Dr. Steven Greer & Emery Smith : The Mt. Shasta Experience – (August 24th, 2012) – 25 August 2012

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Dr. Greer will be joined by Emery Smith to discuss the experiences of the Mt. Shasta CE-5 Expedition. Besides the contact events they have, experienced, Mr. Smith has been able to capture amazing photos of the CE-5s. Learn more about what happened and what was caught on camera.


**This interview belongs to ‘The World Puja Network’ (http://www.worldpuja.org/home.php). All credit for this interview goes to ‘The World Puja Network’ and Steven Greer. I have uploaded this because I believe as many people as possible need to hear it.**



Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. Some of us realize it, some of us don’t, but we are currently in the middle of a massive transformation for humanity. Probably the biggest ever.The deeds you do, the things you say, even the thoughts you think all carry weight in this time of huge significance. Through my research I’ve concluded there is such thing as evil (I used to scoff at that word), and it’s a force that has infected the hearts and minds of many. I believe we must now confront, challenge and resist all falsehood. Floating through life in a passive, self-centered state (as I’ve done for almost my entire life) is truly a recipe for disaster. To a large extent we’ve been deliberately conditioned to be in this debilitating frame of mind. Irrespective, we must snap out of our collective trance and actually see what’s going on around us. If not, it’s a matter of time before we’re face to face with genuine evil and it’s destructive intentions.
It’s time to wake up! You don’t have to go out there and protest or start rallies (you can if you want), because even reading or talking to people about real issues is a HUGE step in the right direction. You don’t have to commit to it full time. There just needs to be enough people dedicating enough time for mass-awakening to take place. Time is short. Make it count. From this life to the next.


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