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Hyper Report – The Coming Of Gold! – 25 August 2012

Uploaded on 25 August 2012 by Source Links and video text is located at http://hyperreport.org/2012/08/25/120825/ Continue reading


Common Dreams – Brendan Fisher – Risk Of Voter Suppression Resurfaces : Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks To Reinstate Voter ID Law – 25 August 2012

Wisconsin’s Republican Attorney General is fighting to get vote-suppressing laws in place for the November election, asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reinstate the voter ID law that has been found unconstitutional by two separate state judges, despite that Court rejecting a similar request in recent months.Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen Continue reading

Randall T. Monk – Only You Can Do This – 25 August 2012

Greetings, beloveds. I AM Melchizedek. I have come forth this day with joyful tidings from the higher realms.

Artwork by Matia Michaelson ~ Image Copyright * Star* Quest * Ronna Herman

You have within you keys to access the greatness of who you truly are. You have the power, and ability to be more than you are currently experiencing – much more. No matter how far you have come on your individual journey, you are capable of moving higher, going farther. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 25 August 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can feel today. Why wait until your lives are serene to feel the peace that resides naturally within you? Why wait until you have that home, that relationship, that job that you are creating before being happy? Why not look in the mirror and love yourselves today, even if you are not yet the person you ultimately desire to be? Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Quantum Awakening – Isis Orbs – 25 August 2012

The vibration of Isis mirrors all women, in the teaching of how to gain control of ones own power. These beautiful selenite orbs are aligned with the Goddess Isis and all she encompasses. Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth is an image of the empowered feminine. The goddess Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, the goddess of the Sky.  The goddess Isis spent time among her people, teaching women how to grind corn and make bread, spin flax and weave cloth, and how to tame men enough to live with them.  Isis taught her people the skills of reading and agriculture and was worshipped as the goddess of medicine and wisdom.  The goddess Isis, a moon goddess, gave birth to Horus, the god of the sun. Together, Isis and Horus created and sustained all life and were the saviors of their people. Continue reading

Trinity Bourne – Your Are Enough, Exactly As You Are – 25 August 2012

Imagine being totally accepted for who you are.

No need to be anything, or anyone more than you can be right now.

Imagine that there’s no judgement of anything you’ve ever done. Continue reading

“Mercury, Saturn And Venus Aligned On 3 December 2012 With The Pyramids At Giza – 25 August 2012

Depositphotos egyptian pyramid 300x200 “Mercury, Saturn and Venus aligned on Dec 3, 2012 with the Pyramids at Giza.Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza. Continue reading