Sophia Love – The Path – 25 August 2012

The Path

Today begins the second half of this Quest.

The path to Agape will take us to Oneness.  Self love is love of the One that you are.  The One that you are is a piece of divinity.  We are connected.  We spring from Source, and we have never let go.  So we are moving in a circle, finding our way home, returning to the beginning, which is One.

The path to Oneness is Agape.  Do you see how this works?  Absolute love for you yields Universal Unconditional Love.  There are in fact no separators between you and us.  Once you accept yourself completely, we all start to look a whole lot better!

It is not that you tolerate or overlook our faults.  It’s not that you would have made every choice in the same way that we did.  It’s not that you even want to spend a great deal of time with us.  It’s that you understand at a very deep level that we are alternate versions of you.  Loving you means, by definition, that you love the rest of us.

It’s that easy and that challenging.  Our world is a hologram.  The best science today doesn’t know precisely how it works, yet quantum physics tells us what’s in our minds is projected out to become what’s in our world. What you think about yourself is what you will see in everyone else.

Fill your head with love and what will happen to your life will astound you.  Imagine a world filled with people who loved themselves.  This is what we are here for; to create and participate in that world.

We’ve been practicing for such a long time – trying out a little agape here and some unconditional love there.  Never sure when the show was set to begin, we fell back often to self hatred.  There have been so many reasons!  Our bodies, our jobs, our grades, our past and our relationships each offer plenty of opportunity for failure, disappointment and blame.

Well its show time.  We’ve had our dress rehearsal.  We know our lines and we know how this story ends.  This curtain will close on a myriad of wonderful depictions of unity.  We’ve been singing songs of love and writing movies of success forever – now it’s time to sing them in our everyday and watch them play out on our streets.  We’ve been telling ourselves our own story – we just never knew it was real.

It is real.  Most of what we’ve been force fed is the lie.  You have no enemies.  God has no favorites.  There are no mistakes.  Judgment is an archaic idea that creates fear and diminishes your power.  It is not possible to hold judgment while loving absolutely.

Your power resides in your love.  This strength is yours right now.  Call it forth.  This light is what you are.  Feel it rise up and watch the faces of your loved ones light up when you shine it upon them.

This is what you’ve come for; to love.  Once you love yourself, the entire world is your Beloved.

We are One.  One spark, here now to get this whole place lit up!  Our light has been hidden beneath shame and sadness, fear and debt, servitude and low self esteem.  No one has been able to convince you of your greatness – until now.

We know now that to claim our perfection is not arrogance, but truth.  We are components of the One; self-love is the key to Ascension – Ascension for all of us.

We are the One we are waiting for.

It is an honor to share this time with you.

See you tomorrow,


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  1. The Sun of Man

    Very well said! This is occuring right now this is the evolution of our species. The Unconditional Love Revolution is now.

  2. The Sun of Man

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    This is sooooo true. The Unconditional Love Revolution is now!