Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 31 August 2012

MASTERS:    “This is the time of beginnings.  Humanity is in the midst of unlimited opportunities of mental and physical understanding of the universe and all of its powers and integrated productivity.  The wonders of planetary reconstruction that are now being felt and observed in your world are part of movements in your universe that will soon be observed on other planets that you are at least aware of at this time.  The Mars mission will be one of the first to observe the changing tides of frequencies as its roving machine picks up more than soil samples and records power surges not known or understood at this time by your scientists.

The hurricane watches sighting in on the winds racing across the African continent and over the Atlantic will see many unprecedented higher-velocity winds coming toward the North American Continent during the coming month of September.  Instead of hitting the East coast of the U.S., some of these high winds will change course and hit Canada and work up toward the Arctic.    Your planet has been moving slightly in its orbit for some time and the energy flows, of course, are also making different tracks across its surface.   This information is not meant to alarm but to provide some advance warnings to those who may be in this new pathway of storm activity.
The U.S. and Canada will find September a month of contrasts as it brings both excessive stormy weather and days of ultimate beauty of the skies and temperatures   Young people on their way to educational institutions should be prepared with light-weight bad weather gear at all times, for conditions will change sometimes very rapidly.  Vehicular traffic should realize this also and be prepared for sudden winds or downpours, even to the point of keeping emergency  weather supplies on hand.   Earthquakes throughout North America and Central America will continue to increase this month over much of the continent, even up into the northern climes, as the almost undetectable shifting continues to take place.  We do not see any drastic movements at this point, except for man-made quakes from the fracking to get gas continues to take place.
The Middle East will continue to experience ground movements as the plates underlying all of the surface areas are very disturbed at this time and for a few months to come.  This includes Egypt and surrounding countries and the southern areas of Africa.  Unusual weather disturbances will make the political problems in these countries come to a stand-still temporarily and help to bring factions together in order to save lives.
Asia, including Russia and the great mass of China, will face enormous amounts of flooding from snow melts in the north.  Ground movements will bring down ancient buildings and damage the Great Wall.  Japan will continue to experience shifting of its oceanic base, causing more quakes in the coming months.  Mass movement of population is even now underway to avoid poising from the damaged nuclear plants.
Europe, for the most part, will remain pretty stable, but sudden shifts will bring down avalanches in the mountains and move highways off-center in heavily traveled areas.    Australia is resting on a very stable underpinning so far, and should not feel much movement for a few months.
Atmospheric conditions around the world will provide forecasters with some exciting days and nights as they endeavor to keep up with the changes racing around the globe.  Be very thankful for these people and keep on top of their broadcasts.  September is not going to be what it was 50 or more years ago.  Keep supplies on hand in case of bad weather and be ever ready to help those who cannot help themselves.  Togetherness is not a nasty word!”
(A gentleman living in New Zealand wrote asking for information regarding the Chemtrails that are now showing up in the skies over that part of the world, wanting to know what they really are.  The following is what I received from the Masters to share with our readers:)
MASTERS:  “ The fumes spilled out from myriad airplanes equipped to carry large amounts of fluids fill the sky with long trails of a white cloudy substance.  The so-called intelligence behind this effort has to do with the concept of making the air you breathe heavier in content and focusing the contaminants that abound in your air today to coalesce into droplets that will fall harmlessly to the ground.  This is not put forth by your government, but by a scientific group that now is extending their efforts into many parts of the world, including New Zealand.  The sticky layer of dust you may have found on your cars is the result of the contaminants being surrounded by this misty fluid falling to Earth .  The long lines of mist you see are usually crossed in order to confine the area being sprayed.  There is a new concerted effort now being
put into place that will affect  other parts of the world, causing a lot of anxiety as to what they are and why.  The governments involved will disclaim any part of this.  Why?  Because the chemicals involved, while indeed trapping noxious particles in your atmosphere, can also be very harmful to living beings when they fall to the ground during times of high humidity.  Otherwise, most of it simply dissolves, along with the noxious particles it consumes.  As the world’s atmosphere continues to be filled with the by-products of fuels, you will be seeing many more Chemtrails in the skies.   Better not to be outside if one feels any kind of residue on the skin.   It is not dangerous in such small amounts, but sensitive people could feel a bit nauseous.  This entire program is due to increase in the next few months as the climate changes push air currents in different ways.  It is nothing to be feared, but to be aware of humanity trying to combat the chemicals influencing the air you breathe.”.
MASTERS:   “Dear Ones, please remember that you are everlasting soul beings to whom this lifetime is an extremely important one for your waltz toward the higher states of being.  It is perfectly natural, at this stage, to greatly fear the ominous forecasts and try to find places of safety.  For your physical well beings, that is wise, to a point.  Remember, fear completely wipes out your wisdom and inner guidance.  Keep your emotions under control; if you find yourselves in areas of danger, it is needful to keep a calm, clear mind.  Following your inner guidance, you will know what to do and where to go without outside directions, that sometimes are not given wisely.  At this point in time, very few of you need to find these predictions of any import, as you are probably in a very safe and calm situation.  You are the ones who have the responsibility to put forth your thoughts and prayers for those who need your assistance in this manner.  Never doubt that the love and concern you send are going directly through the spheres to those who need them.    In the meantime, keep life on an even keel; keep yourselves in good health, see that children are well cared  for, for they are your direct future and will see a very different world in their adult years than you do now.  The Earth will have found its new direction in the solar system, and new crop systems and seasons will produce what humanity and all life needs to form a better world of joint determination and cooperation.  Humanity is now experiencing the final battles of greed and power structures that will finally bring the lesson of Love to a conclusion that has long been prophesied.  Live each day to its fullest and change something for the better; that is part of your reason for living. “

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