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Ronna Herman – Messages From Archangel Michael – Are You Ready To Become A Full-Fledged, God-Inspired Cocreator? – 30 August 2012

Beloved masters, there has been much discussion about the right and left brain integration of humankind as part of the evolutionary ascension process.  It is important that you understand that as long as you are in the vibrational fields of duality or separation, you will not totally unify the right and left brain areas of expression. However, when you tap into your Sacred Mind, which is located at the upper, back portion of the head, you will tap into a fifth-dimensional environment where there is unity consciousness. In that etheric area of the brain, all is unified; there is no separation. The Goddess-inspired right brain is forever seeking loving, emotional interaction and creative expression via the Soul’s consciousness. The left brain, masculine mind is more interested in concrete facts established via the material plane of consciousness, which creates a push/pull duality consciousness. Your Soul and Higher Self function within a reality of no time or space limitations, while the ego consciousness is limited by time and structural boundaries.  The Divine blueprint/plan of the past and present is quickly coming to a conclusion. The experimental experience of duality and separation is either being modified, harmonized, integrated or eliminated. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Internship Of September!! Are You Ready To Go Thru The Doorway Of Full On Application?? – 30 August 2012

I remember doing a reading recently where the lady was looking like a glass (like glass of water) only there was nothing in the glass except the residue of what used to be there.  I also understood this phase she is in is like being placed in the dishwasher and completely washed clean of all that old sticky debris in preparation for her next fill up.  Now granted, this is actually a more common aspect that happens as we grow and integrate any aspect of our spiritual journey, but there is something about this time.  Maybe it is because so much of the planets inhabitants are going thru it at the same time. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 30 August 2012

I am here today to tell you that there is something coming up that will draw the attention of a multitude of people all over the globe. It is something that will ring true through so many that it will have a lingering effect on those who have been in tune with what is taking place and even with those who have not.
As we venture down the road to ascension it is a wide and angled road. It is dispersed with more pulling back on the part of so many of those have sought to keep all of humanity in collapse. It is a path that is often wrought with non-forgiveness and deceit. This path is not working any more, for those who would seek to keep strong in every turn of the road are finding that love is the answer for everything. Love is what keeps the Light energy alive and in a clearing mode. It keeps clearing the path to ascension and therefore it is a brighter and stronger path of Love. Continue reading

Natural News – Mike Adams – The Last Antibiotic : Drug Companies Run Out Of Weapons Against The Very Same Superbugs They Helped Create – 30 August 2012

(NaturalNews) The age of antibiotics is over. It’s history. There are no more patented chemical antibiotics in the pipeline. The drug companies have all but abandoned antibiotics research, leaving humanity to suffer the fate of a wave of drug-resistant bacteria — superbugs — that the drug companies actually helped create. Continue reading

Veterans Today – Gordon Duff – Breaking : HBO’s ‘Newsroom”Blasts GOP As “Taliban” – 30 August 2012

HBO’s Newsroom Calls GOP “Taliban”

Tea Party Insanity and Terrorism Potential Cited
by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

The HBO series, Newsroom with Jeff Daniels, a show demonstrating not just the failure of American news reporting but worldwide cowardice and corruption, this week has debunked the American opposition party.  Most serious is the timing, in the midst of the Republican Convention.

The primary issue at hand isn’t economic, there has been no substantive political discussion whatsoever, only conspiracy theory, wild accusations, email spamming of rumors, American politics, the GOP/Tea Party variety is really more a psyop or psychological warfare operation against the American people.

Click Here to continue reading and to view three other “Newsroom’ clips.

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John Ward – Why The Troikan Horse Will Do For The Portuguese What It Did For The Greeks – 30 August 2012

This Portugal is not resting, it is an ex-Portugal. It is no more.

As the Troikanauts levitated themselves magically down onto Portugal yesterday, they knew what they’d land on: an extremely straightforward situation we economists call A Dead Horse. That is, the government has done everything asked of it, except grow the economy. Being by now almost completely mad, the Troika will therefore report back that the national horse has dieted most diligently, and thus little Alonso has been a very good owner. Unfortunately, little Alonso’s horse is still dead – and thus far, flogging it hasn’t produced any more signs of life than the Vegan diet did. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Violence Is Old Paradigm & Not The Way Of Transformation – 30 August 2012

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