Natural News – Mike Adams – Thought Police Victim Brandon Raub Ordered Released From Psychiatric Prison; Govt. Agents Kidnapped And Detained Him For Facebook Posts – 24 August 2012

(NaturalNews) The thought police are hard at work in America, crushing anyone who expresses ideas of liberty and freedom. The latest case involves U.S. veteran Brandon Raub, who posted text on Facebook saying, among other things, that 9/11 was an inside job, that the country is being run by an evil cabal of insiders, and that the global elite are pedophiles who rape children.

Pointing to these opinion statements, the FBI, U.S. Secret Service and local law enforcement authorities in Virginia raided his home, kidnapped the 26-year-old, and stuffed him into a psychiatric hospital where he was to be detained for any number of weeks, months or even years. Raub was not charged with a crime, was never read any Miranda rights, and was never given a hearing in front of a judge. No judge, no jury, no rights, no nothing. He was simply targeted, kidnapped, stuffed and cuffed because of his free speech posted on Facebook.

Today, a circuit court judge has ordered the Marine veteran released from the psychiatric hospital, saying that law enforcement had no grounds to hold him. This has been reported by CBS 6 News and published in (…)

Police in Chesterfield, Virginia claimed they “took custody” of Raub based on the powers granted to them under law regarding “Emergency custody” provisions. Yet state law only allows for a maximum hold time of four hours. Raub was being stuffed into a mental institution for 30 days (or longer), without trial, without any rights and without even being charged with a crime.

In fact, Raub committed no crime. He hurt no one. He simply exercised his right to express his opinions about 9/11 and the corrupt government. He made no threats to anyone and broke no laws whatsoever.

Raub’s crime, apparently, was criticizing the status quo. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his opinions, all Americans should, at minimum, protect his right to voice his own opinions. That is the essence of free speech: to protect the speech of everyone, including those with whom you disagree.

As philosopher Noam Chomsky famously said, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Welcome to the era of thought crimes in Amerika

The raid, arrest and detainment of Brandon Raub is yet another example of thought crimes persecutions getting totally out of control. Raub was arrested, detained and probably drugged completely outside of law, with no due process and no crime ever having been committed.

Similarly, a California man sits in Ventura county jail this very day, having been targeted for the thought crime of promoting fresh milk. His name is James Stewart and he is guilty of no crime whatsoever (…). His case, much like Brandon Raub’s case, is based entirely on a political agenda to crush non-conformist ideas that might make the status quo feel uncomfortable.

Brandon Raub’s speech, technically, wasn’t even that strange compared to most of the stuff I see on Facebook every day. His questioning of 9/11 only makes sense. In fact, I’ve publicly questioned the ludicrous government explanation of 9/11, too ( Does that mean the thought police are now going to throw me into a psychiatric ward because my speech doesn’t agree with the government’s (lying) version of events?

Speaking of 9/11, you’d have to be insane to believe the government’s explanation of it. So why aren’t all the conformist suckers who buy into the obviously faked government explanation now rotting in the psychiatric wards? They’re the ones who are clearly detached from reality. I’m not saying I agree with everything Raub says, but I don’t have to: His right to express his own views and opinions — no matter how outlandish they may appear — is protected under the Bill of Rights. The arrest and detainment of Raub is utterly criminal in nature and indicative of the rise of the “thought police state” formerly known as the United States of America.

Those who question reality are not the insane ones… it’s the people who blindly go along with reality who are the most insane.

If they can kidnap and detain Brandon Raub, they can kidnap and detain YOU, too

This is the new Amerika: A lawless land of mafia government thugs who harass, intimidate and oppress the people at gunpoint. The TSA is a group of pedophile criminal rapists, drug dealers and child molesters. The FBI actually plans and helps carry out terrorist attacks as has been fully documented by the New York Times ( and (

People who tell the truth are criminalized and imprisoned, or threatened with such actions. University lab technicians party naked with escaped lab monkeys, where one lab guy was recently found drunk, with his pants down, in a locker room full of escaped monkeys (…). (He was probably working on a federal grant!)

Local police simply follow orders and do what they’re told. They increasingly have no ethics, no morals and no boundaries. If the federal government tells them to “round up all the women and have them all strip-searched,” they will say, “YES SIR!” and do as they’re told. It’s shameful what law enforcement has come to in this country; how they bow down to tyranny and follow orders that are clearly unlawful and punitive.

The disinfo, of course, is also in full swing. One of Raub’s comments posted on Facebook is being highly publicized as “proof” that he might be violent. The problem what that accusation? The text is a song lyric: “Sharpen my axe; I’m here to sever heads.” The song is called “Bring My Down” by a band named Swollen Members (

So now, quoting song lyrics will get you kidnapped by the secret police in America.

Well, gee, can we quote Shakespeare, then? Or Thomas Jefferson? “Every generation needs a new revolution,” said Jefferson. If I post that on Facebook, will I be dragged away to the new American psychiatric gulag run by the kooky cult of psychiatry?

Victor Hugo said, “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.”

William Shakespeare wrote, “O God! that one might read the book of fate, And see the revolution of the times Make mountains level. and the continent, Weary of solid firmness, melt itself Into the sea!”

Even the Bible has quotes about the coming apocalypse which are far more imaginative and “dark” than anything written by Raub.

Coming soon in America: Government book burnings

Should we now burn all the books ever written that contain quotes which call for people to question government? Should all art and poetry be destroyed and criminalized? There’s a movie about this, by the way. It stars Christian Bale and was directed by Kurt Wimmer. The movie is called “Equilibrium,” and I strongly recommend you watch it:

It may become the new reality in Amerika, where due process no longer exists and you can be kidnapped by the government and stuffed into a psychiatric ward merely for things that you EXPRESS in words!

Yesterday, I published an article revealing how the U.S. Census Bureau turns over its racial profiling data to the federal government to be used in race-based government kidnappings and internment operations (…). That this has happened in America is not a conspiracy theory, and it’s not debatable. It is an historical FACT.

“Facts are stubborn things,” said John Adams. Is that now a thought crime, too? Is the invocation of intelligent skepticism now a crime in America?

What has this nation come to when a U.S. veteran is caged like an animal for doing nothing wrong while the bankers steal trillions and nobody gets charged with a crime? The pedophiles run the airports. The mafia runs Wall Street. The crooks run Washington. Real people who have real thoughts and express real speech are the new enemy in America: THINKING for yourself is now a crime.

I guess that makes NaturalNews readers the greatest criminals of all time, because they think for themselves and refuse to be part of the mindless, zombified status quo police state. I never thought the day would come when I would have to write that thinking for yourself is now an outrageous act of rebellion against tyranny.

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