Lisa Gawlas – The Body Pains, The Life Pause, The Ascenson Within! – 28 August 2012

To keep in the exciting and giggly theme of Sundays sharing, a friend and I went to take in the movie Magic Mike, a movie about male strippers recommended by a lovely soul in my morning meditation class!  The 20-30 year old within was front and center thru the whole movie, smiling so big, bringing up so many memories of going to male reviews.  My friend had also told me that Southern California was going thru a massive sworm of earthquakes.  I suppose it was the earthquakes I took to sleep within me instead of the beautiful Matthew McConaughey (dammit) because I woke up a dream experience that stayed with me all morning.

In my dream I was staying over at someones house and I was getting a morning coffee in their kitchen when I seen this interesting black flat square box/speaker thing on the counter and a male voice came out and said another earthquake is happening and they are ordering an evacuation.  I stood there near the coffee pot feeling the floor beneath my feet… waiting for the floor to shake. An older man came into the kitchen to get a coffee and I asked him about the box/speaker and why am I not feeling anything shake?  Seems I was not meant for the answer because I woke up before he could answer.

As I got up and went and actually made my morning coffee, I started to realize there was this bulging pressure in my entire head, like something wanted out of my skull.  I realized I must have been visiting someone in Southern Cali while I was asleep and taking in the releasing pressure of Gaia while I was there.

I sat down to write my morning sharing but the pressure in my head was building and squeezing my poor brains as it tried to find an escape route from within.  So I decided to catch up on some emails instead of sharing.  I didn’t even get far in that task…

I was grateful to be able to connect to my first reading of the day.  I wasn’t a 100% sure if I would be able to.  I think I/we needed her reading as much as she needed it.  Thru looking at what is happened within her and her life, I really started to understand so much about myself and so many of us in this crazy, wonderful moment in time.

The reading opened up quite interestingly.  She was in her west field (harvest time) and under what looked like a golden archway of energy.  But there was only half and arch that I could see.  It was a magnetic gold in color and only the left side was visible.  The right side was not in created reality yet.  That alone tripped me up because left is your physical life, so I understood this golden archway to mean she has brought into her created life a high spiritual/magnetic vibration.  She has learned how to use her spiritual attributes in her created life.  So the fact that I could not see her right side (spiritual side) really confused me… at least for a long minute.

She was facing her deep west (back towards my field of vision) so I went around her circle of life to see what she was looking for.  She was looking for (new) tangible applications of spiritual wisdom in skills in her life.  Sort of like looking for the new software codes (I actually seen it as codes) to take her further into her spiritual application in her life.  Again, this really baffled me because her archway was completed and vibrational on her left side, physical life.

After I gave her all the information I could pick up from this baffling (to me) beginning she affirmed it all.  She lives in New York City and serves as an acupuncturist.  She has so outgrown the energies of NYC that she is finding it harder and harder for her to actually live in NYC because she has become so aware of the density of vibration there (That’s exactly what happened to me living in Virginia.)  But this was a blessing too, as she is about to get married and move to New Zealand.  The moment she said New Zealand the Hallelujah chorus sang in my cells.  I immediately understood what was happening within her life.

She will be moving back to her Lemurian roots, the true source of her wisdom and codes of remembering so many applications from that time period (Lemuria) and will accelerate and complete her archway in fullness.  This move will also create a sudden, if not jolting wake up time for her (soon to be) husband, as his Lemurian memories start to flood into his consciousness.

I watched as her energy line moved from the archway to the north field.  A time of rest and rejuvenation.  I could not see her “life” beyond that.  She had mentioned she was leaving NYC next week to make her rounds of goodbyes before her wedding at the end of Oct and has a move date of Dec.

I pulled her body into my kitchen to see what was happening inside her.  Man I so understand why we are feeling a little worse for the wear these days…. ummm…. months!!  Ok, years!!  lol

In her external crown chakra were some little elementals (like tiny fairies) and really small animals of all kinds.  The animals baffled me really, I was seeing like 2 inch animals (not dogs or cats, what would be termed wild animals, some I didn’t even recognize.  Everything was doing something to her external crown energy, creating massive ripples down her crown and into her head.  Ain’t no wonder our scalp and hair hurts so often!  it must go thru the skin and hair to get to the brains!  Then I watched as the neurons from the front of her brain to the left temple area was going thru a massive change in structure.  Just think about that for a moment, to everyone who is exhausted just from waking up!  These neurons are also part of our motor skills and if they are temporarily suspended in energy to go thru their transmutation, its going to feel like you are just exhausted.  And I am not the one using the word temporary lol, hell it has been a state of being off and on for months now… I personally don’t see that as temporary, obviously spirit does!!

There is also another aspect to her reading that was so odd and so incredibly interesting.  As I was moving down her head towards her throat I seen her face itself.  Smooshed on her chin was a fully bloomed pink rose.  Not the stem, just the flower head.  Like readings tend to do these days… I was really baffled by this image.  Why smoosh a rose on your chin?  I could see each petal, other than the parts of the pedals that we smooshed on her chin, it was a perfect rose in every way.  In my world, rose itself is the highest vibration of love there is, pink is the heart of passion, the soul passion of love.  The chin is part of both your identity to the external world as well as part of your self-expression in life.

Today I realize the fullness of why this rose was external as opposed to internal.  The location is just under the breath, so when she speaks she is sending out the passionate love of her soul to created reality, but also, every time she breathes in, the aroma of love is present for her to acknowledge as her state of Being.  I thought of the pheromones and it seems that our loving soul energy has a way of making sure we are taking in the aroma that we need to release as well.  There is no doubt in my heart that as she transitions to the life of New Zealand her rose will be a full flowing part of her DNA.

And then I watched what was happening in her throat.  The pulling, stretching, rewiring of her entire throat chakra… and no wonder sore throats and raspy voice has been an off and on part of my last two weeks.  It is scraping the old cells right out of the throat and making room for new ones to grow, including in our voice box as we all prepare to speak with new voices, new energy, full on conviction of our soul wisdom made manifest.  Which of course come thru the lungs, the air… hence the coughing, wheezing, bronchitis/pneumonia for some people.

What really shocked me was the next step.  I was going to her high heart and everything that is below that area in her body when her team put in a block, like sliding a shield of energy so we could not see anything at all.  I thought… what the hell?  Why??   Then I had seen this massive electric blue wall of water start to flood her body downwards.  A full on cleansing and regeneration taking place!  Thru it, do not be surprised if you have waves of backaches, stomach and intestine releases, bloating and all those delightful things that happen as we change… again!!

Then her body completely turned around and I was now looking at her external backside.  Her connections to her new life were already being set… pulling the old out and stringing up the new.  More back aches!

Sometimes I have got to wonder… death really is easier.  Ya just get out of the old body, take on a new baby body and start again.  Doing all this new life stuff while still in the same body is… well… rough!!!  Gotta love what ascension really feels like inside and how disorienting it is outside too.

My 2nd lady was interesting as well.  Everyone really is, but with how spirit places so much synchronicity and understanding for our moments in each precious moment… keeps me in awe!!

So now that I understand why my body feels like a constant mac truck is backing and running over me daily, and why my entire brains shut down the moment… and I do mean the moment I do my last reading of the day (hence severally behind on emails, it is like I get allergic to being near the computer at 2pm daily.  I read everything vi a my tiny little phone, but ain’t no way I am replying on that thing, too frustrating.)

Her reading opened up deep inside herself.  I could see what I call that calm center or the eye of the hurricane area within the inner field of life.  A wave of multi-colored strands of energy was moving her outward towards her west field of created life.  I could see her body about half way between the calm center and her exterior field of created life.  I understood she just came thru a deep inner change (calm center) and is now in the process of riding that wave of enormous change into her created life as her next expression/life story.  However, she is still deeply integrating all that got her to here and it would may appear like she has no next story because not a single thing of energy was being presented beyond riding the wave out into created life.

As I moved outwards to her moments after she emerges from this deep within time… I had seen something interesting really.  She was a golden outline version of Cinderella and she was feeding a white bread crumb to a very golden bird.  This bird, the wings of freedom that we all seek, is helping to layout the energy of her next version of life.  The food is actually coming from her present moment, thoughts, exchanges, desires, and the gold shows how quickly it will all manifest as she emerges thru this change.

This morning I really got a parallel understanding for myself with her too.  It appears as if all my activity is on a similar pause point awaiting for my travel to Virginia and Pennsylvania to start to ramp itself up as my next expression and emergence of my new abilities (like meditating from the outside instead of the inside.)  It also helps me fully understand why my lower doorway meditation is still looking like I am seeing it in the night sky… I have a deep feeling (thanks to both of my ladies yesterday) that the light will be shed on this new platform as I realize why it was so important for me to make this journey next month.  Kind of exciting, kind of frustrating too.

Then the pressure from the earthquake dream started to release itself from my head as my 2nd reading of the day and myself started to wrap up her reading.  Kind of like the air being let out of a balloon and my brains and energy just collapsed.  Not such a good thing for my 3rd reading of the day.  I had nothing left… not even a flicker of connection, bless his heart.

Obviously, what was shared with these two beautiful souls was also a reflection of what is really happening in the swarming earthquake in California and is affecting the entire world!

Life really is exciting, even when it feels downright painful and exhausting inside!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of love and joy and a good back massage to All!!

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