Visionkeeper – Dive Deep – 4 September 2012


It is time for all of us to dive deep within and discover ourselves, what we need to release and what we need to build upon. In order for us to be love and give love to others, we must first know how to love ourselves! Often times we are last on our lists to receive attention and caring, we give it to others and forget about ourselves. We won’t progress far if we continue doing this. Much like when the oxygen masks fall in an airplane and we are told to give it to ourselves first and then our child, if we pass out from lack of oxygen, what good are we?

If we can’t love ourselves how in heaven’s name can we love others? We must go deep within and explore the forgotten caverns within ourselves where our authenticity lays buried and unused. It is time to ask ourselves tough questions that provoke our deeper thinking in order to find the answers.
This is how we remove ourselves from the dangers of living on autopilot, not thinking or feeling about what we are doing as we go along. Time to shut off autopilot and begin to feel!

I think part of the void of love in the world stems from a fear to feel life. We have become so accustomed to being lied to, stolen from on many levels, kept from the truth etc. it is no wonder we have shut down our feelings and opted for autopilot. Not as much pain and anguish of betrayal going through life that way. This must stop! If we continue to live our lives this way, we run the risk of not being able to reconnect again if too much time passes us by. Yes there is a risk of hurt by allowing ourselves to feel, but that is truly living an authentic life, accepting the ups as well as the downs, to do otherwise breeds a society of numbed out zombies.

In order to accept love and give love we must be able to feel. In so many ways it would appear the majority of the world is incapable of feeling on any deep level. It is numb from suppression and mind control in one form or another. As children we all felt deeply and our imaginations and creativity ran wild. That has all been silenced over time leaving in its wake shells of who we really are. Empty shells rattling around the world, aimless and without purpose and conviction. It is time to allow ourselves the freedom to feel life once again, to feel ourselves and learn about who we really are and what we truly desire in life.

Dig deep! Ask yourself these questions for starters: If I were stranded on an island what five things could I not live without(exclude the obvious food and water)? This will begin to show you your priorities in life, what truly is of importance. I could never live without pen and paper to record my life’s journey! What one thing do I wish to remembered for when I die? If I could live my life any way I choose, how would I live it? If I were going to die tomorrow what would I want to do before I depart? All of these questions and dozens more help to unlock the essence of who you are and what truly matters in your life. These things we all need to know if we are to love ourselves. The reason the world is in the mess it is in today is because nobody is asking questions! Nobody is questioning what is taking place!

It amazes me that so many people go through life and death never having asked these questions of themselves! I am one of those people who hungers for the answers to all of life’s questions as well as my own. I just want to know as much as I can about the world I am living in while I am here. We are given so many opportunities in life and most of us don’t take but a scant few. Fear holds us back from being authentic souls and living our lives to the fullest. The opposite of love is fear, it is an either or situation, you cannot feel both emotions at the same time, therefore we always have the choice of which emotion we will embrace. One opens up the world to us, the other shuts us away from the world. So which one do you wish to spend your life honoring?

Once you begin opening up the dark recesses of your being to yourself, life will begin to flow more easily, for you will know instinctively what you require to live a life of purpose.  It is a great comfort to know yourself for when you know yourself you can depend upon yourself more and trust in yourself. If you don’t ask questions and find the answers, you remain a stranger to yourself, living in your shell you call your body, rattling your way through life empty. Let us get deep within and find our roots and fertilize them so that we may grow and branch out and embrace life fully. We are so fortunate to be here on earth at this time experiencing the shift of humanities’ consciousness. Many who have come and gone before us probably would have loved to have had this experience. We were chosen to see this through and bring the light into the darkness and bring forth love in the world. Rejoice!

Blessings to you all,

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