Haarp Status Real-Time Network – Is This Coincidence? – Is Isaac HAARP made? – 28 August 2012

(Info  from 26 August 2012 all credit to http://www.haarpstatus.com)

A shortwave that peaked in six hours has just struck Southern Louisiana. This comes around the same time the swarm of quakes started in Southern California as well.

This is the strongest shortwave reading ever in this project, a solid 10.0 over Southern Louisiana.

No doubt about it, HAARP is tuned onto control Isaac.

Wavelengths –
Shortwaves indicate near events, a high short spike usually means a short term major event is about to happen in that area.
Longwaves and steady increases usually mean a large scale change is developing in the area that will effect a large area’s upper level jet stream.M1 – M2 – Slight change is expected, but overall the weather pattern is not being affected.

M3 – M5 – Change is expected and the reading indicates between then and and a few days it will happen. This is considered a moderate reading, which if a short spike can be a nearby event such as severe weather, unexpected lightning, or a tornado.

M6 – M9 – Significant change is expected. Anything over M7 is rare and special attention must be directed when readings go seven and higher. Severe storms are associated with this reading, which if a short spike can be a nearby event and a long duration and slow build being a large scale change.

M10 – Associated with tornado outbreaks. This also can be strong hurricanes and blizzards.

http://www.haarpstatus.com link to original article

(Lucas : Maybe you make up your mind and see what is going on or not. Maybe you can connect the dots. I will not do it for you.  It is up to you! I will give you some keywords :  RNC,  Sinkhole, Methane, Radio-Active Waste, Connection Super Volcano, Emergency Status, etc. here are some links:






ETC. do your research)


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