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Raven Clabough – Documents Raise Further Questions About Domestic Drone Use – 24 August 2012

Despite assertions by the federal government that domestic drones would not be used to spy on Americans, government documents seem to tell another story. A Freedom of Information request filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has revealed documents by the Federal Aviation Administration, a component of the Department of Transportation, that give strong indication the drones will be used for surveillance purposes. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – In Tonto National Forest – Answering A Few Questions About Ascension – 24 August 2012

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People have been asking me what is ascension as they have heard various descriptions. Ascension has many different meanings depending on whether it is individual, collective, Mother Earth or Universal Ascension or even dimensional ascension. This is a short video just highlighting those topics. Its done from the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, kind of windy but worth sharing. LOVE!


Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change Are Howling : Do You Know Where Your Going To? – 24 August 2012

There is a common statement I hear from around the world that goes sort of like this “I know things are changing, but they don’t feel like they are changing for me, not that I notice anyway.”  So I have been using the analogy of a glass of water.  Let’s use this glass of water from our massive reboot state from August 8th and 11th.  Your glass was an open container.  The wisdom that got you to that point now forms the glass, which is really your body and consciousness.  Your glass container now has a very different frequency vibration than every before and each day, several times a day a new droplet of water is added into your glass. Continue reading

Kenton Davis Bell – Source Experience – 24 August 2012

“I am Source having a human experience.” Well, what if you’re human having a Source experience? Why not turn that upside down on its head, see what happens? Because as you begin to do this, you begin to see the nature of things. You begin to see that you are all of that. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Out Of Time – 24 August 2012

PictureOut of time

In June it was a shock.  After a decade of sweeping the seconds, the kitchen clock crashed to the floor.  There was no sudden movement or jostling to have caused it to do so.  We laughed, because it occurred on my son’s birthday, saying “time stopped the day you were born!”

As there are cell phone clocks and microwave clocks and stove clocks, I was in no hurry to get another.  But eventually I did.  It lasted a week or two.  It too, has come crashing to the ceramic tile floor and is no longer recording the passage of time in this home. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Be Honest With Yourself And Be Prepared – 24 August 2012

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It is amazing how fast the summer has slipped away and fall has crept up behind us. Of course time really isn’t speeding up, rather the time lines are compressing and time itself is quickly becoming something entirely different for all of us. In actuality time does not exist beyond the present moment. We are sitting here between the compressing time lines and feeling the pressure, we can sense the urgency of what is taking place, and this often times makes us uncomfortable and anxious. Continue reading

Watch Live : As 100-Year-Old Mysterious Package In Norway To Be Opened Today – 24 August 2012

Alien artifact? Historical documents? A small treasure? Speculation over what might be inside a 100-year-old package that’s set to be unsealed today in a small town in Norway abounds, according to Verdens Gang, a Norwegian newspaper.

Verdens Gang explains that the package has been kept in a museum in Gudbrandsdal and dates all the way back to August 26th, 1912. It carries a note from a man named Johan Nygard, specifying that it is not to be opened until 2012. As the first mayor in Sel kommune in Norway wrote on a package from 1912 “Can be opened in 2012′ . Continue reading