Lisa Gawlas – The Internship Of September!! Are You Ready To Go Thru The Doorway Of Full On Application?? – 30 August 2012

I remember doing a reading recently where the lady was looking like a glass (like glass of water) only there was nothing in the glass except the residue of what used to be there.  I also understood this phase she is in is like being placed in the dishwasher and completely washed clean of all that old sticky debris in preparation for her next fill up.  Now granted, this is actually a more common aspect that happens as we grow and integrate any aspect of our spiritual journey, but there is something about this time.  Maybe it is because so much of the planets inhabitants are going thru it at the same time.

I have been talking out loud of all that has been happening within me since the day the Ouija board experience happened.  For the first few years I was a clueless participant in this awakening and needed other people’s understandings to assure me I was not going completely insane!  Thru all those talks and communications, I would find we had staggered experiences.  Some people experienced (whatever) before me, after me, rarely at the same time as me in the moment it was happening.  Then something very strange and for me, quite exciting started happening… we were getting in sync with each other.  What was happening to me was happening to so many people at the same time.  As the years rolled by, it seemed life was syncing up with life and everyone was having very similar experiences and even very similar understandings.

When I was writing my sharing the other day about our pheromones and was reading information on the many area’s the body itself releases pheromones, one of the things that caught me by surprise was when women menstruate and live together or work closely together.  There is a chemical released out into life that syncs up the women’s menstrual cycle and it seems that all of a sudden everyone is menstruating at the same time.  It seems like itself is releasing the sync up pheromone so that all those in the higher collective of life (and quite a few coming out of the 4D collective) is experiencing the same growing pains, the same understandings, having so many of the same type of experiences together at relatively the same time!  Obviously life itself has a deep desire for a unified energy field of experience and wisdom.

Even in the readings, so many of the visuals, even tho unique unto the person in the field, shares so many similar qualities to so many others.  One of the most common themes right now is a doorway emerging in many people’s lives from their West field.  Of course, we are all now on the threshold of September and we are gearing up for a very intense time as we end a huge cycle of time and experience in our collective lives.  There is also another common theme on the other side of this doorway too… I can’t see a damn thing!  I have never been this close to the beginning of another month where we are all still on an energetic white out of what this month looks and feels like to us.  It seems many people are still taking that last lap within themselves, looking at where they have come from, releasing what no longer serves them and yet, not fully tapping into the new either (present company knee-deep in this place too.)

August really seems like it served to completely turn us inside out and upside down, creating a strange disorientation within our familiar on all levels.  I could very easily say that thru the month of August it appears as if I moved 10 miles away from my spiritual path.  Nothing seems to work the same at all, yet, the energy of what “needs to be” happens so fast that there is nothing to work on.  I will share with you a perfect example of what this means, at least for me.

About 6:30am yesterday I was looking at my online bank account and going over all the bills I have already paid for Sept and the one that is left to be paid before I go on my journey.  I was just under $100 of getting that (car payment) paid without having to use my savings to pay it (since that is my mad money for my trip.)  My reading calendar is completely full so I just surrendered to whatever.  I still have days before it is due and I really can pull it out of savings if I have too.  No worries.

Not even 10 minutes later a lady calls having an issue with booking an appointment for the 5th, she is trying to book a one hour reading but my calendar keeps changing it to a 15 minute reading.  There is nothing available on the 5th, I already have a packed day and I thought i cleared everything from that day.  I called her…. I also realized I did have a one hour opening on the 3rd in the early morning.  In an instant, we both fulfilled our needs.

I share this because I think I finally really understand these doorways.  Every single one of them has a gold frame, the material is different for each person, but the energy… the same.  The gold frame is the magnetic energy you are using to create your reality.  It is so intense, so instant that it happens in the very moment you have a desire or a fear, remember, the universe has no bias and will manifest your fears as quickly as it manifests your desires.  That’s why I cannot see whats on the other side of it and also, why I am not going to be “looking” thru the most intense part of September.  When I come back and start looking again… start reading again, it will be at the Equinox timeline.  The grande finale of all that got you to here as we embark on where we have worked our asses off to get to, and yet, we still have no tangible reality of what that is… because we are now creating that in real-time and September is more important in the next expression of yourself than you can even realize.

We can look at September as an internship with life.  We have all graduated from college (yes, even those still clinging to 3D and are clueless they were in school) and September has you using every aspect of your skill-set in real-time.  What runs thru your energetically, stares your straight in the face as a manifestation.  Lets be very very very clear on what this means and how this really works.

You are energy creating your reality as you go.  This has always been the way of life.  Up until now there was a wonderful filter or time delay from feeling to experience.  Not so much any longer.  Now you have a feeling, and there it is knocking on your door of reality.

You (everyone one of us) are a magnet made up of molecules of feelings.  Being very clear on what you are feeling is crucial.  Being very clear on what is going thru your mind and/or coming out of your mouth… crucial.  If for a second you entertain a fear, that fear is going to play out in your world somehow, someway… instantly.  The longer we play there, the stronger it gets since it is being amplified by your magnetic field of energy.

Let me just give some common examples:  ”I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing.”  That is such a common phrase I hear more often than not.  So as long as we are feeling that, that has to be our experience.  I think it is pretty well-known by now I am a HUGE advocater of meditation, one of the greatest ways to explore who you are now… but, I also hear soooooo often “but I don’t have time” or “I can’t do that.”  Do you see how you are creating a reality that keeps on recreating itself?  I so want to do word-ectomies on people!!  I hear where the most powerful energy is placed in a sentence.  ”I can’t, Unhappy, Stuck, lost, afraid of not” (fill in the blank.)  Or even giving our power away to a mass thought form… “some said, I beLIEve, it has always been like that before” and the list can go on a mile deep and then some.  Or disassociation… I need to loose weight, change my diet, hang around with different people (well this one is more valid than the others)… we start to get affraid of things in life cuz someone said it was true.  Food is a biggie!  But for as long as we beLIEve it, it plays out exactly like that.  Those experiences, such as food, will always give you a reason to stay afraid of your relationship with it.  You have given away your true power to a loaf of bread, or a juicy steak, or some eggs!

Then I hear people bitch about big pharma yet they take supplements as a life style of course with justification that one is healthy and one is not.  Really?  Maybe one makes you feel better about your choices and the other does not?  The question should come down to… what am I really afraid my body is not doing?  People take medication as a way to make themselves feel better, so do people taking supplements too.

I have said this before and will say it again… health is a state of Being.  A balanced energy field within the emotional/spiritual body.  Not your food, your friends, your work, but what your willing to do to have it all in a place of harmonious joy!  Now to do something because you simply don’t like it is a very different energy field than doing something because of what you think it may or may not do for you.  Example, I don’t eat liver cuz it stinks to the high heavens and tastes like dirt.  Not tantalizing to my taste-buds at all.  Other than that, I have no feeling about liver at all.  But I do eat steak and I soooo love the cows on earth in every way.  When eating my steak I have a choice, I can feel the love of the cow who came into life to serve my life thru whatever experience she also fulfilled for others, or I can focus on any aspect of pain she had to experience in being that opportunity for others do it (fill in the blank on “it”) differently.

What I find interesting really, is the most unhealthy people (both physically and mentally) are vegetarians and vegans (and that is stated by virtue of those who have crossed my massage table and readings) and I finally understood it is not because of what they eat… it is why they choose to eat that way to begin with.  Hell you could eat dirt as your only food intake and remain completely healthy in every way as long as you were not judging every other aspect of food available.

We are constantly creating our reality by what we feel.  We have only two energies that affect our feelings.  Fear.  Love.  What is the real food of our life?  It truly is pure energy.  We excrete what we feel… constantly.

We humans can be a stubborn lot!!  Myself included to the umpth degree!!  Hey I am a Leo and was born stubborn! lol  to my own detriment of course, but hey, that is how we learn and grow… from every aspect of our dark side.  My life was at midnight constantly!

Until I embarked on this path and I could hear my very pesky team constantly asking me “why you feeling like that, why you doing that, whats really going on inside”  and I had no clue how to find the shut off button.  The first two years of this path, I was just pissed.  My thoughts and feelings were so out of alignment with mySelf, with life and who the hell wants to be corrected all the time?  Well, I did ask them to make me aware of every single time I was in fear.  Holy shit, my whole relationship with life revolved around fear and I wondered why life was always sooo freaken hard and producing for me all the things I so didn’t want.  But even then, their corrections just pissed me off even more.  Dammit!

Fortunately, even tho i kicked, creamed, melted down, went on spiritual strike cuz it was getting so freaken hard, I eventually succumbed to the every loving guidance of my team.  I had 12 years to  get over myself.  We all now have 12 minutes!

Now what if all you focused on is what you loved?  So your words are always loving.  I don’t mean dripping sweet with bullshit disguised as sunshine, but I mean truly loving.  Personally, I don’t have an issue with big pharma, as long as there are people ingesting their pills, hiding from the very energy of their lives, it will be as it is.  The more people are against this pharma thing, the stronger it actually gets.  But what if we give each person taking a pill a very different, loving way to be in life.  What if they start really finding their inner power and inner love… they no longer need a pill to escape what hurts them.

And then we have this crazy blame game called HARP, yes its real.  But so is the power of mother earth.  Maybe we really don’t want to think that our mama needs to have a massive storm to cleanse, or a major earthquake for her to release, and that all people within the experience are there within the experience on soul purpose.  I bet we blamed black magicians before HARP.   Not for a single second do I feel HARP is stronger than my relationship to life, nor lifes relationship to me/us.  But, so often when we have a big event in life, so many people get angry and give their true power to the likes of HARP.   Have we ever thought that maybe, HARP is helping our mama?  Helping us?

Just take a look at all the antagonists you have had in your life that was so needed to help bring up your personal storms in your own life…  that outside influence was sooooo needed to kick our asses to here.  Don’t worry for a single second that our mama can be manipulated into doing or creating anything…. unless you feel you are being manipulated in your own life, that will bring up some powerful feelings in relationship to anything outside of you.

Life is a giant mirror… what you feel when you look at the mirror of life is what you are feeling within yourself.  what you are feeling as you look externally (or especially internally) is what you are creating as your reality.

Geez, I just got something that is really important to all of us.  I have been having my own melt down lately with the sudden and unexpected change in my meditation relationship.  Going within myself via meditation helped me realize I can change any visual, any experience i was having within at the speed of a nano-second.   Perhaps that was why I loved it sooo much.  I had control.  I never would have looked at the emotional control I was learning too.  Even as my team told me in 2008 I no longer have to do meditation like I do… I loved it.  I mean, truly loved it more than I can ever explain why.  By 2008 I no longer felt out of control with my life, quite the opposite really.  But that love that flows thru the experience of meditation… I was an addict!  lol  I no longer “need” the unseen world to flow that love thru my pores, I have You.   You have Me.  We  are bringing life into each others world of experience.  We breathe into each other every single moment of every day.   I am never out of a state of love.  Like in meditation, I change my reality by looking at it and deciding what is needed… not from fear, but from love.  Only love.

It so makes perfect sense why I am heading into September into two states I have always disliked, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  It is funny, Pennsylvania is where I was born and lived for my first 32 years of life.  My (old) roots… which I hated!  The leaves of my personal family tree, Virginia, is where my oldest and youngest live and where my grandson will be.  Where life started to live out loud thru my heart and hurt like hell so many steps of the way… I hated Virginia too.  Talk about a true internship happening.  What we would call a test (but that the universe does not like to use  as a  word since there is no pass or fail, just do overs lol) of going to both aspects from a pure state of love and surrender too all that got me/us to here.

I am ready… are you??

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and awe to All of Us!!  Thank you so much for loving me and each other into this next Grande phase of our collective lives.  YOU are Awesome!!

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