HopeGirl2012 – While You Were Asleep. The Story Of The 2012 Revolution – 3 September 2012

Given the current state of the world today, it is clear to just about anyone that something is going to happen. But just what will happen?  I’ve been chasing down some interesting information, most of which can only be presented in theory form. The reason for this is that the mainstream media is heavily controlled, and the only way to try to get to the real information is through a variety of alternative news sources and the internet.  When gathering information in this way, it is not always packaged together in an easy-to-digest format.  I am attempting to do that now for you in this document.  In addition, there is a lot of secrecy in the world, and not much information is freely available. Some of this information is from “inside sources” who claim they can’t tell you everything. Wherever applicable, I have provided links to documentation so that you can track down these sources of information on your own to help you to form your own conclusions.

So given all of these factors, my goal here is to present you with theoretical pieces of the bigger puzzle, help you put those pieces together, give you a summarized extent of how far I got with my research in each area, and then ultimately it is up to you to make a decision on what you choose to believe.

Follow the Money
Whether you consider yourself to be a “money person” or not is irrelevant. The truth here is that every single problem we face in the world today, be it the environment, disease, poverty, war or tyranny comes down to one thing:  Money.  If you trace each one of these problems back far enough, you’ll find money as the root cause of the problem.  The reason why the environment is trashed is because of the greed of those who wanted to make more money. People are sick because taking care of them with “modern medicine” generates more money for the medical industry. War is the biggest money making machine around.  The truth is (and I’m going to prove this later on this document) THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.  Money doesn’t “run out”. It goes somewhere, doesn’t it? So where did all the money go? Keep reading and I’ll show you where it went.  Once you drill down through each level, you’ll find the money. Then, if you drill down further than that, you’ll find the ultimate motive:  The desire of a select few to have power and control over the people of the world.

Total Global Economic Collapse is Imminent

First let’s start with the imminent total global financial collapse. This is real. This is not a theory. This is going to happen. The only theoretical part of this story is when it will happen.  My best guess is that it is going to happen between October and December of 2012.

This is a brief explanation of what happened in our economy in the last ten years. Most importantly, this is UNLIKE any other depression or recession.  I want to make sure that I clearly explain the enormity of our current crisis; this time is much worse than any other crisis the world has ever faced. Why? Because of the catastrophic size of debt that was allowed to accumulate once they lifted the regulations.

Let me try to simplify how this economy got so screwed up.

We used to have rules and regulations that protected bad guys from gambling all our money away.
We lifted all those rules and regulations and the bad guys swooped in and gambled all our money away.
Since our money is no longer backed by gold or silver, the bad guys can just keep printing more money out of thin air to give to their bad guy friends to gamble it away.
We, the taxpayers, were left with the bill of all the money they printed out of thin air and gambled away. And now our money has been made completely worthless because of all the money they printed.
Oh and by the way, not one single bad guy has been punished for what they did. Of course, there’s a heck of a lot more detail that can be added to this, but this is pretty much what’s happened. You can read a little more here, plus here are some great documentaries on the subject.

Why is the economy so bad?

Meltdown The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse (Documentary)

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Documentary)

Now to try to get to the main point.  The Global Financial Collapse is real. It is going to happen.  Ignoring this fact won’t make it not true.  And it’s probably going to happen in October.  But don’t take my word for it, read for yourselves:

Dollar to Collapse by the end of the year

Top 5 places not to be when the dollar collapses http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=3174

Proof that Wall Street and Central Banks are planning for Collapse

The wealthy are pulling all their money out in preparation of the collapse. George Soros dumps all stocks and buys gold. http://www.hangthebankers.com/new-world-order-operative-george-soros-dumps-his-stocks-buys-130m-of-gold/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=new-world-order-operative-george-soros-dumps-his-stocks-buys-130m-of-gold

The wealthy are even betting on the collapse to try to make money off of it! Rothschild takes bet against the Euro http://the2012scenario.com/2012/08/lord-rothschild-takes-204m-bet-against-the-euro/

US Banks told to prepare for Financial Collapse http://www.naturalnews.com/036813_banks_financial_collapse_derivatives_meltdown.html

The Perfect Storm is brewing for the biggest financial collapse

This Next Economic Collapse will be greater that the Great Depression
Sure, we’ve had economic collapses all throughout the world at one time or the other, but never anything like the one we are in store for. But what makes this one different?

Well for starters, it’s not going to happen in just one country. It’s going to happen to the whole world. The reason for this is we have centralized and globalized everything. So few things are separate from each other and trade lines are very blurred. As a result, if one country goes down, they all go down. Yes. That most certainly includes America.

The other problem we have that makes this one different is the derivatives market and the colossal size of the money to be lost in this crash.  The derivatives market, which represents all of the bad gambling debts that are going to be called in which will ultimately cause the crash, is estimated to be 600 Trillion dollars. Wait. Go back. Read that last sentence again. That’s 600 Trillion with a T.

In his epic work Financial Tyranny, David Wilcock does an incredible job describing just how much money this is and how much we could have done with this if it had been given to the people and not the banks.  The picture below is borrowed from his blog showing stacks of $100 bills twice the height of the twin towers. This is what 600 trillion dollars looks like.

Derivatives the 600 Trillion Time Bomb Ready to Explode

As for comparing the coming economic collapse to the great depression, they didn’t have the huge debt market back then that we have today. Also, they had budget surpluses during that time; we don’t have any.  Also, America still had a manufacturing base back then, so we built our way out of the depression. We don’t manufacture anything in America anymore; we’ve shipped all the manufacturing plants overseas.  And here’s the last big clincher, back then after they had already fallen into a great depression, unemployment was at 27%. Today, in our supposed “recession” if you count REAL unemployment (not the unemployment they try to downplay in their reporting), unemployment is at 25%.

Compare the current recession to the great depression


How will this affect my everyday life?
Now this next part is very important.  For some reason, many people hear all this news and they think of these things as some external event that is happening “over there” that will not affect them in their everyday lives.  The reason for this is most probably because most of the people alive today do not remember what it felt like to live in the depression, so this stuff is not real to them.  Also, most people do not remember or know what it feels like to have war on their own soil.

Let me take this moment to try to break through to these people. Let me show you how real this collapse will be to you in your everyday life.  Hang in there while you read through this and please know that I’ve found a light at the end of this tunnel and my ultimate intention is to give you hope and to show you that there is an alternate plan in the works.

You leave your house in the morning to go to work, you stop to get gas. You realize it’s $15 a gallon. You then try to pay for it, and your debit card doesn’t work.  You go in to the store and the cashier tells you that no one’s debit cards are working today. All the banks are closed and all debit and credit cards are offline.  At first you think “what a pain in the ass”. But then as your day unfolds, you have wave after wave of realizations on how much you depend on that debit card for everything in your day.  You instantly feel completely vulnerable because you’re out in the world, with no money.
Somehow you managed to get home; you’re now with your family who are all telling you about their experiences for the day with no debit cards. You manage to find a couple of hundred dollars in cash lying around the house, and decide to use it to go to the supermarket.

When you arrive at the supermarket, the parking lot is completely full. You walk into the store and there are more people in the supermarket then you’ve ever seen in your life. People are fighting over the last pieces of food. You look at the shelves, and they are almost completely bare. Everything on your list from toilet paper to rice has been bought out.  You buy what you can, and decide to go to another supermarket to get the rest. When you get to the second supermarket, it’s the same situation.

Then, when you get home, you go online and look into all of your accounts. Massive inflation has kicked in. The dollar has collapsed, and since we base everything on the dollar or “fake money” fiat currency, you suddenly realize that everything you have in your bank account is worthless, your entire life savings or retirement account is gone. Any stocks or investments you may have had crashed.

It is then that you realize how much you depended on this system. It is then that you realize you can’t eat money.

What makes you think this will happen in October?
So why October? First of all, from all the headlines, it really does appear that everything is on the brink of collapse.  Technically, it’s already collapsed; it’s past the point of no return. Everything we are running on today is completely artificial, and it would appear they won’t be able to just keep printing money much longer.

Warnings from inside sources tell us collapse will happen in October: http://sgtreport.com/2012/06/watching-the-clock-is-the-total-economic-collapse-going-to-occur-in-september-october/

Gerald Celente of Trends Journal says we’ll have a collapse this fall.

Banking crises historically tend to happen in the fall

Why did this happen?

Here’s one way of viewing this whole mess.  The financial collapse was a giant mistake. No one anywhere was paying attention and it just ended up being a big mess by chance.  You can choose to believe that if you want.

Here’s another theory.  This Financial Collapse was brought about on purpose. It’s been carefully strategized and orchestrated just like the other financial collapses of the past as a way to redistribute the wealth of the world out of the hands of the many and into the hands of the elite.

It’s been historically shown in March of 1929 Paul Warburg gave a tip to the elite that the crash was coming.  The elite then got out of the market and preserved their fortune.  They then came back in and bought up everyone’s companies for pennies on the dollar. Everyone suffered terribly from the depression, except for the elite, who stole the wealth of the world from the people.

The Great Depression was deliberately created. The Elite got all the money.

There is no current recession, this is a planned financial demolition.

The planned economic collapse.

Economic Collapse was a planned power grab.

Deliberately planned economic collapse in leading USA to martial law

The market was rigged

Who’s Responsible for this?
I am normally not the type of person to point fingers and shift the blame.  But in this case I’m going to do just that. Like any other chain of command, you can follow the money up to the top and ultimately find the person or persons in charge of making all the decisions.  In any situation it’s important to ask: Who runs who? Who owns who? Who’s really in charge? Below is a pretty in-depth organizational chart explanation that will hopefully give you an in-depth view of what we are dealing with here.

The following chart shows the real structure of ownership and power. I’ve recreated this based on Foster Gamble’s chart in the documentary Thrive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s

From the bottom of the pyramid we have the people planet and all living things. We are controlled by the governments.

But who controls the governments? The corporations do! (Like Bechtel, Exxon, GE, Halliburton, Pfizer, News Corporation and Monsanto)

The corporations only exist because they get large amounts of money loaned to them by the big banks. (Like Citi, Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and HSBC).

But who controls the Big Banks?  The National Central Banks do! (Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and the Reserve Bank of Australia)

These National Central Banks are controlled by the International Central Banks. (Like IMF, and the World Bank).

And at the top of the chain of power is the elite, who control all of it through their main banking channel the Bank of International Settlements, which controls the international central banks.

Who are “The Elite”? They vary a little here and there but believe it or not most of it comes down to a handful of families in the world and those that work for them.  Be sure to watch thrive to get a better idea of who they are.  It’s basically an elaborate close knit network of a select few that give the orders and carry them out.

They control almost everything. They control ALL THE MEDIA (News, TV, Hollywood, entertainment)
They control the education system, they control the medical system, they control the food supply. Again, there is tons of documentation out there on this, start with the Thrive movie and look this stuff up for yourself, don’t take my word for it!

In addition to the pyramid structure above, you can break down the structure on a more detailed level as David Wilcock does in his blog here http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1066-great-revealing.

Basically, a group of highly respected scientists, using a very fancy one of a kind computer ran a series of intricate cross referencing data analysis. They discovered that every company in the world was owned in some way by another company, which was owned by another company etc. The end result is that 50 companies control most of the wealth in the entire world. Those companies are (in order of their level of control)

Top 50 Companies that Run the World
3 FMR CORP US 6713 IN 8.94
4 AXA FR 6712 SCC 11.21
6 JP MORGAN CHASE & CO. US 6512 SCC 14.55
9 UBS AG CH 6512 SCC 18.46
10 MERRILL LYNCH & CO., INC. US 6712 SCC 19.45
17 NATIXIS FR 6512 SCC 24.98
19 T. ROWE PRICE GROUP, INC. US 6713 SCC 26.29
20 LEGG MASON, INC. US 6712 SCC 26.92
27 INVESCO PLC GB 6523 SCC 30.82
28 ALLIANZ SE DE 7415 SCC 31.32
29 TIAA US 6601 IN 32.24
31 AVIVA PLC GB 6601 SCC 33.14
32 SCHRODERS PLC GB 6712 SCC 33.57
33 DODGE & COX US 7415 IN 34.00
37 CNCE FR 6512 SCC 35.57
41 ING GROEP N.V. NL 6603 SCC 36.96
46 BNP PARIBAS FR 6512 SCC 38.56

These findings were published in a well respected Scientific Magazine earlier this year.

What are Their Motives?
OK, so now that we are pretty clear on the fact that everything in the whole world (just about) is owned and run by a select few, what are their motives?

Before I go into this, I want to make sure that I put in an important disclaimer here. A lot of people who are involved in this are there against their will. They are at the lower levels of this powerful organization. They are usually good people just like you and me. They just made a mistake along the way, got involved, and in a way similar to a mafia situation, they can’t get out. Their lives and the lives of their families have been threatened if they were to try to leave. For this we must have sympathy for many of these trapped individuals.  Also, not every member of an elite family is part of the dark agenda. A lot of them are good people too.

So to sum up their motives: They want to take away all our money and keep us as debt slaves, then they want to bring us into World War 3, and then they want to establish their New World Order so they can have control over all the people on the planet.  Oh and by the way, they think there are too many of us, they want the world population to be trimmed down to about 500 million.

These individuals have been planning this for a long time. And they don’t have the best morals. Many of them dabble in sick secret rituals. There are many terms used that relate to these groups and what they stand for such as Illuminati, Skull and Bones Society, Bohemian Grove, Luciferianism.  And a lot of people involved are famous people, presidents and leaders that you know.  Here’s a few educational links and important stories you should become familiar with to understand these people a little better.  For all intensive purposes, these individuals and their dark agenda will be referred to throughout the rest of this document as “The Cabal”.

Overview of the New World Order

Bohemian Grove Where the Rich and Powerful go to have their Secret Rituals. Very Impressive video! http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/bohemian-grove-where-the-rich-and-powerful-go-to-misbehave/2011/06/15/AGPV1sVH_blog.html

List of Bohemian Grove Members, past and present.  Some of these names are very familiar!

Skull and Bones Secret Yale Society.  This is where George W. Bush came from. (And others!)

Video of sick Skull and Bones Initiation ritual

The Illuminati. There’s lots of documentaries out there, here’s one of them.

Midway Break From all the Negativity!
I know I just hit you with a lot of really ugly nasty crap just then. Believe me, this kind of stuff is not my cup of tea, and writing about it and finding all those links has made me want to go take a shower and watch cute kitten videos on YouTube for a week.  All I can say is hang in there. It’s almost over and I’m going to get to the good part really soon. But it’s important that you know about this stuff.  This is the reason for the suffering in the world, and it’s all going to come to end. The first part of this healing process is completely exposing them for what they are.  We cannot fully heal until we have the truth.


The Strategy of the Cabal

First, let’s start with a brief summary of the past. Three World Wars have been planned for hundreds of years. WWI and WW2 obviously already happened. The purpose for each was to gain control over certain nations and confiscate their wealth.  WW3 has a purpose too, and this is where the Cabal is trying to lead us.  No matter how much anyone tells them we don’t want any more war.

The Three World Wars

So basically their whole plan is to first create the problem, by bankrupting the whole world. Then swoop in like heroes to save us all from the problem they created with their promising solution of a new world order and global currency. And anyone who objects to this New World Order will end up being defeated in World War 3 which is supposed to start in the Middle East. This is why they have put so much attention on Iran and Israel.

OK, so where are we in their strategy so far?

Step 1: Create the problem. = Done! The world is pretty much a mess from what they‘ve done.

Step 2: Crash the Economy and Bankrupt the world. = Almost there! Just waiting for the interest rate to go up to 1% so they can crash the derivatives market. (See more on this below)

Step 3: Create one world government, and one world currency.= Getting really close! This is being set up now through the UN and Agenda 21 and the UN’s proposals for artificial one world currency.
Agenda 21, an attempt to create One World Government

UN wants to stabilize the global economy with one world currency. And of course it’s not based on gold or silver! Its “artificial” currency, so they can keep control.
Step 4: Start World War 3 in the Middle East= They sure are trying! Keep your eyes on Iran and Israel. If they are successful, this is where it might start.

Iranian Leader says war may start within weeks. August 2012


Important Information about the Derivatives market and the Federal Interest Rates

In regards to the financial portion of this planned collapse, Coast to Coast Radio did an incredible multiple part show called the Financial Crisis. You can listen to it here:  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2012/05/21

At the end of this interview Lindsay Williams, a pastor to several members of the elite, shared incredible inside information on what to look out for. I took notes and looked up all the news sources to back up what Lindsay was saying. They are posted below:

According to Lindsay Williams:

The Elite will take down the total global economy through the derivatives market.  As a matter of fact the derivatives market was created by the elite to serve this purpose.

Don’t pay attention to the dollar, or the Euro. Don’t pay attention to the markets; these are not the real indicators of the collapse.

Here are the real indicators:

Watch for the Derivatives market to crack. The big banks have taken all the money that we gave them in the bailouts and instead of investing it back into the public they have put all of it into the derivatives market.

Signs of a derivatives market cracking are the following:

Indicator 1: Currency wars. This has already happened on two occasions:

April 14 2012, China said they would let their currency rise from .5 to 1% of the American dollar. This would mean a 100% increase in every product sold here that is made in china. They warned the Americans not to put in QE3.


April 11, 2012, the president of Brazil came here to tell Obama to stop the expansion policy of QE1, QE2, QE3. We don’t have a Federal Reserve and we can’t print money like you do and this is hurting the value of our currency. If you don’t we are going to have a currency war.


Indicator 2: Trade Wars. This has already happened.

Look what happened to the dollar in just 90 days:

April 5, 2012 group of countries called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) met in New Delhi. This group represents: 43% of the world’s Population, 18% of the worlds GDP, and 53% of the world’s Global Financial Capital. At the meeting, they decided that they were not going to use the American dollar any longer in sale or trade of products amongst themselves. http://www.321gold.com/editorials/browne/browne040512.html

February 2012 China and Japan made a trade agreement. The largest ever signed, on the face of the earth saying they will buy and sell products amongst themselves; they will not use the American dollar.


March of 2012 India told Iran (the 4th largest supplier of oil on the planet), we need your oil but we can’t use the American dollar to pay for it because the Americans have put sanctions on us, so we’ll pay for it in gold. http://theintelhub.com/2012/03/20/indian-gold-for-iranian-oil/

March 2012 Saudi Arabia (our biggest foreign supplier of oil) told China we want to sell you oil and we will not use the American dollar. (Reneging on the agreement made with Nixon?)


SWIFT Nations transfer funds through SWIFT (kind of like Western Union for the American dollar). 10 countries including India and China said they will not use SWIFT any longer for the American dollar. http://www.munknee.com/2012/04/brics-plan-to-abandon-u-s-dollar-will-hurt-u-s-and-help-gold/


Last indicator before complete collapse: Interest rates. This has not happened yet.

When the Federal Reserve announces that they are going to begin to raise interest rates. This is the final indicator that we will have before a complete financial collapse. 1% rise in interest rates will be enough to do it. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/06/us-usa-fed-bullard-idUSTRE8121QG20120206

What to do:

Secure your assets immediately. Get out of all paper. Buy gold, silver, land, anything of value.

Gold will go to $3,000 an ounce at first and will go up to $7,000 an ounce before it stops.

April 26 2012 Bank of America said: Gold will go up to $7,000 an ounce.

Derivatives Markets are Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction


Other Strange Signs of Cabal Strategy to be Aware of:

What is all of this recent military movement? In locations all over the country there have been strange military operations and exercises that have been conducted on public streets that have had many US citizens suspicious and concerned. Check the dates on these stories!  All of them are recent!

Hundreds of Tanks being transported in California

25 Locations of Military activity across the country recently

Military Tanks in St. Louis

Military Tanks in Michigan

Military Activity in Boston
Why is the Russian Military in Canada?

Why are there Chinese Troops in Mexico?

Why are bankers resigning?

Since September of 2011 as many as 611 bankers have resigned.  This is an exorbitant amount of high paying job resignations in a relatively short period of time. Many of these bankers held their positions for many years.  Below is just a list of a few of them with links to their individual news reports. For a Full List of all 611, please visit http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/p/banker-resignations.html

  1. 4/19/12 (UK) Instinet Europe CEO Richard Balarkas, an early pioneer of electronic trading, has decided to step down after four years at the helm of the Nomura (NMR) owned agency brokerage.
  2. 4/19/12 (UK) Aviva Plc, Igal Mayer, CEO of Europe steps down.
  3. 4/19/12 (UK) Aviva Plc, Richard Hoskins, CEO of North America steps down.
  4. 4/19/12 (UK) Aviva Plc, Alain Dromer, CEO of Aviva Investors steps down.
  5. 4/20/12 (UK) Financial Services Authority, Hector Sants, one of Britain’s top financial regulators during the banking crisis of the past five years, has decided to step down as chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, in a move that deals a blow to current arrangements to overhaul the country’s system of financial regulation.
  6. 4/20/12 (ISRAEL) Morgan Stanley, The head of investment banking for Israel, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa at Morgan Stanley, Ronnie Golan, who prior to joining the bank was an F15 fighter jet pilot in the Israeli air force, is to leave the bank ahead of an expected move to a rival.
  7. 4/21/12 (ROMANIA) ING, deputy chief executive Albert Roggemans, said he was leaving for personal reasons
  8. 4/22/12 (INDIA) Dhanlaxmi Bank Senor VP & Head of Marketing, Sheran Mehra steps down, taking a position as Head-Marketing, Mahindra Holidays.

Why did Obama pass the National Defense Authorization Act?
This bill grants power to the military to arrest U.S. citizens on American soil and detain them in military prisons forever without a lawyer or trial.

Some people are trying to say that language regarding indefinite detention (Section 1031) doesn’t apply to American citizens, but it does. However, the mandatory detention requirement (Section 1032) includes an exemption for American citizens, which means the military doesn’t have to imprison you forever and ever unless ordered to do so by the president.  Something else worth mentioning is that Obama wrote a little disclaimer at the end of the Bill that basically said he never intends to use it during his administration. What?

Then a Federal Judge Banned the Bill telling Obama, “No you can’t do this it’s Unconstitutional”

Then Obama basically fought the judge’s decision.

Here’s the Bill Text, read it for yourself

Here is an article about the Bill

Why is the government trying to unarm us?

Why are banks writing their wills?

Why are there underground facilities to be used for escape in a catastrophic event?

Why are there so many coffins in Georgia?


Spraying the planet with poisons and using HAARP to control the weather? This is pretty groundbreaking and it is very real. Please be sure to watch these two videos on Chemtrails and HAARP.

Why in the World are they spraying?

What is HAARP? The Military’s Weather Control Machine.


The Resistance- HOPE!

Reading through all of that information has probably led you to feel quite helpless. You may be thinking “what can I possibly do to stop this?” Many people have known about this, many people are really pissed off, because all of this suffering was not caused by the average person. It’s been caused by a very select few.

The good news is that we the People are not taking this without a fight!  There is a very interesting movement that for all intensive purposes I am calling “The Resistance”.  It would appear that while you all go on with your daily lives, many battles are being fought for us with pen and paper by courageous key players of The Resistance. We are in the midst of a global revolution.

Key Players of The Resistance

From what I have gathered, The Resistance is comprised of a number of groups, individuals and nations spanning the entire globe. Each of these entities has a different role to play in what appears to be a larger plan in taking down the Cabal. There are so many of them, some known, and some not known.  I am going to list just some of the public known figures here:

David Wilcock- professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. Among the many incredible things he does, he has invested a tremendous amount of time researching and exposing the Cabal and the vast amounts of stolen gold. He is in direct contact with many insiders including Neil Keenan, Drake, and Benjamin Fulford. His book Financial Tyranny, along with his blog provides a massive wealth of information. David’s Website: http://divinecosmos.com/

Drake – Viet Nam veteran and actively involved freedom fighter who has been involved in military operations all his life.  This is only a short description of who Drake is, as you get to know him, you’ll see that Drake is many more things than I can possible list here.  For the purposes of this document, According to him he has inside contacts with members of the pentagon. He is a patriot that is working as a part of group of Americans to reclaim our country, and institute a new constitutional based government.  He is in direct contact with Neil Keenan on a regular basis.  He also has a bi-weekly radio show on BlogTalk radio called Global Voice 2012 with A-LOT, I repeat, A-LOT of followers. His website is here: http://americannationalmilitia.com/about-drake/

Benjamin Fulford- Former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine. He discovered a lot of the corruption in the international world of finance and became a key player in opposing it.  He discovered that the Cabal had stolen massive amounts of Japanese gold, which was supposed to be used to help end the suffering of humanity. He was then contacted by Asian secret societies (some of whom originally owned the gold) that opposed the Cabal and their new world order who were able to get the truth out through him to the western world. The Asian secret societies have grown into an incredible Alliance of nations. All working against the Cabal.

Allied Nations- These are the countries that are against the Cabal. These countries are referred to in many of the areas of The Resistance. They include, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the BRICS Nations to name a few.

Neil Keenan – Lawyer responsible for bringing forward what could be the most important lawsuit against the Cabal. This lawsuit, the details of which have only been slightly revealed to the public, will allegedly cut off the Cabal’s money supply, take down all members of the Cabal, reveal their acts to the public, and release the stolen gold that will help all of humanity.

Helpful information on the Keenan Lawsuit and the Leans


Foster and Kimberly Gamble- A husband and wife team that put together an incredible life/world changing documentary film called “Thrive”. This film is the most comprehensive explanation of what is REALLY going on in the world today. It is a must see.  Through their life work they have created a network of solutions and information which is now available on their website. http://www.thrivemovement.com/solutions-hub
You can watch the movie “Thrive” for free here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s
Dr. Steven Greer- Is an American physician and ufologist who founded the Orion project and the Disclosure project.

The Orion Project is an organization working on the development of suppressed advanced technologies. http://www.theorionproject.org/en/vision.html
The Disclosure project is a research project that consists of over 500 Government, Military and Intelligence witnesses testifying to their direct experience to UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, Advanced Technology and the cover-ups that keep this information secret. http://www.disclosureproject.org/

He is currently working on a life/world changing documentary called “Sirius”, which will be the biggest and most undeniable disclosure film about Extraterrestrials ever produced.  http://www.sirius.neverendinglight.com/

Keshe Foundation- is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization based in Belgium and founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.  The Keshe Foundation holds the patents to world changing technologies that are about to be released to the world.  http://www.keshefoundation.org/en/

US Marshals or Federal Marshals- They are Federal Law enforcers.  In a world where just about every form of law enforcement is bought and paid for by the Cabal, US Marshals are usually independent of other law enforcement. They act as an “in between”. They are Federal employees of the CURRENT POWER.  If the power is the Federal Government at that time, then that’s who controls them… but if the current power were to be THE PEOPLE or the Citizens, then the Federal Marshals would work on behalf of the Citizens.  Concept derived from interview with Wilcock and Drake http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1043-massarrests.

Jordan Maxwell- Esoteric Scholar working primarily in the field of occult / religious philosophy. Among his many works, his field of study in Admiralty Law vs. Common Law are of particular importance in the current situation.  The success of the Neil Keenan lawsuit is based on these legal principles.

There are by far many more key members of The Resistance. In fact, you would be surprised to know that The Resistance is made up of the majority of people on the planet.  For now, these are the only key members I am going to focus on.


Yes there is one. This plan is very complex, and involves a lot of moving parts and many surgical strikes.  This plan is also very delicate and must be executed with the utmost care. This entire plan has not been revealed yet, because obviously that would be pretty stupid to make a plan public knowledge before it’s carried out and give yourself away to the enemy. This is why I am not able to spell it all out for you here. I am not an insider; I do not have any inside information. I am an observer. What I am able to do here is lay out what my observations have been as I try to figure out what this plan is. I can also help to give you insight as to what the recent headlines in the news actually mean.  And together, we can watch all of this as it unfolds.

The ultimate goal of this incredible plan boils down to 4 elements:
1) Remove the oppressive powers that have enslaved humanity
2) Release the wealth that has been kept from the people
3) Release the information and technology that has been kept from the people
4) Make corrections to our corrupt society to prevent this from happening again.

To better understand how these 4 elements will come into fruition, it is important to gain a full understanding of some of the following concepts.

This is what I consider to be the heart of hope in this document.  I made a statement earlier about how there is enough Money for everyone in the world to live in abundance. Now I am going to attempt to show you the money.  The following accounts have to do with REAL gold and REAL wealth. This is not based solely on the current Fiat system of fake money that the world deals with today.  It is difficult to trace down documentation and proof of the existence of this gold, as most of it has been hidden for many years.  If you can accept the reality that a lot of really rich people hide large amounts of wealth in offshore Swiss bank accounts, then you should also be able to accept the reality that this gold has been hidden from the rest of the world.  Public knowledge (though not yet widespread) of this gold has only been discovered recently, and certain documents proving its existence only surfaced this year.

It is rumored that there is a reserve of hidden wealth in the amount of One Quatrodecillion Dollars. (that’s a 1 with 40 zeros). I cannot show you a balance sheet with that total figure on it. I’ve looked, it isn’t publicized. Obviously this isn’t the kind of information the Cabal wants to be public. There are some documents which I’ll post links to below which could allow one to reasonably believe that the Collateral Accounts do exist, they have lots of money in them, and they have been kept secret from the people of the world.

So how much wealth is there?  Hopefully after reading this, you’ll be convinced that all the poverty in the world is not due to a lack of money or resources, but rather it is due to a select few who have been keeping the wealth from the rest of the people.  I don’t know about a Quatrodecillion dollars, but I’m certainly convinced that there’s a lot of money out there, enough to solve all the financial problems of the world.

The Collateral Accounts

Back in 1875, the massive wealth of the royal families and nations of the world were combined into one set of accounts know as the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Combined, these accounts contain a minimum of 20 tons of gold, thousands of boxes of silver, thousands of boxes of precious gems, Sovereign Certificates which are collateralized by oil, copper and other minerals. Plus works of art, and other sovereign treasures.

Breathtaking documents showing the existence of these collateral accounts can be found here

More information on the concept of this money can be found here.

In 1921, the Royal Families and nations that owned the wealth in the Collateral Accounts agreed to establish the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission to oversee these combined funds. The various fortunes that made up the collateral accounts were located in several different depositories around the world.  In the Philippines alone there were over 170 burial sites of gold and royal treasure. In Financial Tyranny, David Wilcock does a great job describing the amount of gold with great pictures.  http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny?start=4

Starting during the Great Depression and then intensifying during WW2, the Bankers of the Cabal convinced many of the royal families of the world to move the gold from these depositories into the US.  The royal families and nations agreed to this because they were in a time of war and unrest. They thought that giving the US all the gold would keep it safe. In exchange for their gold they were issued Bonds with a promise to pay 4% interest annually on the bonds.  The Cabal also did whatever they could to plunder and steal any of the gold that was not freely handed over in exchange for Bonds.

These Bonds would expire in 60 years, each year the US would send more bonds to the royal families for the interest earned, providing a record of bond transactions.

Here is a link showing pictures of the bonds

Here’s some of the documentation for the bonds

As a result of all the confiscation and plundering of the collateral accounts, in 1995 the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Agreement was stripped of all its powers.  In an attempt to protect the collateral accounts from the Cabal bankers, the care of this money was then turned over to the Office of International Treasury at the UN.

Office of the International Treasury Reserve

Unfortunately, the Office of the International Treasury Reserve also has control over the IMF, World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements, which are the main funding vehicles of the Cabal. In 1998, the 60 years agreement for the WW2 Bonds was up.  According to their Agreement, The royal families asked for their gold back with the agreed interest. The Cabal refused to give it back, officially stealing it and rightfully angering the royal families.

Even though this money was intended to be used for the people and nations of the world, the Cabal have been stealing amounts of money from these collateral accounts and using it to fund every New World Order project imaginable.  They have also done everything in their power to confiscate it, tie it up and withhold it from the people of the world.

The real kicker here is that while the Cabal was stealing all the worlds gold, they also successfully superimposed the fake Fiat Currency system on the people of the world. This gave them the power to create inflation or deflation at will and essentially control the economy through their own magical printing presses. The money of the world was no longer backed by real gold; it was backed by the faith and belief of the people in the Federal Reserve.  They planned to get all the wealth out of the hands of the people, replace it with fake money, crash the economy so that the only thing worth anything would be gold, most of which had been confiscated by the Cabal over the last 100 years, which would leave them in control of the people who now have no money.

How do they Hide the Money?
All Governments contain 2  sets of accounting books. The one they show the world, and a secret one used between sovereign entities. The collateral accounts are recorded in these secret sets of books.

In this very same manner, the Local state and federal government has two sets of books as well. One set of books is called the “Budget Report”. This includes only a portion of the money that the government has to spend on public needs.  There is also another set of Financial Statements that contain the CAFR report. It is here that vast amounts of surplus money are earned from various private investments  that the public don’t know about.  In his documentary “Change is on the Horizon”, James Rink explains CAFR accounts:

Here’s how the CAFR works.

Governments make lots of money from various sources

The CAFR allows the governments to hide their assets through two sets of accounting books. One is the budget which is shown to the public, which is only part of the picture and does not include all the governments’ income.

The other set of books are the Financial Statements which include all the other forms of income the public is not very aware of. This “other income” comes from: Liquid investment accounts, bond financing accounts, and corporate stock portfolios.

When you look into CAFR funds you find that the government has been stashing away large sums of money from the general public.  Crying “we are broke!” while taxes are raised and government programs for the people go underfunded.

James Rink Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3

Foster Gamble also has some interesting information about the hidden money in the CAFR reports:
Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of the collateral accounts and all the hidden gold that is waiting to be released to the world. It should be noted that detailed information pertaining to this money is not only hard to get a hold of, it’s downright dangerous.  People have been killed over this stuff, and the couple of brave souls who do speak out about this money, like Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, deal with death threats and actual attempts on their life. I have not provided any inside information here that has not been previously published somewhere else. I simply tried to provide a way to put it all together.   I could be wrong, maybe I mixed something up somewhere, but it isn’t exactly easy trying to make sense of bits and pieces of random amounts of hidden and stolen money that no one is supposed to know about.

Admiralty Law vs. Common Law
This next part was a little difficult for me to understand at first, but with the help of the work of Jordan Maxwell I was able to make sense of it. Understanding the concepts of Admiralty Law and Common Law is crucial to understanding the strategy of The Resistance and how we can correct what’s wrong in the world.

Common Law is the law of the Land. It is the law of the culture that lives on the land. So consequently it’s different in every country. This is why you can do things in one country that you cannot do in another country.  You may have heard the term “Common Law” as it was referred to in the 11th Century in England. The concept of Common Law is much older than that. The US Constitution is written in the language of the American Common Law.  http://constitutionalism.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/common-law-and-the-constitution/

Admiralty Law is the law of the Water (the law of the seas). It has to do with money, commerce and banking. Currently this is a higher law that dominates the world. Anytime you do anything with money you are operating under Admiralty Law. Historically Admiralty law was set up to dictate commerce and trade overseas.

In our Common Law system, collective groups of people come together and they agree to follow particular behavioral patterns. Over many years of manipulation, the bankers have superimposed admiralty law over our system of common law. As a result we are no longer operating under a common law system, but the common law system still exists and we can access it with the right legalese in a courtroom. Most people are ignorant to this and just continue to function in the consensus reality brought about by the bankers.

The superimposed Admiralty law system has one goal: Extracting money out of you.  Much of this system has to do with licensing and certification for everything. Corporate law falls in this domain as well. We live in a Limited Liability society where no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions.

You can see this clearly in the court system. All Attorneys have an obligation to the Bar Association. The Bar Association and all those associated with it are set up through a contract with the Knights Templar called letters patent. The knights Templar founded what’s known today as our modern banking system. So in essence, the attorneys and associated courts serve the bankers.

This Video with Jordan Maxwell and Whitney does a great job explaining these concepts.

Common everyday  examples of Admiralty Law as it is superimposed on a Common Law Society:

Birth Certificates/ Death Certificates
Drivers’ Licenses
Professional Licenses
Building and Construction permits
Corporate Law – especially the concept of declaring a corporation a “Person” that doesn’t have to take responsibility for its actions
Legal Drinking Age
Tickets and Fines

Try to grasp these concepts if you can. This will help you tremendously when we try to envision what our new world is going to look like. For example, if we were to remove the superimposition of Admiralty Law from our Common Law society, it would be a very different place. Of course, we would have to come up with some new solutions to resolve issues that Admiralty law may have previously controlled.  Removing Admiralty Law would bring back life support to our suffocated Constitution and Bill of Rights.


The Missing 13th Amendment
This is taken directly from Drakes website. Here’s the link http://americannationalmilitia.com/2012/08/missing-13th-amendment/

Really makes you wonder how different our society would be today if the Amendment was enforced the way it should have been.
Original Amendment XIII

Passed by Congress May 1, 1810 “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.“

(Amended August 11, 2012)

After winning our independence from Great Britain, the United States became alarmed that agents representing the interest of foreign powers were meddling in our internal affairs. International Bankers, lawyers and other opportunists were using their money to purchase special benefits and privileges from the government officials. In order to prevent the corruption, the Senate and the House approved of a 13th amendment in 1810. This Amendment prohibited government officials from taking bribes in exchange for political favors.

The Amendment prohibited anyone from receiving a Title of Nobility or receiving any honor or entitlement that would not be available to all Americans. Lawyers were prohibited from serving as elected officials while they were active members of a BAR Association. The proponents of the Amendment did not believe that a Lawyer, being an officer of the Court should simultaneous serve as a member of both the Judicial and Legislative Branches of Government.

The Friends of Liberty Radio Show for Thursday, August 9, 2012 will include a thorough presentation on this incredible story about an Amendment that was lawfully ratified was expunged from the Constitution while the people slept.

To Learn about the validity of the Missing 13th Amendment:

Strategy of The Resistance
Now that we have a good background, it’s time for the most exciting part!  Many of the strategies to take down the Cabal have been in the works for some time. In 2012 we are watching the timeline speed up as all the irons put in the fire years ago are all getting hot enough to strike at the same time.  The strategy can be outlined by the following objectives:

-Lawfully separate ourselves from their control.
-Expose their acts to the public.
-Prosecute them with their own law.
-Get someone to enforce it.
-Take them into custody.
-Cut off their money supply.
-Take back the money they stole and give it to the people.
-Disclose previously withheld world-changing information.

Lawfully Separate Ourselves From Their Control
In a world as corrupt as this one is, where nearly everything is controlled by the Cabal, how can we separate ourselves from their power lawfully with as little violence as possible? Here’s how:

Many years ago, Drake began doing a lot of research in common law. Deep research.  He learned the correct way for any group of people in a given geographic area could declare themselves a sovereign nation that would be recognized by The Hague. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hague  Essentially, you have to put together specific documents, write up a constitution, mark your geographical area, send in the paperwork, and have The Hague publish it. There’s a lot more to it than that, but it can be done. Essentially declaring yourself a sovereign nation makes you separate from the Corporate United States of America.

Drake called into a radio show and started telling the host of the show how to do this over the air. At this point in time it was only theoretical. Someone in Pennsylvania was listening to the show and took notes.  This person got a group of individuals together and put together the paperwork, and filed it with The Hague. It worked.  Soon after, many other states did the same. Today there are over 40 states in America that have obtained sovereignty or are in the process of obtaining sovereignty.

Over 40 Sovereign States

The 10th Amendment Nullification movement  AKA the Decentralization movement.

So why is this important? Well amongst other things, declaring your state a sovereign nation lawfully makes the people of that sovereign nation the Current Power. This is where the US Marshals come in. They are currently Federal Law enforcers, but they are independent of any other law enforcement.  They are not currently owned by the Corporate Government of the United States of America. In their position, they act as an “in between”. They are Federal employees of the current power. In the jurisdiction of a sovereign nation the people are the current power. This Sovereign nation structure creates an environment where the US Marshals can work on behalf of the people.

More information on this can be found in the interview with Wilcock and Drake http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1043-massarrests.

Shortly after this information was brought to the attention of the public, not only were many states declaring sovereignty, but a large number of Americans were educating themselves about these concepts and the foundation of common law.  This has given rise to a rather impressive Nationwide Sovereign Citizens Movement.  It’s unfortunate that so many people in this country are suffering with foreclosure and joblessness. The concepts behind the sovereign movement become one of the few things people can find hope in. But this is not an easy fight. Many people think they can just stop paying taxes and stop following societies superimposed admiralty law. All of these things may be possible AFTER the Cabal is taken out of power. Unfortunately, not before then.  Please read the next article with a neutral perspective as it’s obvious that the writer has a slanted negative opinion of Sovereign Citizens.

Sovereign Citizens Movement

Expose the Cabals Acts to the Public
There is a lot of exposure happening lately. Unfortunately, you have to dig through the massive piles of Mainstream Media lies and propaganda in order to find it, and a lot of people just don’t have that kind of time or (sadly) attention span. Here’s a few important recent headlines and films exposing the acts of the Cabal:

For the first time on TV, Real Truth about 9/11 is broadcast. Watch this amazing show here.

Airline Whistleblowers speak about 9/11
http://airline-whistleblower.blogspot.com/p/affidavit-sent-to-international.html Airline Whistleblowers for 9/11

Australian Stock Market Rigged

Mortgage Broker blows whistle on big banks

Swiss Banks are being outed

Mainstream Media accused of Plagiarism

CIA in charge of Drug Trade

The Government is poisoning our air and controlling our weather


Prosecute Them With Their Own Law

All of this started in Asia with angry Royal families who wanted their stolen gold back.  They hired a lawyer, Neil Keenan to do the job. Neil Keenan teamed up with Scott_____ who had a lot more knowledge and access to this information. But this case turned out to be A LOT bigger that just one family with some stolen gold.  The more they investigated, the more they realized this case affected the entire world and had the power to remove the Cabal and release the Collateral Accounts to the world. The legal actions filed by Keenan and Scott are ongoing as we speak; here is a little background on each one so that you can try to follow along as the story unfolds. The real kicker here is that Keenan is using their own law, Admiralty law, to bring them down.  Rather than guns and a violent uprising, the weapons of choice are Admiralty law created Breach of Contract Lawsuits, Cease and Desist orders, and commercial Liens.

Here are a few concepts to help you understand the following legal actions below.

Breach of Contract and Theft- There was a contract between the Asian Families and the Federal Reserve promising to give back the gold in 60 years with 4% annual interest. This contract was broken.

A Cease and Desist order is essentially an official and legally recognized way of telling someone to stop doing harmful things. More on this here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cease_and_desist

A Commercial Lien is a legal way to prevent the encumbered property from being sold, refinanced or conveyed in any manner. It essentially puts a freeze on transactions and shuts down business.

The Gold is the “encumbered property”. This gold is what is used to back all the currencies of the world.

G5 Nations- France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US.
G7 Nations- the G5 Nations plus Italy and Canada.

In November 2011 Neil Keenan filed a Lawsuit against the Cabal.
The lawsuit focuses on a specific One Trillion dollars stolen, but in reality it represents thousands of trillions of dollars stolen. Neil Keenan represents the Plaintiff, which is the Asian Royal Families, backed by an alliance of 138 non-G5/G7 foreign nations.  The list of defendants includes the Italian Republic, the Italian Financial Police, Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the World Economic Forum, Ban Ki-Moon (the head of the UN), and the United Nations itself.

Here is a link to actual Lawsuit Document

More information about the Lawsuit can be found on Wilcock’s blog here

In April of 2012 Keenan began the seven step process of filing Liens against the 12 Federal Reserve Banks.

As far as I know, these particular Liens are still “in process”. They may have been withdrawn or purposely stalled by Keenan along the lines somewhere to bring forth bigger and more effective Liens. I’m not sure, but I can only conclude that they may have been withdrawn only to be replaced by new more powerful Liens against the G7 central banks.

The 12 Federal Reserve Bank Liens can be seen here

Here is a description of the 7 step Lien filing process

Later on in April of 2012, Keenan began the process of filing Liens against the Central Banks of the G7 Countries.

If you go back to the power structure pyramid, you can see the tremendous impact of this surgical strike.
The Federal Reserve is just one of the National Central Banks.  Above them are the IMF and the World Bank, and above them is the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which controls them all. (The BIS is sort of like a Global Federal Reserve) These Liens are filed against the Central Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, and the ultimate in power, BIS. Links to these actual Liens can be found here:

Lien Against BIS

Lien Against Central Bank of Japan

Lien Against Federal Reserve

Liens Against Central European Bank

Apparently, these Liens are still in process; Benjamin Fulford states in his blog that these Liens are set to be filed (and therefore put into action) as soon as Friday, August 24, 2012.

Copy of Benjamin Fulford’s Blog that states this.

Why This is Such a Big Deal.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, the collateral accounts have A LOT of money in them. Substantially more money than the entire Global GDP. For all of this time, these Central Banks have used the collateral accounts as a means to create and back every currency in the world. These banks were entrusted with this privilege, and they heavily abused it. They used this money to fund their own New World Order projects, make a few people very rich, engineer a global financial collapse, and have single handedly caused the suffering of billions of people on this planet.  They were only able to do this because they had access to this money. But they don’t own this money, the Royal families of the non-G7 nations do, and they have always intended for this money to be used for humanitarian projects that benefit the world and end the needless suffering.

These Liens do two things:
1) They demand that all the Central Banks payback all the money they stole with interest. The truth is, these banks don’t have the money, so essentially, it would bankrupt all the banks, and crash every fiat currency in the world and crash our entire current financial system.

2) These Liens, along with the Lawsuit, take the control of this money away from the Cabal and give it back to the Royal Families. Once the Royal Families have this money, it will be released into the economy. The Royal families want to use this gold to end poverty, erase all national debts, reset the economy, end all environmental destruction and release classified free energy technologies. These concepts are discussed here by:

David Wilcock

and here by Benjamin Fulford,
http://exotica-radio.squarespace.com/articles/2012/1/11/benjamin-fulford-and-the-global-economic-pulp-ficition.html ,

and here by an insider who goes by the name of Cobra,

and in this radio show with Drake
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/global-voice-2012-radio-network/2012/08/15/gvr2012–drake-mid-week-update–wednesday .

On May 15th Neil Keenan issued a Cease and Desist Order against UBS and BIS
This act essentially cut off the money supply of the Cabal by freezing all BIS transactions.

Neil Keenan Letter stating BIS is shut down for 90 days

These Cease and Desist Orders can be found here:

In conclusion, the Neil Keenan Lawsuit, Liens and Cease and Desists orders have the powers to put the key members of the Cabal in Jail, expose their secrets to the public, and release the funds for the benefit of humanity.  Plus, Neil Keenan is doing all of this using the Cabals own Admiralty law. This is a really big deal.  Decide for yourself.
June 27th-July 4, the Week the Revolution Moved into Action
Pentagon insider Drake has been the charge of communicating whatever Resistance information he could to the public. For months he had been telling his rather large blog talk radio audience to get ready for the signal known as the “Green Light”.  This signal was to come directly from those in charge of The Resistance movement and was intended to imply that The Resistance was making its move. Many of Drake’s followers were expecting a dramatic public display of arrests on main stream media. Rightfully so as this was heavily implied. On June 27th Drake finally made the announcement of the “Green Light” on his radio show.  All were expecting dramatic events to occur between June 27th and July 4th. MAJOR EVENTS DID HAPPEN DURING THIS TIME.  They just didn’t happen in the way that everyone expected. Most were expecting to turn on the news to see George W. Bush getting arrested and thrown in jail.  What occurred wasn’t as dramatic as that. It was much quieter, and mostly blacked out by main stream media in the US, but the events that occurred are the surgical strikes that mark the beginning of action in the 2012 Revolution.

June 27th– The Libor Scandal Breaks
June 27th– Federal Reserve is audited
July 2nd– Vatican Bank Scandal Breaks
July 3rd– IRS is audited


The Libor Scandal
You know what your credit score is, right? And you know that, if you try to buy a car or get a mortgage, the banks use your credit score to determine how much or how little interest you pay, right?

For example, Bob and Joe both buy cars. Both Cars have a sticker price of $12,000. Both Bob and Joe have to take out loans to pay for the cars. Bob has a really low credit score of 650, which gets him an interest rate of 23%. Joe has a really good credit score of 750, which gets him an interest rate of 10%. In 6 years when the car is paid off:

Bob (bad credit score) pays a total of  $25,000 for the car.
Joe (good credit score) pays a total of $18,000 for the car.

Remember, the car sticker price was originally $12,000.

Why these amounts? Well, because the banks have figured out a complicated calculation of compound interest, plus fees, plus principle, plus the kitchen sink.  No average person can possibly figure out what it is they do to calculate the cost, but every average person has to pay it.

The Libor rate is essentially the Credit Score of the big banks. It is what they use to borrow and lend each other money. It is also what they use to determine every interest rate on every loan which affects the price for everything in the world. The Libor rate is essentially the sun in the center of the financial universe. And the banks have been faking and manipulating it for years now. It would be the equivalent of an individual person being able to fake their own high credit score and use that score to get the best price on a mortgage or a car, and then fake the low credit scores of other people, give them all loans and make them pay you the highest interest possible.

David Wilcock really spells it out in his Blog Post “The Great Revealing- US Marshals Expose the Biggest Scandal in History” http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1066-great-revealing . I will attempt to summarize what happened here.

Previously, I explained how the US Marshals can work as a go between for sovereign nations. Over 40 states in the US are now sovereign nations; therefore the US Marshals can work on behalf of the people.   Also, if you look back at the list of the top 50 most powerful Cabal companies in the world, you will see that Barclays Bank is #1. On June 27, 2012, the US Marshals filed a surprise lawsuit against Barclays bank. This is what exposed the Libor Scandal.
You can see the Lawsuit filed by the CFTC (Enforced by the US Marshalls) against Barclays Bank here:

It gets a lot bigger than this, as it reveals that Barclays bank could not have acted alone in this scandal, it involves all of the major banks of the Cabal.

As many as 20 big banks are involved in the rigging the Libor Rates

As a result of this lawsuit, major subpoenas and arrests are crushing the Cabal’s Banks. Bear in mind that these banks are essentially the army of the Cabal. This army is being obliterated.
JP Morgan slammed with Libor subpoenas

Libor Arrests

Singapore sues Morgan Stanley over bad financial products

June 27th The Federal Reserve gets Audited
The federal reserve is the chief culprit behind the current economic crisis. They printed 26 trillion dollars and gave it to the banks and left the taxpayers with the bill. For the first time in History, the Federal Reserve (which is not Federal, it is a private corporation) is going to be audited. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill was passed through the House on July 27th, 2012.

Ron Paul Site — Audit the Federal Reserve


June 27: Ron Paul’s Audit The Fed Bill Clears House Panel, Unopposed!


The Vatican Banking Scandal
The Vatican bank is a major vehicle for Cabal activities. This is mostly because the records of the Vatican are closed off to the public. Earlier in June, the Italian Police confiscated the accounting records of the Vatican. On July 2nd, the German Press blew the whistle on this story. Apparently, the transactions they found in the historical accounts of the Vatican were down right scary. JP Morgan, one of the banks of the Cabal which was associated closely with the Vatican bank for years, knew this was coming and publicly severed all relations with the Vatican Bank before the Scandal Broke.
July 2: Growing Vatican Bank Scandal Threatens Catholic Church Image


March 19: JP Morgan Divorces the Vatican Bank


IRS Gets Audited
Every application the IRS gets makes the IRS money. Mountains of Fake Applications have been created by the IRS, resulting in Billions of Dollars of money.  Employees who work at the IRS, who are required to report fraud, finally got enough leverage to blow the whistle on their managers. And now, the IRS which invokes fear in the hearts of many US citizens with life crushing audits, is getting a taste of its own medicine.

July 3: IRS Gets Audited — For Allowing Billions of Dollars in Fraud

Take them into custody. Mass arrests.
There have been a lot of arrests in the past couple of months. Here are just a few articles listing the arrests of the Cabal worker bees. More and more articles of these arrests are coming out every day.  A great place to stay on top of this news as it comes out is the Facebook Group:  “2012 Cabal Arrests / Departures” http://www.facebook.com/pages/2012-Cabal-Arrests-Departures/330275787014061

Israeli fundraiser for US congressman arrested in NYC

Peregrine Financial CEO Indicted on 31 Charges

Bankers Arrested

Who’s Enforcing all this?
You’ve heard that 1% of the world has control of all the world’s wealth.  This is the same concept here. The truth is, the Cabal is only made up of a handful of people. The powers that have enslaved humanity and created the illusion world that we all struggle to live in are only 1% of the population of the world. The illusion is that they are so powerful that they cannot be defeated because there is no one strong enough to fight them.    I mean, sure we can file lawsuits, but who’s going to enforce them?  Let me show you who!

The Resistance Army against the Cabal
Allied Nations including:

Canada: Positive military troops teamed with members of Interpol
Australia: Positive military units teamed with Interpol.
Europe: Interpol, teamed with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is an intergovernmental military alliance.
Asia: Interpol, teamed with the White Dragon Society, a positive Asian alliance first introduced to western society by researcher and reporter Benjamin Fulford.
Latin America: A certain positive group with membership all throughout Central and South America, whose identity cannot be revealed at this time due to security concerns.
The “BRIC S” Nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and their allies

The International Police- A global Law Enforcement Organization Operating in 190 countries
The US Marshals
75% of the US Military Various Militia Groups throughout the US

(References for the above can be found :
here http://fcla2012.blogspot.com/2012/07/identities-of-earth-allies-in-charge-of.html
Here  http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1066-great-revealing
and Here http://oneminutelawyer.com/rise-in-militia-groups-across-the-county-sound-the-alarm/ )

And oh yeah… THE PEOPLE! Just about 7 Billion of them!
We’ve seen the rising up of the people through the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement. Of course mainstream media has done whatever it can to downplay it in any way.

In one week alone during the month of June 2012 there were massive protests around the world. The people are fed up with what has been done to them.  Photo and links below courtesy of the Occupy London Facebook page.

Chile http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33727015/?q=Chile (picture is on the right of the page)
Story here: estimated size 150,000

Japan http://enformable.com/2012/06/opinions-on-nuclear-power-dominate-japan-and-spill-over-international-boundaries/

Mexico http://www.marxist.com/mexico-days-before-the-elections-millions-march-for-amlo.htm

Paraguay http://www.state-journal.com/ap%20international/2012/06/23/ouster-of-paraguay-s-president-sparks-criticism

Nepal http://zeenews.india.com/news/south-asia/protesters-attack-nepal-pm-s-motorcade_782639.html (story only)

Egypt http://www.voanews.com/content/egyptian-president-elect-to-address-supporters-in-tahrir-square/1351709.html

Brazil http://thepeoplesrecord.com/post/25621842858/peoples-summit-an-alternative-to-un-convention

Montreal http://www.rightnow.io/breaking-news/juin22-ggi-qcpoli-loi78-bill78_bn_1340387708710.html
Disclosure of World Changing Information
This next part is the most exciting of all. Technology that would create a living “Futurama” world is about to be released for immediate mass production worldwide. In addition, we are going to find out once and for all, beyond any shadow of a doubt, we are not alone in the Universe. Publically announced and undeniable proof of the existence of Extraterrestrial life would cause all of our organized religions and governments to crumble and dramatically change our entire world.

Release of New Technologies and Free Energy
The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization based in Belgium and founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed  plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.  The Keshe Foundation holds the patents to world changing technologies that are about to be released to the world http://www.keshefoundation.org/en/

The immediate effects of the release of this Technology:

-The energy crisis will be resolved. Free energy will be made available to the public.
-Anti-gravitation technology will be released.
-Technology to clean up and absorb all environmental pollution will be released.
-Transportation as we know it will change. For example, the manipulation of magnetic fields will allow for travel from NY to Iran in 10 minutes.
-The medical industry and treatment for practically all diseases will be revolutionized by this technology using magnetic fields to correct diseased cells.

This technology has to do with atoms and their plasma field and the fact that everything we thought we knew about them is wrong.

On their Website, Keshe makes a very bold address to the Leaders of the world announcing that they are going to release these technologies to every single nation at the same time, rendering borders useless and forcing the breakthrough of the next major step in our evolution.  The letter is so well worded I decided to include it in its entirety here.


The World Peace Invitation and Release of Technology

The text below is the copy of the official invitation to the leaders of your governments through their embassies in Belgium.

These emails will start leaving the Foundation and will be forwarded to every ambassador in Belgium in the next two weeks.

We will publish the name of the country and the email address used so that you can follow the progress of your government’s response.

From now on it is up to you to see that the implications of this technology are understood in your country of origin.

The world peace invitation and release of technology

Following the meeting of the Keshe Foundation with the world ambassadors invited to Brussels on 21 April 2012, now our invitation goes to the nations of the world through their ambassadors and their leaders to attend a gathering on 6 September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation Center in Ninove, Belgium (or in any other place the nations may choose).

As your Excellencies have been aware, we invited representatives of every country to the first presentation of our technology on 21 April 2012. The ambassadors of some nations attended this meeting and others chose to ignore the call, due to pressure from other nations, and decided not to attend or withdrew at the last moment.

With this second invitation we directly and unequivocally invite the leaders of your nation to appoint qualified individuals who can take part in the upcoming meeting at the Foundation on 6 September on behalf of their governments.

The reasons for this invitation and the meeting are as follows:

On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication. From that point on, international borders will cease to have any real significance. This is because, once the first flight system has been built and put into operation for the public, the time of travel for example from Tehran to New York will be about 10 minutes maximum. The new airborne systems will enable every individual to make the same length of journey in the same time and at hardly any cost from any point on this planet. The craft will not be detectable with present radar technology.

The energy crisis will be resolved at a stroke, and once the technology is put into practice the powers that control energy supplies and through them the present financial structures will find their hands empty.

The world water shortage will be addressed and resolved by presenting this technology to the public soon after the release of our energy and space technology.

How we have done this?

For the past six years we have used the international patent system to make sure that every nation and major scientists around the world have a copy of our patents in their possession. (Please check the European patent and international servers downloads for number of downloads.)

Thus we have prevented any possible blocking of this technology by any individual or group and now most nations are in possession of our patents for energy generation, medical systems and space travel.

In this way the methods used in the past to prevent international development have been circumvented and now all nations have the same opportunity to work together to see that this technology is developed safely.

The principal point is that our technology is intended to be freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens. Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.

According to its charter the Keshe Foundation and all its technologies are owned by the peoples of the world. The patents are the assets of every individual on this planet and cannot be claimed by any one person or organization or nation. This means that all income generated by the technology belongs to the nation that makes use of it.

We will release the list of countries invited to the meeting on 6 September 2012 and the full e-mail addresses of those who receive invitations, so it will be up to you as a government to make it known who from your nation will be attending this meeting.

By the time this email arrives at your embassies a copy will be posted on the Foundation forum and website so your citizens will be aware of the offer that has been made to you. Then it will be for you to make your response known to them, as well as to the Foundation, and we will gather the names of the delegates appointed and let your officials know where and how to meet.

Following this meeting, the presentation on 21 September 2012 will be the first step in the Keshe Foundation’s teaching program to share its knowledge and put it into the hands of the people worldwide. Once these new technologies and their benefits are known to the general public, the leaders of every nation will need to decide how they are going to implement them for the betterment of everyone.

At that point there will be two choices: either we all work together to change the life of everybody on earth for the better through the correct patterns of conduct, or the advanced nations of the world will see in the near future a flood of immigrants in tens of thousands flocking to the major cities.

We are prepared to present the technology to your representatives in any setting so that they can understand its implications and the changes it will bring about.

From now on, we can make sure that no child or adult will die of thirst or hunger and that no nation will be attacked by another, because the potential military applications of the new technology are so horrendously destructive that we will have no choice but to accept that fighting over the resources of the planet is a thing of the past.

There has been nothing wrong with protecting national assets, but now as the leaders of small regions of the Earth it is your responsibility to see that its resources are available to be shared, and that with the help of our technology everyone’s basic needs for energy, water, food and health care are met.

The Keshe Foundation takes no account of color, nationality, religion or political affiliation, thus our call is going out to every government to appoint a team of scientists to come and see our technologies at first hand. Then they can decide whether or not to make use of them. If you ignore this invitation your nation will soon have no choice but to follow the lead of the nations who have decided to develop them.

We call on your nation to start the process of world cooperation as soon as possible because once these systems are in operation, the frontiers that separate one country from another will have no meaning.

We have set the scene for a change of course for humanity and in the coming months we will see it through. In the near future people will come to realize that we are here to serve each other and not to be served, as all resources will be available to everyone at the same time and in the same measure.

M T Keshe
The founder and caretaker director of Stichting the Keshe Foundation

Though this may be difficult to believe that while all this time we’ve been paying through the nose for nasty polluting fossil fuels, the concept of free energy is very real.  It’s been very real for a long time. We’ve been lied to for decades about our called energy crisis. 150 years ago Nikola Tesla discovered free energy and wanted to share it with the world. JP Morgan said “If I can’t put a meter on it, we’re not going to do it.” And squashed Tesla’s discovery. It’s been hidden from us ever since. Think of all the money you ever gave to the electric company, or the heating bills, or all the gas you put in your car.

How JP Morgan Screwed Nikola Tesla and the World

Free clean Energy is real, it’s just that every time someone comes up with a new invention, they get silenced by the cronies of the oil industry, mysteriously disappear, or end up dead. The Thrive movie does a great job of explaining this.

Keshe shows that energy to power your home or your car can be generated safely from the air. Everything you would need to power your entire home with limitless amounts of free energy can fit inside a 2 gallon bucket.  Of course these can be retrofitted to your existing structures.

Lots of people are figuring out how to make free energy every day.

There is no energy crisis: videos on free energy

Or how about a flying car?

Beat the Traffic in a New Skycar

Sure, these concepts might be hard to believe. Especially if you’ve been lied to for over a hundred years. If the year was 1960 and I told everyone that in a few decades we’d be walking around with smartphones, I could see how people would think I’m crazy. But it’s not going to take decades. These things will be a reality in our lives in the next 5 years. Everything has already been made, it’s already been invented, and it’s ready for mass production and distribution to the people. It’s the Cabal that has held it back for so long and their time is coming to an end very soon.

Disclosure of the Existence of Extraterrestrials
In May of 2001, Dr. Steven Greer presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event. Over 20 military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Over one billion people heard of the press conference through the original webcast and on subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America.
You can watch the Press Club Disclosure Event here.

Or Visit the Disclosure Project Website

The next event is promising to be huge. Dr. Steven Greer is in the process of producing a ground breaking film called Sirius.  The film is set to come out in December. It is rumored to be the most mind blowing disclosure film of all time.

Read More about the Sirius Film Here

For years Greer tried to get someone to make this film. Each time he got incredible interest from film makers in the Hollywood and the main stream media. And then, each time, the filmmakers came back to him and said “I’m sorry Steven, Corporate is not going to let me make this film”. So he did something incredible. He asked for funding donations from the public. The result made movie funding history. It’s fully paid for by multiple private people, each in relatively small amounts, thus making it impossible for one single person to pull all the funding and squash the project.
Dr. Greer Makes Funding History

Sadly, the Cabal still made attempts to keep the film from coming out.

Sirius Filmmakers Father Killed at Sikh Temple Shooting

What to watch for
Now that we’ve got a good idea of what is probably going on, we need to watch all of these events as they unfold.  Here are some of the areas to keep an eye on:

David Wilcock’s blog
Benjamin Fulford’s Blog
Drakes Website
The release of Dr. Stephen Greer’s movie
Latest news of the Libor Scandal
Latest news on Gold and silver prices
Latest news on China’s currency
Neil Keenan Lawsuit
War in Iran
Collapse of the Euro
Collapse of the dollar
The Federal Reserve Audit
The Keshe Foundation’s release of Technology
The Federal Reserve announcing that they will raise the interest rate

Fascinating Stories
This next section deals with a variety of topics that deal with other events going on in this world that are not necessarily directly linked to The Resistance…. or are they?  Most of this deals with prophecies, belief systems, spiritual practices, unconventional topics and unexplained phenomenon.  I’ve provided links for each. I will not take on stand on whether I support or deny these topics. I privately know what I believe in. You can read through these links for yourself and decide what you want to believe.

There is a fascinating story around a Law called NESARA which stands for The National Economic Security & Reformation Act. From what I’ve found there are two sets of stories, one which claims that this law does not exist and is in fact just a pipedream of thousands of believers. The other story claims that this was a Bill that was passed into Law by President Clinton in 2000 and has been placed under a strict gag order. No one is allowed to talk about this law until it is officially announced to the people.

There is A LOT of buzz about NESARA on the internet, most of it is spins on one of these two stories, some include information that used to be available and then disappeared. Some individuals even tried using NESARA to scam people out of money. Those websites have been shut down.

One of the original advocates for NESARA was Shani Goodwin whose website was NESARA.US; sadly, Shani died in 2010 and the website was taken down.  It was replaced with another website NESARA.ORG, which many claim to be purposeful disinformation put out to confuse the masses and discredit the existence of NESARA.

The information I am posting below was put together by Nancy Detweiler, who got most of her information from the documentary “Change is on the Horizon” done by James Rink.  James Rink states in his comments box on YouTube that he obtained most of the information on NESARA from Shani Goodwin’s site before she died and the site was shut down. If this information about NESARA is true, it is very fortunate that James Rink included it in his film, keeping the information alive that would have otherwise been lost with Shani’s death.

The Announcement of NESARA will immediately enact the following changes to our society:

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

2. Abolishes the income tax.

3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

14. Restores financial privacy.

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

Source: http://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/history-of-nesara/

Furthermore claims from a NESARA Insider “Whistleblower Carol” give us an idea of what our society would be like once NESARA is announced. Below are some of my notes on the 4 hour long interview given by Carol. You can listen to the interview for yourself here:

Whistleblower Carol on NESARA

Federal Reserve, the IRS and all the Government Alphabet agencies (FDA, CIA, CDC, EPA, etc) won’t exist.

The Federal Government is supposed to be very small. It is supposed to protect our borders (coast guard etc); we are not supposed to be going out and starting wars with other countries. We are supposed to be taking care of things on our own soil. They need to keep the postal service going and have a postal building.

You will get back everything you ever paid into the IRS.

We will not have insurance companies or insurance agents.

We will not have real estate brokers, or the National Real Estate Association.
If someone wants to make a real estate purchase, you won’t be governed by the same rules. If someone wants to buy a piece of property they’ll pick out a property and deal directly with the owner.
Title companies will go away, they are corrupt also.

You’re not going to have to owe your soul to the devil (through licensing or certification) to do your profession. If this is true than this should be implicated across all professions that require some sort of certification in order for you to be “qualified” enough to do a good job. This would shift the work force back to doing what you’re passionate about. Because if you’re passionate about something, you’ll do it well.

The mortgage industry is gone. How will people buy a home without paying for it in cash? There will be a provision but it won’t be through the banks.

All monies owed on cars, loans, school loans, or mortgages through a federal reserve bank (which most are) will be zeroed out. No more balances. Any loans that may still be existing outside of Federal Reserve will be renegotiated with a 0% interest rate.

Our economy will be reduced by 90%. (Deflated) this means if you have a dollar in your hand today it will be a dime, but that dime will buy the same amount of goods and services that the dollar bought. So we will reset the economy to get rid of the inflation.

We will be changing over currencies. Treasury will be put into constitutional mode and the 90% inflation will be taken out.  You will not be losing anything.

Offshore. Do not do anything offshore. It is a trap now. You will be safer on US soil than anywhere else in the world. Almost all countries are going to revalue their money at the same time. This is a huge massive thing that has never been done before and will probably never be done again.

Swiss banks. There are two varieties: the good old family banks and the government banks, and one is better than the other. When you go offshore, you don’t know their laws. It’s a trap to get you to pay big bucks to set up an account there (they charge you a lot of money to get set up offshore).

All corporations are going away. All Corporations are of the dark agenda because they do not take lawful responsibility for their own actions. There will only be Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and maybe Limited Liability Companies, and an irrevocable common law trust.  There are 180 countries that are going to be sovereign nations and will all be getting their country back.
These countries are jumping on the US NESARA bandwagon.

All attorneys will be gone, they are subjects of Britain and they are not working on your behalf. They will no longer be US citizens. They will be kept so far away from making any laws, they will be lucky if they can get a minimum wage job.

There won’t be any licenses. All permits and licensing will go away.

We are not going to know how to act as a free person, because we’ve never been free before.  It may not be an easy shift, but they are going to try to make it as easy on us as possible.

Our educational system is so corrupt is it going away. We will not have a federally run education system. The education system will be administered locally within your community. More homeschooling. More Waldorf and Montessori type schools. Higher education is going to be a thing of choice. Most of the higher education system is going to be completely revamped because most of it is teaching incorrect information.  There is so much disinformation in our history books. This is going away too. The truth is going to come out. This is what will be taught.

No more gas. New technology will outfit to current cars and homes, so we will not have to throw out all the stuff we have now.

Investments. Besides buying a piece of real estate, let the dust settle to see where the chips fall and guard your money with your life.

Judges will be gone, too. We will have common law courts. If two people make a complaint against someone, it will be taken into court. And there will be three of their peers. The sheriff is going to be the highest enforcer of the law and the sheriff will enforce the laws that are created by the county board of supervisors, who will be elected by the people of the county. We will have a lot more control over our lives at this point. But we will have all the responsibility too. This will be a hard shift for a lot of people, being responsible for their own actions.

There will be a lot to educate us, there will be DVDs you can purchase to educate you on how to operate in the new system.

Just understand that we are each going to have enough money to lead a gracious life.

Politicians will go away. They won’t be in our society any longer. (Especially some of the current ones.) Everyone in our Congress is going away.

Social Security Numbers are going away.

Unions are gone. They served their purpose when we had trouble with child labor laws. Everything seems to be like a pendulum. However far it swings to the left, it will swing to the right. The unions have become a tool of the dark agenda. The only thing they ever do is negotiate raises, never individual help.

If you’ve got a pension or a 401k, if you can get your hands on the money take it out, because they will steal it from you.

If you own stock in a company, convert your street stock so it’s put in your name and you hold the certificate.

Pension funds will go away. If you can draw your funds out try to.

There will be enough money to help people out.

Get everything out of a safety deposit box; the bank is going to clean you out. It is not safe.

You will own your property free and clear. People who were foreclosed on will either get their homes back or get monetary reparation for their loss.
I must admit, at first these claims sound rather incredible and might be too hard to believe. But, if you think about the concept of Admiralty Law vs. Common Law, these concepts seem to make more sense. As discussed, the philosophy is that Admiralty Law is superimposed on our Common Law society. This is partially what our society might look like once we remove the Admiralty Law.

Crop Circles
A fascinating phenomenon. For the last few decades, every year like clockwork amazing formations have been showing up in the fields. The majority of these formations show up in England, but this is an occurrence that happens around the world, and it has been progressively increasing. A story came out a while ago about a couple of drunken English men  who went out into the fields with a couple of boards and some rope and created a design in the middle of the knight. A lot of people heard this story, threw the baby out with the bathwater and just assumed that all crop circles were elaborate hoaxes.

There has been amazing scientific research done on these crop circles. The nodes of the wheat are microwaved into place, there are all kinds of energy field readings coming from the area, and they’ve found some sort of suspicious microscopic material left behind.  Plus these crops circles have been seen to form in just a matter of a few minutes to an hour. While some are indeed manmade, there are many incredibly elaborate designs that probably aren’t.

These crop circles pose two major questions. 1) Who’s making them? 2) What do they mean?

For the answer to the first question, watch this video on the two most important crop circles ever made, and you decide.

The two most important crop circles decoded

As for the messages or communications contained within the crop circles, this is still a mystery. Many of the formations depict beautiful images of sacred geometry, pictures of planetary orbits and constellations, images of DNA chromosomes,  spiritual symbols from many different religions, Mayan calendars, and what can only be described as “Alien Hieroglyphs” as seen in the picture below.


Another very interesting theory is that some of the crop circles act as a form of software programming to make corrections or give directions to the earth during a very interesting time. This theory can be derived from an engineer who goes by the name of Isaac and who worked on Alien spacecraft during in the CADET program during the 80’s. He claims that the way the Alien technology worked was by imprinting symbols on material, which acted as commands or a form of software program which caused the material to operate in specific ways. If this is the way that Alien technology works, is it possible that the crop circles are a software program of some sort? A direct excerpt from Isaac’s website can be found below:


The “Language”

I put the word Language in quotes because calling what I am about to describe a “language” is a misnomer, although it is an easy mistake to make.

Their hardware wasn’t operated in quite the same way as ours. In our technology, even today, we have a combination of hardware and software running almost everything on the planet. Software is more abstract than hardware, but ultimately it needs hardware to run it. In other words, there’s no way to write a computer program on a piece of paper, set that piece of paper on a table or something, and expect it to actually do something. The most powerful code in the world still doesn’t actually do anything until a piece of hardware interprets it and translates its commands into actions.

But their technology is different. It really did operate like the magical piece of paper sitting on a table, in a manner of speaking. They had something akin to a language that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field. The language, a term I am still using very loosely, is a system of symbols (which does admittedly very much resemble a written language) along with geometric forms and patterns that fit together to form diagrams that are themselves functional. Once they are drawn, so to speak, on a suitable surface made of a suitable material and in the presence of a certain type of field, they immediately begin performing the desired tasks. It really did seem like magic to us, even after we began to understand the principles behind it.

One of the best places to see Crop Formations as they happen:

Spiritual Happenings, Extra Terrestrials, and Ascension
There are many spiritual practices around the world. Many of these different practices seem to be showing a commonality of a single principle. This is the principle of human consciousness. The Buddhists call it enlightenment, Hindus talk about the third eye Chakra, for Christians it’s the Holy Spirit, for others it’s prayer.  Some form of meditation is in almost every spiritual practice. David Wilcock speaks about the pineal gland and how this has been represented by the pine cone in many ancient cultures. The pineal gland represents the awakening of human consciousness.  When they cut open the pineal gland they found rods and cones inside of it, just like you have in your eyes. So quite literally the pineal gland is your mind’s eye. When you close your eyes and visualize something, the images you are seeing in your mind are produced by your pineal gland.  Pretty interesting stuff.

A very popular theory right now is Ascension.  Basically, this theory states that the entire planet, and everyone on it, is going to go through a dramatic shift and ascend to a higher dimension which will mark the beginning of a Golden age of peace and abundance where humankind can thrive and live in harmony with the earth.  This comes from many different belief backgrounds and can be primarily seen in the Mayan calendar.

Of course, the Cabal has jumped on the bandwagon with this one, producing as many doomsday movies as possible in recent years. Many of these films have been put out to instigate fear to the masses.

As part of this ascension process, many people have claimed to have divine contact with extraterrestrials and “Ascended Masters” like Jesus and Buddha.  There are a plethora of “channelings” on the internet giving messages of hope from on high during our incredible times.

A lot of this information can be found at http://the2012scenario.com  which hosts an array of radio shows and has a wide assortment of articles pertaining to this.  It’s a good hub of centralized information.

Another area of interesting information pertains to Extraterrestrials and secret government black ops projects in the development of alien technology.
Dramatic Increase in UFO sightings in 2012

The Montauk Project: Mind Control, Time and space travel through Star gates, creating                  objects through thought.

Project Looking Glass: The ability to see into the future

Ancient Aliens:  The History Channel introduces the Theory that Aliens formed our civilization


Strange Weather
Strange events have happened in the year 2012. Just in case you haven’t heard, there have been:

Tornadoes on the sun
Massive sun storms
Strange sounds heard in the sky and in the earth
Thousands of birds suddenly dropping dead
Thousands of dolphins beaching themselves
Major rise in earthquakes and tsunamis
The worst collection of storms ever seen in recorded history
The north pole moved
Giant meteors flying so close they almost hit our planet

A very powerful compilation of these events can be seen here:

2012: Something is going on!

Meteor in the Sky in Australia, Amazing Picture

Change is on the Horizon
James Rink put together an amazing documentary that basically tells the alternate history of our current society. It’s an incredible production that took him three years to do. Watching his documentary really helped me put together some of these pieces of the puzzle.  Here’s a brief description of the film and a link where you can watch it for free.
Change is on the Horizon is the story of how the world lost its soul and how it will gain it back. Directed and narrated by James Rink.

Dawn of the Golden Age – Discusses how Saint Germain helped bring about the beginnings of an enlightened era which soon fell into darkness under the helms of the Illuminati and a corrupted masonic order.

The American Federal Empire – America was always meant to be always a shinning beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world. But the machinations of British bankers and the Rothschilds soon destroyed all that was once good in this great land.

The Farmer Claim Program – Discuses how a class action lawsuit brought about in the early 1990′s lead to the creation of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act which will ultimately tear apart the New World Order and bankers’ plans right out from under their feet.

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A Brief Note About Disinformation
The internet is a fascinating place. It is the only thing we have in our world that is uncensored. For this reason anyone can put up just about anything.  Be aware that there is a lot of disinformation about these subjects out there, some caused by egos, others caused by confusion, and some placed there on purpose to mislead the masses.

I would like to restate that I am just an observer. I don’t possess any inside information.  This document is my best attempt to put together all the pieces of the puzzle in a manner that would allow the average person to guide themselves through the information with their own discernment and reach their own conclusions.  I just tried to weed out some of the massive confusion that can surround these topics. I may be wrong, I am not perfect, I did my best and I hope that some found this helpful.  You’ll find that you need to get in touch with your own dis-info radar and weed out the truth from the lies with everything you come across.

A Happy Ending?
Based on all of my research, this next and final section is based on my best guess of what the world will look like 6 months from now.

If The Resistance and the majority of humanity do not succeed, I personally don’t want to live in the world that will result.  I’m not going to go into it too much. Let’s just say that it’s bad. Really, really bad.

If six months from now comes and goes and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed, then I guess this was just a really good learning experience and I learned a whole lot about current events.  I’ve already committed that upon the completion of this document I am going to walk away from the intensity of all of this and try to move on with my life as best as I can while lightly monitoring the newest updates every now and then.  Please note at this time there isn’t a cell in my body that believes that absolutely nothing will change in 6 months time.

If The Resistance is successful (and they will be!), then in six months time our world will be in a very different place and on its way to healing.  This is the future that I am choosing to believe in.

The wealth will be redistributed. Everyone will have abundance in their life. All debt will be zeroed out. There will be plenty of jobs. Creativity will flourish. The structure of our society will change and it will be one that is based on treating your fellow human beings with dignity, compassion and respect. With the removal of the Cabal, the ways in which we used to do things that cause suffering will become obsolete.

There will be enough food and water for everyone, through technology. And the food will be healthy.
There will be new cures for disease and holistic treatments. Many people will not have to get sick, suffer and die.

We will be able to clean up the environment in 10 years time.  Yup. Everything, including the oceans and the radiation.

There will be free energy for everyone. All necessary resources for every person on the planet will become renewable resources so there will be enough for everyone and we can all survive and thrive.

New technology will dramatically change the way we live and do commerce, making interstellar travel possible for everyone. And we will all learn firsthand that we are not alone in this universe.

This by far is one of the most exciting times to be alive in all of human history.

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