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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians!

It is good that you rest more! Everybody should! The incoming energies are very high and your bodies are not used to it!

There has not been such a high frequency on earth, and your collective physical consciousness is not familiar with such strong currents of electromagnetic waves.

They enter deep into your physical vehicle and are changing the biology of your cells and the structure of your body.

Many of you are already familiar with this fact, but most of you do not really  deal with this profound change or unknown process that is altering your body.

You all must make sure to give your physical body enough space and quiet to adapt. Stress and a life that continues to be very busy is what does not serve your well-being. And if you have stress you do not allow the evolutionary process to take place as it should.

This change on all levels requires basically a contemplative life at best.

But your life is mainly just busy, and the controllers are actually keeping you busy by non stop blasting useless information and the compulsive requirements of a controlled society at you.

If you are still in the midst of this world that is a creation of the controllers, we ask you to look for options and to see how you can step out of this machine of life, that keeps you busy for the sake of being busy. This is of course intended. Because busy people cannot really become conscious in a way that is natural to them by birthright.

There are many things that are unnecessary, but of which you think they are “normal” and  cannot be released, because you are used to it and everybody does it, but which are just part of a non-sense life-style, which has nothing to do with being simply human.

Human beings are naturally contemplative beings, and if they are not, something has happened that disturbed this capability. Most of humanity in the Westernized countries are so overwhelmed with constant activities, that they have forgotten what true life is, and what they themselves are: spiritual beings who would under normal circumstances create their life from the point of  stillness within. Instead everybody is driven by external signals of a society that lost its center of Being and that pursues hectically a life to fulfill unnatural consumer dreams and its compulsive activities. And these dreams are becoming more and more bizarre!

It is important, that you pause and overcome the urge to being busy. If you look closely at your daily program you will discover that there are things, which you can just drop as not necessary requisites of your life.

As soon as you start to become quiet from deep within you will be able to participate consciously in the change of your whole being, physically and spiritually. Even if you are already participating in spiritual activities your life might be even then too busy! The mind is it which keeps you busy, activities included! It is understandable but it is also important to step back and merely to Be. Take every day at least 30 Minutes in the morning and evening for yourself, contemplating and meditating, better 1 hour.

Dear ones, it is so necessary, because in these quiet times you are opening yourself up fully for the process of change and true growth. If you do this, you allow your consciousness being  changed to become profound, which in return serves the ascension process of earth and all humanity, as you consciously open up for the light to enter you.

The Ascension process is not only a process that is accelerated by certain appropriate thinking patterns, but also a process that goes much deeper and wider, namely when the brain is relaxed and thereby your  physical and subtle bodies too. The more they are relaxed and open the more they are able to receive the light, which blesses you with deeper revelations of what you truly are.

This process is ultimately about you and your true identity, which is Divine. This Divinity can only be fully embraced and recognized in its depths when you become still. It is not understood with the mind, but in your unlimited  feeling, which pervades and surrounds  your body-mind. If you allow this space to unfold and become conscious, you allow unconditional Consciousness to arise.

This is the evolution of humanity, and the more you unite with unconditional Consciousness, the more the total body of humanity will awaken to it, igniting like wildfire every soul of your human family.

The vast and unlimited field of consciousness is humanity’s heritage and sign. In it love flowers boundlessly and abundance is natural.

This state of Being is where you are drawn to and which is your destiny. Envision it and ask yourself whether your present life style is already moving into this direction. It will help you to recognize the necessary changes you need to make to invite New Earth and New Humanity into your life.

With Blessings!

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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