Crys Crystaqueous – The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift – Part 2 – 4 September 2012

There is no Path to God, nor any who travel such

In the arena of mathematics and the various levels of physics, etc., etc., within the so-called relative world, it appears that there are rules and formulas that if precisely adhered to, will bring true and accurate answers or solutions to otherwise unsolved equations. However, in the final analysis, clarity will arise that all considerations within the material earth matrix are shear folly. Humans simply engage in such research and investigation with the hopes of contacting with That which is but dimly intuited to exist somewhere beyond. But certain it is that a so-called human mind, regardless of whether its focus commences from a so-called secular or religious starting point, the end result, as well as every step getting there, is only delusionary throughout!

Hence, even the apparent ‘instructionary’ format and content offered in the present quoted material, is only more futile attempt to achieve the impossible! Why is this so? The answer is clear: namely, because the obvious intention therein is to apply so-called Spirit Truth to the illusion and apparent chaos of dream! But to what can Truth be applied when Truth Is All?

The very bottom line—it’s all about ‘becoming’! Whether it be scientists probing into the vastness of space or religionists pursuing their myriad rituals and traditions—all seek incessantly to evolve or transit into That which is imagined to lie beyond.

If the Light is always the Light, and God is Immutably The Light, and God Is Eternally All that Is, who then is left to commence or return to being This Light via so-called realization or acquired knowledge? No one! Such is the fantastic subtlety of the mind called human! And such is the highly unique way of the Grand Cosmic Play!

Of a certainty, none ever did or could actually exist who can possibly make the mistake of imagining that ‘others’ are more enlightened than they! Only within the human dream or the realm of ‘make-believe’, are such fantastic scenarios being in-acted. Dream teachers and students alike are on the road—not to enlightenment or becoming—but rather to the death of all that is false, inclusive of their very own selves as entities of dream. Such is essential in order that the actual Beings of Immutable Light automatically manifest in their place.

Interestingly enough, the very teaching entity who admonishes and cautions others in this regard, obviously is perceiving their very own self as more enlightened than their unassuming student—hence dwelling only in an on-going subtle contradiction. Such is referred to as the blind who assay to lead to blind within the dream of human existence! This too is in strict conformity with the Script Divine, and will pass—in each and every single case—precisely on time.

The Universal Fact Ever remains—God Is All, and All Is God! In the Realm of the Real such Fact goes without thought or differentiation of any kind. There is no actual ‘other’ realm! Likewise, within the Drama Divine no differentiation is really necessary as naught therein is real and therefore none capable of benefiting thereby. However, the Story Line of this Earth Drama incorporates a wide variety of imaginary opposing factors and differentiations. One purpose alone is designed to be achieved thereby, namely, the disillusionment or undoing of the entirety of so-called human intelligence!

Marie’s utterances, along with a handful of others who—in this and all previous ages—offer a so-called “Reality Absolute” focus, are, by no means, without purpose. Such maintain the unique distinction of constituting the proverbial ‘straw’—so to speak—that breaks the camel’s back, namely, by the apparent assistance such provide in affecting the ultimate disillusionment of all remaining performing artists in this Grand Finale Time of the Great Divine Play.

Some may inquire: If the so-called Reality Absolute writers herein quoted are categorized as teachers of dream or blind leaders of the blind, what then is the purpose of utilizing such material in this current theme? This is a worthy question. The answer is as follows.

True it is that such are teachers of dream which by so-called student dreamers of their time, were invariably revered as especially blessed by God. But such is never the way things really are.

Contrary to appearances, dream teachers are never placed into some special category as though more highly favored or distinguished than others. Nothing of this sort could ever be the case. Teachers of dream in their entirety are unreal to the very core—both in mind as well as in body. Hence, regarding such, there is no respect of persons—period! The fact that specific Reality Absolute pictures have come through at various points along the time-line of dream is owing alone to one consideration, namely, the unique Pre-design of the Grand Cosmic Script. In plain language, each stage performer must in their turn, role-terminate—that is, utterly disappear. As with one so with all others!

So-called Reality Absolute teachers merely constitute channels through which specific concepts were to be injected into the Play of Dream apparently providing the ultimate challenge to human minds which therein reside. For example: to express the thought that “God Is All that Actually Exists, and therefore All Existence Is God”, seems on the one hand to be highly attractive to the deep thinkers of the Play, but nevertheless, totally incomprehensible to the imperfection perception of the mind of man. Apparently such tends to effect the ultimate disillusionment of the man of dream.

There is naught out of place with the essential Absolute concepts themselves. The reason for their apparent ineffectiveness at the times of their original utterance was that the various vehicles through which they came were so-called human consciousness vehicles capable only of seeing imperfection in its scope. Hence, the instructional application was inevitable and unavoidable. Such was by no means contrary to the Script of Divinity for those times.

This present work incorporating selections of these unique sayings is done with the purpose of removing them from a so-called instructional format, thus providing a context commensurate to this time. Assuredly, all is in strict accordance with the Grand Screen-play of the Earth Drama Divine.

This is by no means saying that dreamers require the clarity of re-defined or upgraded concepts in order to awaken out of the Play of Dream. Quite the contrary! There never was nor ever shall be such a thing as dreamers awaking or evolving out of the Drama Divine. Role termination having brought the permanent end to the superimposed enlightenment seeking mind—all that can possibly remain is That Reality Being or Infinite Substratum in radiant manifestation as ever It Is. The re-statement of Absolute Concepts as herein portrayed simply constitutes additional signaling indicative that the time of Role Termination in masse, is now at hand.

To that mind which imagines and thus expects that Truth is applicable to the unreality of dream to remedy the apparent adversity thereof, Such can only remain as shrouded in inscrutable obscurity. Truth cannot but remain in Its Natural setting wherein It stands Alone in All Its Universal Beauty, as All that Is. This is to say plainly, that Truth can never recognize, much less be applied to any condition or state of affairs that appear opposed to Itself for the very reason that no such paradigms did ever or could ever exist. In other words, Truth is not a savior for the simple reason that no one or thing could ever exist needing such intervention.

A Profound Eastern Simile

A very helpful simile which brings crystal clarity to our subject and comes to us from Eastern Philosophy, is that of “the Rope and the snake”. The Rope generally is said to symbolize the entirety of the Absolute Cosmic Reality, whereas the snake is commonly thought to depict the entirety of the illusion of dream. However, in order to achieve a more specific association, let us see the Rope as representing the actual Body of Light as It truly and always Is, and as seen and Embodied by Ascended Spirit Consciousness—namely, Omnipresent Infinite Spirit in visible Substance or Immortal Form. The unique picture which is intended to be here set forth, is, that if an occasion were to present itself where the Rope of Absolutism or a Being of Originless and Endless Light was to cross paths with or momentarily dwell in the presence of a so-called human of dream, all that would be seen or detected by such is the likeness of a snake or mortal decaying body that has experienced birth at one end of its bogus existence and unavoidable death at its final end.

In a sense, it can be said that the snake is really the Immutable Light Body, but under distortion. Assuredly, there is but oneBodyand never two—namely, the Boundless Radiant Immortal Body of Living Light. Again, this one Body appears to be mortal only as viewed by born-man consciousness or the false self of dream, and thus is represented by the snake. Whereas the very same Light Form Is Immortality Its very Self, as viewed by Ascended Consciousness or the True Universal God-Self of all—and therefore bears the symbol of the Rope. However, regardless of point of view—the Ropenever actually becomes a snake. Such would be an utter impossibility!


“As we have stated before, there is absolutely nothing that can change God, who is Absolute, Eternal, Constant Perfection. That which is called human vision cannot change or lessen the Absolute Perfection that is all Substance, all Form, and all Activity. It is those of us who imagine that we are born beings who seem to see, hear, and experience, imperfection. This is a paradox because all the while it seems that we are seeing, hearing, and experiencing falsely, we actually are hearing, seeing and experiencing Absolute Perfection. There simply is no imperfection for us to know anything about at all. It is only that we appear to see, hear, and experience the Perfect Substance imperfectly. Nonetheless, this Perfect Substance remains unchanged, despite our seeming imperfect ‘seeing,’ ‘hearing,’ and ‘experiencing’ of It.

“Of course, it is all a matter of Consciousness. And Consciousness, being Absolute Perfection, can never be aware of seeing, hearing, or Being, imperfect. Thus, even our apparent ‘seeing’ cannot change, alter, or diminish, the Absolute Perfection which is All Substance.

“So long as we seem to see bodies, objects, trees, etc., as imperfect, we are not seeing as Perfect Vision. So long as we seem to see substance in form as ugly, distorted, etc., we are not seeing as Perfect Vision. So long as we seem to see abnormality, decrepitude, and the like, we are seeing imperfectly. So long as we seem to see new born babies, we are not seeing the Substance in Form that really is before us. In order to actually see the Body of Anyone, or Anything, we must see It at the very height of Completeness, and Perfection. If the Body of one called a baby had to grow, to mature, and then decline, or deteriorate, then we would have change. But God, being the Principle—Immutability—simply does not become a born baby body, then a child’s body, a mature body, and then an old body.

“In Illumination, I have never seen a baby body, nor have I seen an ageing or old body. Neither have I seen a distorted or ugly body. I am now speaking of the Body of the tree, the rose, or any Substance in Form. So long as we seem to see bodies that are solid matter, we are seeing imperfectly. It is futile to try to change Substance, Form, and Activity. We certainly can’t improve That which is Absolutely Perfect already.

“Every attempt we make to improve the Body, by diet, exercise, drugs, etc., only seems to add to our imperfect ‘seeing’ or to our misconception, in which we have imperfect vision of things as they are.There is neverimperfect being. There only seems to be imperfect ‘seeing’ or perception. One day, all of us are going to see the futility of trying to make the Body more perfect. And we will really see—perceive—and experience, Being the Eternal, Constant, Immutable Body that we genuinely are. (Such a day of ‘becoming’ as here described, will never arrive and never could any exist who await such in order to begin to experience or return to being That which Is All, Now, Here, and Always! To imagine that some await a revelation showing that they have always been God, or Divine Identity and not man, is just as thoroughly a ‘becoming’ scenario as imagining that they are gradually evolving from a deteriorating human existence into the Life Eternal, which is God. Only the minds that imagine such fantasity will disappear without a trace—all the while Things Eternal continuing as Ever they do. Simply said, the mind that sees not disappears leaving only the Mind of Infinity—even the One Cosmic Seer—Seeing as Ever It does!)

“Throughout the ages man has been trying to improve a supposedly imperfect body. Even our friends, the Buddhistic Yogis, have their breathing exercises, their bodily postures, etc. It is true that some of them are more interested in attaining illumination, and thus Nirvana. But there are some who feel that these exercises and postures are of greater importance in ‘building’ a better body. Jesus said, ‘According to your belief shall it be unto you.’ And, because they believe in these exercises, often, to them, there does seem to be bodily improvement. But, sooner or later, these supposed ‘better bodies’ are going to seem to run down, to become aged, and decrepit. Why is this true? Because the kind of body they are trying to improve simply does not exist.

“There really is one Body,andone kind of Body.The word ‘mankind’ simply means a kind of man who begins to be alive, conscious, etc., at birth, and then becomes unalive, and unconscious, at death. But that kind of man does not exist. The only man who does exist is the Christ Man. And the only Body that does exist is the Forever Constant Changeless Christ Body, or Body of the Christ. (to be continued).

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