Visionkeeper – Don’t Be Sucked In… – 29 August 2012

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I know I have written about this many times before, but I feel it is imperative that we pay close attention from here on out as the dark forces are working overtime to capture our attention and pull us in. Go turn on your TV set as an example. Every station you go to is hyping up storm Issac like it is a cat 5 hurricane! FEAR!!! Talk about crying wolf!

They are desperate to promote fear any way they can. Sure these storms can create dangerous flooding no question about it, but requiring round the clock fear mongering? I think not! Perhaps close coverage on TV stations in the immediate areas of landfall, but the entire country need not be hounded with this fear mongering. The capture is subtle if we are just waking up, obvious and outlandish if we are awake! The point of the capture is to keep us in fear and in a weakened state. Do not be sucked in. We have been told how and what to think for so long now many seem incapable of thinking for themselves. This is a very dangerous place to be in.

We have powerful and magnificent minds more than capable of guiding us through life. We must keep exercising them so they stay sharp and awake. We do not need to be led astray by fear mongering and constant assault on our abilities to think for ourselves. I will continue to hound about turning off our TV sets until the day we sail into the harbor of our new world. It is mind control at its finest, subtle and powerful and the capture is so slow most are totally unaware of what is taking place. Once you are awakened it is obvious to see, the minute you turn the TV set on. The attacks for our fear and ultimately our minds will be non-stop from here on out. We must wake up to the truth and not be sucked under.

This is all a grand distraction! If we are worrying about a tropical storm or some other such foolishness, we are not thinking about what they are doing or staying in our hearts and being love! We must stay the course and continue down the path we are on. If we become close with ourselves we can begin to feel or sense this path is correct. We need to be in touch with our souls and our bodies for the constant messages we are being given. We have to pay attention and take notice of everything around us. We must reconnect with our ability to sense and know our way through the world. We have lost these skills by relying on the Government to push us along down the paths they choose. This giving away our power must stop! We are whole and complete and competent on every level of being!

Let us all concentrate on taking back our powers from this moment on! Sit back quietly and contemplate your life. If you look closely you will begin to see subtle areas in which we have continually given away our power in every facet of our lives. Everything we are sucked into believing, we are told it is what was is best for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact my motto for living my life is ” whatever the government says is good for us, do the complete opposite!” I’m still here and kicking and pretty happy within as I am awake and finding my way through life just fine without them. We all can and that is my point! We are all capable, powerful, able beings with good minds and strong will. We will survive just fine on our own if we let ourselves!

A while back I began keeping a self gratitude journal. It was interesting. Every evening I would write five things about myself I was grateful for. We need to begin to concentrate on what is right and good with who we are. We have become weakened through continual programming that we are less than. Time to rebuild ourselves up to who we really are. Try a self gratitude journal if even for just a short while. It changes ones outlook on life if we feel empowered by who and what we are. We must rebuild self-worth and recognize the gifts we have to offer the world. If we do these things and stay in our hearts we gather great strength within us and we are capable of doing whatever we set our minds to. Try it!

Blessings to you all,

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