John Ward – Athens/Berlin Deal : Merkel Starts Her Retreat From The Edge – 28 August 2012

Wheels within wheels as Slog vindicated again

Seems some German Merkel-supporters have been reading The Slog. In recent months, this site has covered US plans to isolate Greece, Russian plans to get into Cyprus, Turkish plans to steal Greek mineral deposits, and the continuing presence of special State envoys plus swathes of US engineers in and around Greek waters. To deny the existence of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel tripartite alliance has by now become akin to believing in a flat earth.

But CDU MPs (we are asked to believe) have only just caught on to this.

Michael Meister, vice chairman of Merkel’s Christian Democrats in the Bundestag, said yesterday that a Grexit would “further destabilise the already troubled Eastern Mediterranean region”.

“I believe we have to open up the debate beyond the purely financial and economic dimensions,” he asserted, adding “Just look at the map and see where Greece is located.”

I’m sure most geopoliticians had spotted that some time ago Herr Strategiemeister, and indeed he isn’t first German MP to have been batting this one out there over the last few days.Prominent CDU politician Armin Laschet told Reuters at the weekend that a Greek exit could “trigger undesirable upheaval in southern Europe…Russia is standing ready with billions to help Greece in such a scenario,” Laschet said. Jawohl, Armin…as is the US.

I’m not sure if there’s much kudos in The Slog being several months ahead of the German Bundestag, but frankly both these statements are obvious Merkelian plants. I have said from the start of this ridiculous tableau that there would be a Schäuble of bombast followed by a slither of softening-up of spin, followed by the deal which was scoped out a fortnight ago. This is just the beginning.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting tidbit picked up from Washington and partly confirmed in Paris. The Independent’s story about Obama ‘lobbying’ the EU to stop Greek exit until after November raised doubts here in Slogger’s Roost yesterday. My information as of this morning is that the FCO ‘leaked’ the disinformation to make Obama look desperate. In doing so, they were acting in concert with elements in the US Establishment. There are rogue elements everywhere, especially in the foreign services.

The fact is that there is no real anxiety in Washington about a possible Greek exit. As I’ve maintained from Day One, there isn’t going to be one. Samaras has alternative fish to fry, and the EU knows it. It also doesn’t want Greek instability at the same time as Spanish banking collapses.

The Slog will remain ahead of the curve, with the other eye open for curved balls, until this eurozone joke pans out to its inevitable conclusion: the discovery by the pan-handlers that all they ever had was fool’s gold. link to original article


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