Lucas – Class Of 2012 – Graduation Duality School – 28 August 2012

It is not long anymore for all of you will return to their homes, their families and friends from a far or near. The time spent on this earth’s school of duality is in the finalizing phase. We see our different classes we took and timelines we saw and explored all coming together now. We have grown out of our roles played in this play.

The new exiting future is what we still are guessing at.  We also have to let go of our positive and negative experiences and leave them as  faint memories behind at our school.  We can go there if we want back with our class year books as all that knowledge is still for all available only it will not be hurting or be overly exciting you. It is past that is future but all Now.

It is not difficult to see all are changing. We change due to our chosen experience. We will reap the benefits now from this. We are the first ones ever to bring about this ascension in this special and speeded up way.  We are going to be after getting our insignia and honours be the graduated ones ready for the choice of ascension and for choosing the brand new cycle of exploration and creation or go back to the source.

The choice always will be yours. The creator has provided for all possibilities as they always are part of the one and will return eventually to the one. It is the Alpha and Omega it is the beginning and the end. But in a positive way of being. There just IS, nothing less and nothing more.  All is perfect in the way it is and it is manifested. Just see that there are more timelines and things happening now next to each other. It is that what makes you uncomfortable and not at ease.

You will see if you become also the observer and not the player in the game it are just parts played out in different plays in different times or dimensions. It does not matter. You will see the things for what they are and can be clairvoyant in that sense in what is and will be. You will know that all will converge into one back again. Regardless of what way is chosen it will end up in the same place. For some this will be a shock so frightening they will see it as hell or the end times apocalypse for most though it will be the most beautiful experience ever.

It is none the less  also just that what will be rebirthed as One. The school will be re-opened for new classes in new ways and new experiences to come. It will be a school of creative thoughts, c0-creation, co-operation, co-existence, co-mpassion and co-herence. The year will soon start. Just make sure you’ll be there.  It will be a grand opening of the year. A new cycle to be started. See ya in 2013, where-ever and what-ever we will be or you imagine it to be.

Love and Light,


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  1. That’s really beatuiful, Lucas! 🙂