Sophia Love – Our GPS – 26 August 2012

Picture This is a different sort of Quest.  You are not heading out into unknown territory.  You know exactly where this love is located.  It was there when you started and it’s still there right now.  You are searching for that which you are.  You are love.

How can it be that you’ve forgotten?  How is it that we’ve lost the map?  What has happened to our GPS (Global Positioning System)?

It’s been tampered with, we’ve been distracted, and as a result most of us today distrust the internal sense we arrived with.

I drive a 6 year old car, equipped with a Navigational System.  At first, I didn’t use it much.  The “Make a U turn, if possible” bossy voice sort of annoyed me.  I used it only for long trips.  Slowly but surely I got used to “Annie” (for “any-where”) and began to rely on her more and more.  As I did, I stopped using my own memory of towns and roads so much – I just let her show me the way with this sort of blind faith.

We were born fully cognizant of our wisdom.  We understood the light that we were and knew where the switch was located.  Our hearts held the key.  No one had to tell us we were wonderful and yet they did, often.

The life of an infant in cradled in love.  That infant makes no effort to find or get that love and yet, there it is.  An infant, most recently from Source, knows absolutely nothing of society.  It is cared for and loved without condition every day.  It is held, fed and showered with all good things – giving nothing in return.

“Ahhhh”, you say, “but babies are irresistible, they are beautiful, precious miracles – What’s not to love?”

“Indeed”, would be my reply, “as are you.”

A baby is an agape machine.  It sleeps when it is tired, eats when it is fed and loves without holding back.  It is born brilliant.  Have you ever been present at the birth of a child?  There is a light, a force that is emitted from both child and mother.  It is magic.

Babies emanate love until we adults teach them not to, and they stop using their own memory. They are born loving their fingers and their toes and their torso and their voice and their thoughts and their sexual organs.  There is nothing they dislike about themselves.  Their self love sort of leaks out of them and we see it, falling in love with them again and again every day.

We call them angels and precious and miracles and beautiful.  They do not protest; they are in full agreement!  This is my deepest wish for all of us.  That we find ourselves, all grown up now, in full agreement with these words:

You are a miracle.  Source had a unique and brilliant idea and here you are.  You began with one precious thought – absolute unconditional love.  You beamed gloriously forth to join us here; to illuminate us with the love of our creator.

You volunteered to lose your way; only as a method of education and advancement.  The brilliance that you are can best be seen in contrast, and so there has been darkness.

It is time to turn on your vibrant light, to remember where the switch is located.  I don’t have it.  It is not in your wallet.  It is not in your closet.  It is not in the words or actions of anyone else.  It is in your very soul.

You need nothing to complete this journey.  Who you are – is right here, whispering, waiting and oh so ready to be found.

Remember.  A baby just lies there, loving itself and the whole world follows suit. It is time for you to do the same.  You are a piece of perfection; there is nothing else you need.  You are a brilliant being, a vibrant light.  There is no way for you to be lost any longer. We’ve found you.

We are coming to the end of this journey and we can see your light, guiding each of us home.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you!  I love you.

Until tomorrow,



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