Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Jelaila’s Weekly Message – Iran/US And World War III-Let’s Change The Timeline! – 28 August 2012

Uploaded on 26 August 2012 by (Lucas: Stating you need to discern yourselves as not all has to be your truth or mine. It can be distorted, not the whole truth or a blatant lie. You still need to research and discern yourselves to see what is your truth. In this message there is material used or named that I myself see questionable because I question the true intent of some. What your opinion is is up to you and I need for sure not to know what it is. Also I think the fearing WWII and thinking things will happen can manifest just that what you would not like to have. You should focus on positive manifestation of things not in preventing or counteracting it. You need though to be informed about things going on on other timelines or about dark ones and their ongoing business. But that is it in my view. The rest is being positive in being and acting if all is already manifested. Live your dream so to say.)
Been following the news and watching how the US is spoiling for a fight with Iran.  I know, it’s become so commonplace, the US trumping up changes against Middle Easter countries and then invading that we here in the US have become desensitized to it.  Yet the latest target, Iran warrants our attention.  If the US succceeds in their plans we will find ourselves in World War III and I’m not overexaggerating.  So if you find yourself yawning as you read these words, ready to hit the delete button just imagine me poppin’ out of your screen and slapping ya up side the head.  *smile*
You may be chuckling right now at the thought of that (and I am, too), but really serious.  I’m going to give you a few research links that I want you to look at. One is to a video by Foster Gamble that I shared a few weeks ago.  He is explaining why the US is trying to invade Iran…and Syria and it as nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism or nuclear weapons.  The other links are to radio shows between Andrew Webre and Drake and the other between Webre and Andrew Basiago.
Drake discusses altering timelines and Basiago, involved in Project Pegasus as a child where the US Military sent him into both the future and the past, discusses time travel, as well as altering timelines. I want you pay special attention to what he says about how we humans have a unique capabliity to alter time.  Lastly, all three explain what you and I need to know about what is really going on so that we know what we need to alter.
Foster Gamble video:
Weber/Drake call:
Webre_Basiago call
Okay so why am I so passionate about this when I usually take a neutral stance?  And why after I said I was going to phase out of thsi work, am I still writing?!?!  After the understanding I arrived at last week (explained in last week’s message), I realize that I need to keep going.  As one who was trained for this time, I feel it is my divine duty to help guide you through the next 6 months.  That means pointing out what you need to be aware of, and doing what I can to ensure you are informed and prepared to act when necessary.  By the way, this is one of those times you need to act!
So what is it you and I need to do right now?
Once you understand how we can alter the timeline (isn’t it funny how science is now catching up with what the Nibiruans explained over a decade ago?) then you also understand that the more we work as a group and combine focused energy, the more of an impact we will make.  To that end I am considering doing a conference call.  I will explain the bigger picture of what is going on along with the galactic perspective.  Once everyone is briefed we will do a group focus, envisioning a more positive outcome.  To make this really, really work, we must release those that we feel are to blame from their role and for that we will use the Formula of Compassion.  If you do not know it, you can access it on my webisite.
Formula of Compassion:
I’m proposing that we do this call on Friday evening August 31st.  I’ll set it up if enough people respond and say they want it, so if you feel you want to be part of the solution, then respond to this email and let me know by Wednesday at 5pm Central time.  I’ll set it up for around 8pm Central time…and it will be free.
World War III
Should we not alter the timelme the result will be World War III.  If you’ve done any reading on this then you know it will be far worse than any war before.  The reason is that it won’t be fought on the ground as in past wars, but from control rooms around the world.  Millions of people will be killed by scalar weapons and those who survive will wish they hadn’t.  I’m not trying to frighten but I am trying to make you painfully aware of the consequences of not acting.
Now, Iran is trying to prevent a war by inviting the world leaders to put an end to using scalar technology and its associated weapons against each other .  He has released the technology to scientists around the world with the intention of preventing any one nation from grabbing it and using it against others.  Mr. Keshe has also made it known that Iran will use this technollogy to defend her borders against any and all aggression.
Keshe/Iran link:
Unfortunately, the negative timeline shows that it will not stop something coming from Syria….my thoughts are that the US will somehow detonate a nuclear device in Syria (by accident ?) and the radioactive winds will blow east to Iran.  It’s a repeat of the ancient event that brought the destruction of Sumeria, Nippur and and all the cities owned by the Gods (Nibiruans).
As a side note, it was a nuclear bomb dropped on the Sinai Penninsula that in order to stop Marduk from grabbing the spaceport (located there) that destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah and caused the Dead Sea to drop 60 feet and killed all life in it.  It was a living sea and the area was very rich, fertile and verdant.
As I continue to state, we must replay the ancient events in order to get it right this time…but we don’t have replay every part of them.  It’s my understanding that the goal this time is to prevent a nuclear attack and in so doing, prevent the war that would be far more catastrophic than ever before.
Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers…..this is our time to act.  Join with me.  This is our time…this is what we came for!
In service,

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