Crys Crystaqueous – The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift – Part 1 – 3 September 2012

The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift

So-called human (born-man) eyes or vision can only perceive the born-man illusion world of beginnings and endings. The reason that the eyes, ears, and touch, etc, of this non-man do only sense or identify with that which is illusion, is because the human consciousness which is intimately connected with these complementary sense tools is entirely pre-programmed to know only that which is unreal. In other words, because the human consciousness is pre-established or fixed in illusion, the senses can only confirm that which this illusory consciousness believes to be true. It is never the other way around. Therefore, the problem is not so much the detecting senses, but rather, the mortal consciousness which demands that simply everything that is detected be interpreted in accordance with the so-called control center or born-man consciousness which is the same as the human mind. Hence, illusion man only sees and is that which he thinks he is.

On the other hand, Spirit Beings, or that which is referred to as Ascended Infinite Consciousness, perceives only That Timeless and Eternal Perfection or Reality Paradise—even that World which actually and always Is. This is even so, for besides this Actuality there is nothing. Furthermore, that which this Consciousness Sees, It Knows that It Is. For Infinite Spirit Is All.

The bridge across (a dream lingo term only) from illusion born-man consciousness to Spirit Reality and transcending the illusion of dream, is not about trying to transform or change the former into the latter, but rather, about the obliteration of the mist of the unreal, which is inclusive of that which is called human mind, body, and world, and simply Being That which remains—even That which Truly andalwaysactually Is. In other words, transcending the dream is never a matter of convincing or converting a so-called human mind to seeing and believing things differently. But rather, it is only and always about consigning the fallacious born-man and its mind to non-existent nothingness for such never did actually exist in the first place. Hence, all that can possibly remain is the Sole Absolute Reality radiating in all the Divine Splendor that Such Eternally and Immutably Is—namely, the Timeless Mind or Consciousness of Spirit being All that truly and actually Is. All Light Beings behind the non-real action on the screen of dream are That, always have been That, and will remain Such Eternally.

“The whole world is racing in the wrong direction for everyone is terrified of non-existence. That is, in reality, the only certain refuge.” Rumi (Human mind initially seeks, at all cost, to avoid the void—or the inevitable trek to the nothingness from whence it came. As long as such survives it cannot but be intoxicatingly pre-occupied with much doing thinking to thereby build a utopia out of the chaotic relentlessness of the illusion of dream! Such is the folly of the ages! Just the so-called ‘other side’ of the non-existence of human mind and its unreal world of dream is poised—as ever—That Kingdom of Boundless Bliss which Eternally, Immutably, and Joyously Is! This is the “meeting Field” of which Rumi endearingly speaks! (see page 71 ) Aside from This Reality Absolute there is nothing—non-existence! To Live is Being the Christ, hence the earth-mind death is gain!)

In deeper penetration of the above, it is said that when so-called born-man consciousness views his or herself in the so-called mirror of their objective reality, all that can possibly be seen is but the uncomely image of temporary and deteriorating imperfection.

Hence, it can truly be said that the dream-man—being himself a non-existent illusion—simply plays around in a world which as well has no reality. Although this so-called born man dwells in the realm of the unreal, he is portrayed as one who eventually commences to seek or intuit a so-called knowledge of That which is True and Real. Hence, at last—this imaginary man vanishes altogether and all that remains is that Infinite Reality and Consciousness which Alone is True and Real. Indeed, this false or non-man is said to be wholly swallowed up by That very Intelligence which projected him into his make believe world. Alas, all that remains is That which always Is. The final sense is of one seeming to awaken into and as his or her True Infinite Identity and a knowing that he or she was never other than That. But this is just more dream lingo. That is, there is no actual awakening and none who begin or return to being Reality Beings which never descend or go to sleep in a fictitious world of dream. There is simply individual role termination upon the stage of dream—all things Eternal continuing as Ever They do. The Mind which never sleeps is now said to be in manifestation in place of the—not awakened—but irreversibly dissolved mind of dream. Hence, in the final analysis, there is no such thing as ascension—much less the ascension of the so-called unreality of man!

In Eastern Philosophy, the apparent dream world of so-called contrary factors—such as birth, death, love, hate, pleasure and pain, and good and evil, etc., etc., is referred to as The Divine or Cosmic Play—Lila. Its basic theme is, The Unreality Of Duality to be dissolved by the Oneness of The Real.

The critiquing of the writings of Marie S. Watts and Lillian de Waters, as well as any other from whom quotes are herein gathered, is by no means offered with intent to do malice in any way, shape, or form to such writings or to those who authored them. All was offered in precise accordance with the Script of Divinity for that time. The very loving Spirit that ordained and inspired these writings in that era has provided this timely critique for the present. Hence, all due respect is heartily and lovingly offered to these very unique beings whose writings evidenced, in a sense, that they were incredibly ahead of their time. All is in loving Divine Order and Always appears precisely on time.

Marie S. Watts Expresses On The Universal fact that –  God Is All And All Is God.

“The only thing that can even seem to change is our (the dream man’s) way of seeing or interpreting That which exists right within our view. Absolutely nothing exists that can change That which does exist (in fact) into something that does not exist. This beloved, is why it is so futile to attempt to change seemingly imperfect substance (such as so-called mortal or decaying bodies—to say nothing about an apparent broken world), into Perfect Substance. Absolute Perfection can never be any more, or any less, than That which It Eternally Is.”(Marie S. Watts, Vol.2, pp21,22, The Ultimate Awareness An Eternal Constant).

“Let us be completely through with this thing of trying so hard to be, or to become, That which we (all Reality Beings on the so-called ‘other side’ of the veil of the unreality of dream) already are, That which we Constantly Eternally are, and (therefore) that which we can never become.Never can we become the Absolute Complete Perfection that we already are. Never have we ceased Being this Perfection; and never will we begin to be this Complete Absolute Perfection. Despite any seeming problem, let us simply refuse to attempt to ‘work it out,’ or to ‘work our way out of it.’ To do so is to seemingly delay our complete awareness of Being that Perfection which we (in and as our True Identity) know ourselves to Be. This is true because to make an attempt to ‘work out’ a problem, means to honor the seeming problem, to acknowledge and admit that it is present, and that it is our problem. So long as we honor and claim any specific appearance of imperfection, lack, or inharmony of any nature, we are going to continue to seemingly be victimized by one apparent problem after another.” (Ibid. p31).

“Never do we need to be healed. All that is ever necessary is a more complete awareness of That which we already are. Furthermore, it requires a sure and certain knowledge of God. This means that we are to know what God is, where God is, and All that God Is. We must actually Be the full and complete knowledge that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotence, Eternality, Constancy, etc. But we must also perceive that we can only know that which God knows; thus we can only Be that which God Is. We have to Be the very Substance which Is God, in order to be aware of Being any Substance at all. Thus, instead of a necessity for healing, the thing necessary is a greater knowledge—awareness of Being—just what God Is, and nothing else.” (Ibid. p33).

“Beloved, never yearn or long to be that which you already are. Never believe that you are not illumined. Never believe that you are not the Light that is Infinite Life, the Life that is Universal Life. Never make the mistake of imagining that someone is any more illumined than are you. Never make the mistake of wishing that you were as illumined—or enlightened—as anyone who exists. To do this is to deny your own ever-present enlightenment. Regardless of any seeming failure to see the Light that is, just go right on, knowing full well that you are the full Light that lighteth every man. When the complete evidence of being this Light is evidenced, you will realize that always you have been this Light, and always you will be, and remain this Light. This revelation and the evidence of the revelation, comes when you least expect it.” (Ibid. p37).

Divine Mind or Infinite Cosmic Identity is all that exists in the Boundless Universe of Infinity Absolute! Of a surety, no part of Such ever fell from This Eternal Estate or could ever possibly forget That which It Forever Is! No ‘outside’ the Realm of Real exists! Hence, to advance the notion that someone is out there who needs a fuller understanding of Reality Absolute in order to return to their true divine identity, is less than meaningless! Never has there been nor could there ever be a fictitious ‘we’ that must gain knowledge in order to be something else—that is, a something else that is Real and True! Besides Real and True, there is no existence!

Dream entities are not real and so never evolve into or become God. Neither do dream beings ever evolve into higher and higher states of spiritual awareness regarding That which is Real and True. Such merely transit on the path of disillusionment which appears to be a process of detaching one’s self from the incredible fictitiousness of the illusion of dream. This is the sole path to role termination or the utter dissolve of the false-self or man of dream. This concept will be magnified immensely as we proceed.

“Above all, you will know that you have not done anything in order to make that which already Is, become that which It has always been, is now, and will always continue to Be. No one can bring God into Being. No one can make God be God. No one can force Absolute Perfection to become Perfect. (Ibid. p50).

“Indeed, there is no separate born-man.” (Ibid. p38).

“Thus, there is no matter.” (Ibid. p35).

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