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Sophia Love – The Path – 25 August 2012

The Path

Today begins the second half of this Quest.

The path to Agape will take us to Oneness.  Self love is love of the One that you are.  The One that you are is a piece of divinity.  We are connected.  We spring from Source, and we have never let go.  So we are moving in a circle, finding our way home, returning to the beginning, which is One. Continue reading


Wes Annac – One Of Those Days – 25 August 2012

Written by Wes Annac

As our collective and individual processes of peeling away and integrating former aspects of ourselves continues, we are to experience enlightenments about ourselves and about the preconceptions we have fed within ourselves and within our minds for all of our Lives, leading up to our realization of such preconceptions. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Welcome To Death And The Pause Before The Full Re-Birth!! – 25 August 2012

Life really is stirring up the pot, isn’t it?  The end game is here and vivid in our emotional fields.  I think for me, this end stage.. the completion of the death process happened several days ago when I was doing my “doors” meditation.  First of all, my meditations no longer work the way they always have.  If I close my eyes and try to center, I go no where fast.  If I am just sitting with an intention, it unfolds right before my eyes.  No big deal really, or one would think it should be no big deal, especially since this is the way I do my readings, but to me, it is a big deal.  My one constant on this crazy path is no longer constant.  It changed.  This actually kicked up a bit of frustration and sadness within me. Continue reading

Clean Up In Vietnam – Bank Runs And Bankers Arrested – 25 August 2012

Second tycoon arrested amid bank run in Vietnam

HANOI — Vietnam arrested another top banker Thursday, state media said, widening a police probe into the communist country’s banking sector which has rattled markets and triggered a run on deposits. Continue reading

Alan Watts – The Real You – 25 August 2012

Uploaded on 25 August 2012 by (Lucas: This video reflects the thoughts of Alan Watts on awakening)Thanks Rain! Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 25 August 2012

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John Ward – Perversity And Press Freedom: For God And Prince Harry! – 25 August 2012

(Lucas : I mostly have to laugh at the cynicism and sarcasm John accumulates in his posts, it is so much over the top it becomes funny, like a slapstick movie.)

Have you evvah seeeen a grownmannaked, Rupert?

It’s been a helluva week for royal stories, and a timely reminder that the Murdoch cancer is still among us. But if nothing else, the varietal sweep of history has been both fascinating and hilarious.

Other Windsor soap episodes aside this week, I’m a little suspicious of the one about Richard III having been buried in a car park. I mean for one thing, in those days they didn’t have cars did they? Right then. So that’s all that bollocks deconstructed. Continue reading