Cobra – Portal 2012 – About The Conferences And Cobra – 3 September 2012

(Lucas: I posted my comment with my doubts expressed in things I found very odd and offending by Cobra and his organized Conferences on my own blog website. Still I see in this explanation of Cobra in no way an excuse to say what he had said about lightworkers.  He now is crawling back on his remarks he had made. What excuse is there for labelling the lightworker community as not dedicated if not complying to his conference attendance. 
People have their own choice to attend or not that is true. Does that make it right to say those who do not attend are not dedicated. I am sorry it is still for me not sufficient.  I gave on my own blog my honest comment about things that have been said and now seemingly to be not have said or ment  otherwise.  Also getting into blaming others to be angry and saying they are all illuminati or even implying that (even if getting angry  is wrong) is  cheap. If you say people should need lessons in non-violent communication, you should certainly attend yourself if denigrating language is your style. Yes, there will be the nasty comments (I get them also and the threats and not post them, it is no fun) but that is besides the point of you being yourself not writing some nice stuff, it does not release you from being responsible for what you wrote and for your actions. Your not being polite and being helpful to defuse things and talk about others if it has to be about what you wrote.  Is it so difficult if you have made a mistake or did not explain things well or even offended people to say, sorry. In stead you generalize and say to people you are cabal, dark  for the things you write (even with the bad and nasty comments and threats put out there, those genuine concerned people commenting are not helped that way but silenced and labbeled). The strong reactions have been provoked by your initial article, Cobra. There is now after the strong reactions a message that the info from the conferences will be put out to all on the blog and otherwise. That was not what was said. You had to attend or be labelled not dedicated, pay for it and shut your mouth about what you hear or see and no filming and photos were allowed, you also said only to disclose  parts of the story of  the operation at each conference. That is what was said. The explanation article  I see put out under pressure of losing credibility.  I do not like this style that is played out here now and is played out  more often by others. Playing innocent in what is said and done. It does not make people love you for your message as  I really belief in your heart you want to make change as do a lot of  lightworkers you offended.  People may even differ on the means or the followed path but that is not in question here.
The style of bringing people in or together for some cause, giving them messages that can be (in a way) true or have some truth in it (even messages that have been out there from 20 years ago are utilised I have seen), then  when questions get asked that are inconvenient things get nasty, people get offended, ridiculed or people are  told to be stupid, ignorant or are told to be dis-informers (you know the disinformation tactics as played out from the book by themselves). I see all of this happening too often now.  I see also now more and more events put up selling tickets, for what purpose I ask? What is your purpose, I should ask, really.  Is making money your purpose than be really honest about it even if it is just  for your livelihood . If you are wanting funds than tell the people,  if you are recruiting tell them for what. Be open and honest about intentions otherwise you are under suspicion of being dishonest and having hidden agendas or indeed can be suspected of a scam.  Also the question can be if you are NOT wanting to help people or even do NOT want them to ascend.   I thought we all where working and understanding 3D duality has to be left behind  and let go off  if we wanna ascend.  Still big egos are played out in all I see.  But I do think  In ascension you solely are yourself responsible for your ascension, nobody can free you. You have to do it  yourself. You have the free will to make the choice to start and work towards it.  So if you are truly also working for freedom for all, do not condemn others to be doing it their way. You should know, Cobra, there is more than one way to reach the same goal and there is not ONE truth, only the truth people discern and chose to be for themselves to be their own truth.  I say to all choose wisely and not let others choose for you, know when your played or manipulated, feel with your heart what is right and wrong for yourselves.  We need to share but that is not the same as sharing only conditionally. We should not be exclusive but inclusive.  It is sharing unconditionally with all not just  with a few.  Stop this divide and conquer tactics  it does not suit anyone!) 
As soon as I posted about the conferences, some amazing synchronicities happened along with a strong reaction and attacks from the Cabal.
Apart from that, people  also had many questions and concerns and I will address those in this post.
All information from the conferences will be given freely after the conferences through posts in this blog. We are also working on creating an audio webinar for at least some conferences to be available also.
The conferences are meant for those who wish to dedicate themselves more fully to the planetary liberation process and are also willing to put a considerable amount of energy into it.
The purpose of the non-disclosure agreements is only to protect my identity. Intel given at the conferences is not included in non-disclosure agreement and is to be shared and distributed freely.
There have been again some extremely hateful comments in my blog and I had to close the comment section again. Some people reacted extremely violently when I deleted their comments, saying  “Cobra deletes anything that incriminates him, and the emails have been forwarded to my brother who is a serious fraud officer with the Metropolitan police.” This is my private blog and I can delete anything I want, and why some people go ballistic about that is beyond my understanding. As I understand free speech, they can spill their hatred elsewhere and I can shape my blog in any way I want to, including deleting their comments.Few courses of action remain open. Shall I leave all comments open in the name of »freedom of speech« to let some pople spill poison and threats here, posting comments with hatred and a purpose of destroying my work? Shall I keep deleting negative comments? To tell you the truth, I am tired of doing that as I have more important work to do. Shall I block the comments altogether? I am open to suggestions.

I would like people to learn non-violent communication. Those that would like to »expose me as a scam«  are free to do so in their own blog and on other websites, but not here. For your information, if I deleted a comment, all replies to that comment were deleted automatically by Blogger. Also, my Blogger account has been broken into a few times and many times comments were deleted without my approval. People need to learn patience. I WILL address their concerns, but it may take a few days as I have an overload of work to do.
I will however address here some concerns that pople might have that are at the core of those hateful comments.
There has been a certain indvidual posting here, wanting to ruin and destroy my work. If he is of the Light, why does he want to destroy something beautiful? If he belongs to the Cabal, his actions are obvious. He is among those people that are violently against the conferences, saying that this is a scam taking other people’s money. Are David Wilcock’s conferences also a scam? And conferences of countless other dedicated Lightworkers around the world? Here nobody has been »tricked« or »forced« into buying a ticket. If anybody wants a refund, it will be gladly given.
There have been many speculations about my identity. Some people think I am Lady Dragon, some people think I am Ishtar Antares and there are wide speculations as to where I am coming from, ranging from China to Europe and South America.
I know both lady Dragon and Ishtar Antares and they are both good people. There is a lot of disinformation about the two circulating in the blogosphere. Lady Dragon has not been »arrested« and is not on »meth« as some people think. I actually spoke to her a week ago as she came back from a vacation. Ishtar Antares is not a »scammer that wants your ascended money«, nor is he »taking advantage from women mostly for sex« as it is written on a notorious disinfo site of the Former White Hat. As you probably know, money and sex related accusations are a standard tactic of the Cabal when it wants to discredit someone. I am in constant contact with Ishtar and he is very honest in his business dealings and one of the most sincere people towards women that I know. He graciously allowed me to use some of his intel for posts in my blog. He has written a book and I use some of intel from that book. Although most of that book is channeled material and I don’t agree with all of it, it is of a very high quality and I would recommend it. You can order his book here:
It is also worth noticing that Former White hat sent threatening mails to both Lady Dragon and Ishtar Antares, stating that »If you wish to avoid further revealing about you, your past and family, you will back down from this silly Cobra bullshit. You will denunce on your website Drake as a fraud and insane old man who has been making everything up. Okay? FW Hat«
Drake is not a fraud, he is a good man fighting for the liberation of this planet. So is Benjamin Fulford, so is David Wilcock, so am I and so are many others. I don’t agree totally with Drake and Wilcock, but I would support their fight for freedom with all my heart. I would suggest that all sincere people working towards the planetary liberation start supporting each other despite all personal differences and stop with personal attacks.
And again, the link to conferences is here:
And you can register here:

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