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Two Videos About Earth Quake Swarm California Area – 26 August 2012

MASSIVE Earthquake Swarm in South California = BE PREPARED

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Montague Keen – 26 August 2012

Veronica, my dear, the results of our efforts to prevent World War III are becoming more obvious every day. The Cabal has become quite desperate. People are speaking out and revealing what the Cabal has done to destroy and control humanity. Some can no longer cope with the guilt of what they were forced to do, when under the control of the Cabal. Many were put into situations where satanic abuse was made acceptable. They foolishly indulged, not knowing that it was all being recorded, and would be used against them to force these so-called ‘respectable’ people to obey the Cabal or be ruined by exposure. This formula has worked for generations and it continues to this day. They are made to believe that they belong to an “exclusive club”. They make the sign of Lucifer to show that they are happy to belong to it. They see themselves as superior to the lesser, expendable, mortals.
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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 26 August 2012

Beloved Ones,

The energies of Love are all around you and those of you who have been preparing for these times are beginning to experience many moments of clarity and insight about your purpose for being on this Planet. These insights come to you as flashes that come and go, sometimes so quickly that you wonder if you were imagining them. Trust in the knowledge of your own destiny that is coming through for you and have faith that all is unfolding just as it should in perfect, divine timing. Many assistants both on Earth and in the higher dimensions are preparing you for the greatest experience of many lifetimes and many galactic cycles, the experience of Ascension. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Our GPS – 26 August 2012

Picture This is a different sort of Quest.  You are not heading out into unknown territory.  You know exactly where this love is located.  It was there when you started and it’s still there right now.  You are searching for that which you are.  You are love.

How can it be that you’ve forgotten?  How is it that we’ve lost the map?  What has happened to our GPS (Global Positioning System)? Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Dance Of Seduction : What ChemTrail Do YOu Leave Behind? – 26 August 2012

There are some readings/visuals that just seem to catch me so far out in left field that all I can do is laugh… at first.  This was definitely the case with one of my readings yesterday.  I really think her spirit was in rare form of visual release.  By the end of our session, not only do we have another powerful meditation to work with, but a huge understanding of the message from Archangel Michael the other day.  Let me start from the beginning: Continue reading

Huffington Post – Paul Sandle – Elisabeth Murdoch Revolts Against Family In MacTaggart Speech – 26 August 2012

EDINBURGH, Aug 23 (Reuters) – Elisabeth Murdoch urged the media industry on Thursday to embrace morality and reject the pursuit of profit at all costs, which her brother James championed before scandal engulfed News Corp.

In a speech offering a chance to show her credentials to take over her father Rupert’s empire, she said profit without purpose was a recipe for disaster, and the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World newspaper showed the need for a rigorous set of values. Continue reading

Thyalwaysseek – Cosmic Rays And The Heart (From 12 August 2012) – 26 August 2012

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Lucas – In Sync – 26 August 2012

A great experience is in the making for all. We are getting more and more in our lives the feeling of being in sync with others, with events, with dimensional or extra-dimensional happenings.  It is a great way seeing around you popping up what you need at the same time as it is  needed. You see things happen or experience them with  others at the exact same time.  You see master numbers flying around giving you messages and  clocks drawing your attention. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Gulf Coast Alert – 26 August 2012

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Global Voice Radio 2012 Network Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Vital Weekend Update – 26 August 2012

(Lucas : Discern yourselves:  Not everything you hear, see, read is what it  seems to be, it might not  be your truth or a distorted truth or  not the only truth or it might be even a blatant lie. You have to decide what is your truth yourselves. Do not be  sheeple that follow blindly and give  away their own sovereign unalienable  rights to anybody who comes along and says they will do what is in the best interest for you,  or lead you to nirvana, or in telling you what you should believe is the only truth! Watch out for all those things that are packaged in the words said and the things shown. Do your own research.  Know there might be manipulation, hidden agendas and influencing at work.  You are in the end always responsible for  your actions and decisions in your life.)

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