her next version of life feels like and what she will be doing from here on out.

I started to feel a connection between these spokes of intense energy and the doorway meditation… somehow they are connected.  Maybe it is because there are 7 spokes of energy all radiating down the handle of this umbrella image with the potential of her bringing it into her consciousness by purposely holding the umbrella handle (which she was already doing within the reading.)

Even as I type that above sentence out, I suddenly and surprisingly get clarity on the 8th doorway key.  YOU are the 8th doorway and YOU are the key!  But to really understand and live that, you must fully understand and live the energy of your above and below doorways.  The handle of this umbrella is her connection to the portal of energy called her Soul… full on.  Beyond breathing in the new energy I wanted to understand what else to do with it?  Instantly I had seen her removing the inside out spokes that are connected to her soul vortex and going thru the motion as if she closed the umbrella up.   This action creates an energy surge as needed in your created life.  You are pulling the vibrancy of the gold and silver and all that goes with that into your created reality.  Any time you need an energy boost… do this exercise.  Be sure that you reopen the umbrella and put it back into its place… your soul vortex.

Do not just walk around with a closed umbrella… that would be like putting a fork full of food in your mouth and never taking the fork back out of your mouth, hard to continue eating that way.

I wanted to close this blog with a little message from Archangel Michael, that wonderful Being never ceases to amaze me!!  His closing message is:

“Ask your anatomy guidance to lead the way.  What you need is already inside of you.”  Of course, I did have to ask for clarity on what he means by anatomy… why he didn’t just say DNA is beyond me… but that is the way of our beloved Michael!!  Our bodies know more than we give it credit for!!

Enjoy the winds of change, the exercises, the New You… the New Us!!

With so much love, excitement and wonder to All!!


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