Benjamin Fulford – Update – 30 August 2012

FW: SGI mention in your last post

Hello Benjamin,

I enjoy reading your posts via Kauilapele’s Blog, and need to subscribe directly to you, to support your service.

As an active SGI member ( in Minneapolis, I was surprised to see this reference in your last post:

“For that reason two of the major North Korean agencies in Japan, the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist Sect and the North Korean Citizens Association of Japan are being actively blackmailed by Nazi puppet police agents.”

I’d be curious to hear your views on the Soka Gakkai International and Daisaku Ikeda!

Best Regards,

Answer Fulford:

Dear M,

My understanding of SGI is that they started with good intentions but in the early 1970’s they experienced a crack down and Ikeda Daisaku was threatened with prison unless he toned down his and SGI’s activities. When doing a story about SGI for Forbes magazine we checked the birth records and confirmed that Ikeda was originally from North Korea. My sources who know him personally say that he is now in a vegetative state and unable to talk.
We are hoping to get Sokka Gakkai endorsement for our plan for a big campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

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