Lisa Gawlas – The Golden Paint Brush Of September Is In Your Hand To Use! – 1 September 2012

Boy, August sure didn’t unfold in any way I was hoping that it would, or maybe better stated, in any way I had expected it to.  Instead it seems each day severed to turn my and all that I brought to Here (spiritual skills speaking) inside out and then reconstructed me in a different way.  It was so subtle that I really didn’t notice until about mid month.

I so wish I could say I am jumping up and down with joy about these changes, I am sure I am on some level, but it sure isn’t the human level!!  I am going to give out a blast of gratitude to the fact that every conceivable aspect of Me has been pretty much down all August except readings.  It is with your grace I have kept my sanity, my knowing that I didn’t break anything we are just changing in every conceivable way.  And now we must apply that change to our lives whether we are conscious about all the changes or not.

For eons now we have been taking Light in, processing it and radiating it out into our field of created matter.  Thru eons of time we have been changing our relationship with life and even with ourselves (most especially with ourselves.)  August served as a complete reversal for all that got us to here, a polar shift in its own rite!  Now, we are the Light serving the world out loud and in action.  Let me give you some highlights of the last couple days of readings and what I finally understand from it all.  I am sure there is much more to understand… but this is a great start in my book!!

In one reading a few days ago a new shoe was being infused on the right foot of the lady I was reading for.  It so took me back to the time that seems so long ago, but really was at the beginning of this year where we were shown so much our whole Cinderella story coming to life.  On this lady, it looked so much like she had a glass slipper as part of her biology now…. but only on her right foot.  With it and even now I keep hearing spirit say “put your right foot forward.”  So lets really take a look at what that means in spirits metaphoric vocabulary.

Right side, emotional spiritual side.  The foot itself is how we are able to stand in life without falling over.  The foot is also our deepest and most immediate connection with earth herself.  The glass slipper… pure, clear, radiant energy.  Clear… for full use of this energy shoe as it is meant to be used means there must be a clear and transparent energy field from the wearer.  We never get anything we are not prepared to use.

Putting your right foot forward (your clear emotional energy into life) creates what the left foot (your created experience) wears as you take that step.  If you can think of your left shoe as a shape-shifter, constant only by the energy you hold within you.  You change your energy even slightly, the experience playing out for you changes to meet that shift.

Before I get any further and have anyone melting down because of the above statement, everyone is on a different point in the path which could also be very much related to a different point/energy within our perceived timelines.  This becomes your shifting point when you have done enough of the inner work to hold a place of consistency within you.  If you just started this path of empowerment, you are still gifted the time delay of experience, and that is just slightly!!

For those who got to here with years or decades of awareness under your skin, this fully applies to you!

I am also being reminded that you had years or decades to do the full on homework that was needed to be Here.  Once you are aware, even a bit, the torch of responsibility is placed within you to light your way and go further.

So here we are!!

Not only do we have a very powerful energy slipper on our right foot, we also have a paintbrush in our hands.  I was sooooo surprised to see two readings yesterday show the same symbology in the same day!

My first lady was just so funny with the visuals.  She was on a unicycle, peddling up a very steep set of stairs.  I understood she had incredible balance within her.   What I never thought to understand yesterday but did via my reading after her, that unicycle image also showed a grande finale of cycle completions.  We tend to look at a date on the calendar and think this is when the cycle ends… for the mass, that is true, not so much for the spark of god consciousness I see via the readings.   She was on step 5 (change) heading to the grande finale of step 7.  Now these steps really took on the visual of a step ladder only without rungs but actual steps.  Now I have seen step ladders several times over the last couple weeks, but today I really think I understand the ease of what lays on the other side… the steps going downwards on the other side.

When the wind is at our back it is so easy to move forward to where we are going.  In this case, this is our soul wind now blowing with us instead of pushing us up the damn hill!  But also, when putting our right foot forward (smile, wink) everything we attempt will be so much easier.  Bringing to the fore and using our spiritual skills (seeing, hearing, channeling, you name it, and creating the life our heart so deeply desires.

Granted… we still have to expend that energy to make it happen.

Two of the lady I read for yesterday were actually painting what could be perceived as thin air.  The first one I had seen was my unicycle lady, still on her unicycle, on the fifth step heading to the 6th (soul partnership) then all of a sudden there she is with a yellow and gold bucket in her left hand and a paintbrush in her left hand.  Let me be very clear here, and you yourself are going to have to understand where you are at in your journey.  She was outside in her created life in these visuals.  So the paint-bucket she held was all of her wisdom and energy from the long journey within and now she is fully using it as part of her day to day experience.  (I so hope I explain this clearly.)  Her left hand dipped into the bucket and she started painting away with her left hand held paint brush.

There were no walls, no frame of reference of what she was painting and all I kept thinking was my god it take such incredible balance to be peddling up steep stairs on a unicycle and at the same time hold a paint bucket and paint the air in front of you.  We are more talented than we can even realize lol.  I heard her team say several times that she is a “masters master” using that phrase to say she teaches the teachers.  This next phase of her life is going to show her all that that means… depending of course on her own brush strokes.

As I tried to understand this whole painting bit suddenly her reading went into a split screen… part of her was in my kitchen, giving me a very close up personal view of what she was really doing, while the aspect I was still connected to was out on her ladder painting.

When she was in the kitchen I realized that she was changing the molecules of life all around her.  Life’s molecules of energy have only come on line to be “painted” recently. They are now ready and each stroke of the brush changed them from invisible, unlimited energy potentials to yellow and gold.  Now fully vibrating with the spiritual magnetic field of your own vibration.  This sounds exciting, and really, it is, but… with a word of caution too.  You are going to attract into your created experience, pretty much instantly, what you are feeling.

What you choose to do with this paint brush is also painting your next cycle of reality.  I had thought this cycle started at the Equinox (it does) and completes about May of next year… not even.  More like the year 2015.  However, like all of earths cycles, there are cycles within cycles.

Be aware, be in love and be excited!!

My other lady unfolded slightly different than the first, she was at the inside of her energy field, where inner and outer worlds meet.  She was there with a paint brush in her right hand painting the energy of her created world from inside of herself.  No need for a paint bucket, she is still in the buckets contents!  From what I understand today, she is at the last stage of really painting the energy she desires from within herself to be experienced as her created reality.

If you can think of the transition we all go thru… we all start out deep within ourselves, changing, understanding our true energy and power within all those changes.  Then one day we are living it all out loud.  For me personally, this transition took close to two years.  We must fully change the molecular energy within our body, within our DNA to be able to live the new energy as a way of life.

Once you make that full on change, the relationship with created matter changes significantly.  Of course, walking your own path, not easy to see the massive transition.  From my view looking back now… holy shit!  Everything I needed to experience who I am today, presented itself to me.  First as a personal care attendant at a assisted living place (which I had no desire to take, but was the only job in town…. literally.)  Then my strange and sudden journey to eBay’s psychic page… and everything else that pulled from me the wisdom, the attributes I never even knew I had.  That was my soul assisting the life field I was kicking about in to bring to me what was needed to uncover my memories of all I understood and could “do.”   A journey that really last the last 10 years.  (Just to make sure I am being clear, this is painting from inside the deep inner field of your soul.)

Having the paint bucket in hand in your external field means you have awakened and brought to active fore enough to apply and live instantly from that field of energy.  I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say.  But even in this shift of creation there really is an “apprenticeship”  happening.  I suddenly realize I have been in this state of apprenticeship since about Feb. of last year to mid August of this year.

To fully live what you know as a way of life, clearing all the last specks of worry and stuff… as your soul clears the way.  A true and (eventually) full partnership of soul mind and ego mind.

And now, for me, even my meditations changed to show me the larger mantle of responsibility I grew into.  But now I really need to learn how to work the energy from the outside of created reality.  It is funny, I have not ‘seen” a thing outside of readings for the last few weeks.  I have been so deep inside of myself after my last reading you would swear I was becoming part of the fabric of my couch!

I do want to change the subject, just slightly here.  Yesterday morning I woke up watching myself grab handfulls of moonbeams from outside my window and shoving them in my pants (well, shorts.)  Handful after handful… I woke up think why on earth am I shoving this energy down my pants?  Honestly, I still don’t know.  Maybe to help fuel the way forward… because unlike the last several weeks, all of a sudden I started cleaning my stove, vacuuming up all the daddy long legs I have allowed to live here.  The only two places that got that energy was my kitchen and my bathroom… then I tapped back out to the couch to become one with it again.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night… so I was awake about an hour or longer than usual.  This allowed me to watch the full moon rise high enough in the sky and shine its moonbeams brightly thru my window onto me.  I smiled as I remembered how I woke up in the morning and fell asleep.  When I awoke this morning the windows and door in my kitchen had this bright light shining thru them.  It looked like there was a spotlight in the back yard filtering into my home.  I looked out the window and was actually surprised to see the full moon shining like crazy.  It seemed the only journey it made thru the night was from my front window, around the left side of my home to my back windows.  I smiled, said good morning then got my coffee and sat down here to type.

Since the moment I sat down there are two things now vivid in my spiritual vision.  Gold energy something or another at my front door.  I say something or another because it has no real form yet, or at least none I recognize… yet is not a solid gold but something coming into form… as is the energy on my stove.

What is really strange too… yesterday when I was vacuuming my ceilings, walls and light fixtures in my bathroom (getting the cobwebs down and sucking up the daddy long leg community that has thrived in there lol) the lights in my bathroom shifted and became really bright.  I thought maybe one of the two blown out lights came back to life… nope, both still burned out… but my bathroom is now brighter than it ever was since moving here.

No doubt something happened last night into this morning.  It is going to be exciting to find out what!!

One other huge thing I want to share before I start my day of readings is a man I read for yesterday.  Before I even placed the call to him I had seen his whole body with this pink and heart filled energy field as his outer layer of skin.  I realized instantly this was his pheromone field now oozing out of his pores and filling his immediate space of attraction.  I know his heart desire is to meet his divine counterpart, as many of us are wanting that.  What tripped me up was the fact that his pheromone field was about 5-6 inches out into his created reality.  Not bad if you are already kissing someone, needs work if they are still out in life somewhere.

As we talked about love, dating, and all that goes with divine love… his words and ideas (can I say worries) were so restrictive that as much as his inner energy is excrete his loving desire, his mind is holding back the every field of connection he has worked so hard to create.

Trusting in your heart promptings, putting yourself out there, having fun, enjoying the journey without worry… that is what extends our fields of desire out into created reality for others to find and connect to.

The repetitive old energy talk of the mind… well, lets just say it will hold your bright brilliant energy close to your body.

I would love to give you all a wonderful exercise from within my book “Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self.”  Do this with all that you desire, with the pheromones you are naturally putting out from the heart… and expand your territory of life and energy!!

Building Your Own Energy Field
Find a comfortable position, whether it is in a comfortable chair or lying on the floor. Take a deep breath, relax, and quiet your mind. Empty it of all thought. Once you have reduced your thoughts to a stray one once in a while or none at all, focus on your breathing and your energy.
Imagine your incoming breath as a white light. When you are able to see and connect with your breath, enhance that connection and build your energy field in you and around you. This will also keep you focused on a task.
As you breathe in the white light, imagine that you are taking that breath and placing it in your solar plexus (that area between your navel and your rib cage). Imagine that each time you breathe into that area, you can see the light expanding in your solar plexus. See it sort of like an invisible balloon that you are blowing up with light. With each in breath, see it getting larger and larger… no longer just inside you but now expanding through you, around you… until you can see it in at least a five-foot radius around you.
Once you have that white light flowing from within you and around you, take a part of that light and breathe it up into your heart. Visualize as you breathe out that you are taking a piece of that white light and now placing it in and around your heart. Do this until you can feel your whole heart filled with this white light.
Next, breathe this white light from your heart to your head area, do this until you can feel your whole head surrounded within this light.
Next take this energy and have it travel down each arm (one at a time)… feel the energy flowing down through your arms and coming out of the chakras on your palm, forming a ball of energy on your palms.
When you have successfully placed two balls of energy (one in each palm), place your hands near each other… feel that energy. Take notes (afterward) about how that energy fells to you (is it subtle or strong?). Do not judge it, just connect to it. Each time you do this (do it the same way each time), take note of the energy within your external palms. See if it changes (do not worry if it does not).

As you continue to do this, you raise your own energy to a very vibrant level. One that you can now feel. One that you can now connect with on both the internal and external levels. What you are doing is connecting with your own power source.

Enjoy this exercise!

I have got to scoot… Happy September!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with paint brushes and pheromones of LOVE!!

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