Spirit Science – Cosmic Connections – 2 September 2012

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As the discussion of consciousness and universal “spirit” is evolving, there comes a time when we have to define what it is that were really talking about. A lot of people have asked “What is Spirit Science about?” and “What is this..some kind of New Age Religion?”

In today’s video, we go into just that. What is Spirit Science? Today, we look at how EVERYTHING is connected, and we invite you to come and find the connections in your own life as well.

I also wanted to share the work of Jason Silva with you, who has put together some VERY powerful videos that rapidly expand your awareness and quite often blow one’s mind. You can check out his website at http://www.thisisjasonsilva.com

Thank you everyone for sticking with this series for so long, and motivating to continue to create and produce them 🙂 I’m still having lots of fun with them, and there’s going to be a whole flurry of new videos by Guest Artists very soon!

This video is something of a compilation of many ideas that we have talked about before, so I didn’t go into a huge list of sources to check out. Instead, i invite you to check out the Resources Page on http://www.thespiritscience.net, and join in the discussion about what it means to be a being of light and life. You have more power and love than you really know, all you have to do is want to become aware of it.. you will 🙂


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