Crys Crystaqueous – The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift – Part 3 – 5 September 2012

Is man a spiritual being  or merely an illusion of dream?

As has been pointed out many times in assorted writings by this author, the concept and practice of utilizing the term ‘man’ in the context of a spiritual being, is, in this time of crystal clarity, obsolete! That is, due to the fact that there is no such thing as an actual creation of man, it follows that there is no race of humans to become enlightened or evolve into a God or Christ Being. The dimension called human is but the realm of the unreal cast upon a unique Cosmic Screen! Such is termed The Great Divine Play. Hence, there is no such thing as a God-man, a Christ-man, or any kind of man period!

The Drama of Earth presents man as possessing a separate mind and life reality all his own which is perceived as an existence separate and apart—not only from each and every other of his so-called fellow-mankind—but as well from the All that Immutably Is God. Hence, such are portrayed as unceasingly seeking redemption out of painful dualism into the dimly perceived Oneness and ceaseless Bliss of the Divine Whole. But because so-called ‘human existence’ is simply a Divine Stage Show of a non-actual nature, no acting entity therein has any goal possible other than Role Termination. And due to the Universal Fact that Glorious Beings of Eternal Light have never fallen from their wondrous Estate, never do their non-actual earth-acting counter-parts ever evolve,ascend or become the Light Beings which Always Are, just the so-called ‘other side’ of the veil of dream.

In other words, never do entities in a dream climb up and out of the dream dimension and commence to participate with the dreamer in his awake state. Such a thought is preposterous! When the dream is finished and he having such awakes, not one single dream prop, whether they be people, animals, trees, trains, planes, buildings, etc., etc., pass out from the realm of dream into the waking state. All simply vanish instantly upon the completion of the dream. Nothing therein is real! Similarly, every last so-called materialistic prop within the unreality of the Great Divine Dream or Earth Movie, is left behind or simply vanishes at the Play’s end. Obviously, there are multiple role terminations prior to any movie’s final ending whereby in a sense, each constitute individual film endings. Reality Beings, which constitute God, are always elsewhere as is the dreamer upon his bed relative to the busy realm of his dream or the film star to the movie on the screen. But unlike human dreaming or motion pictures projected upon earth screens—the nature of the Divine Cosmic Play is such that Entities of Divinity do interact both in Mind and Body, within the realm of dream. Such are likened by some as demons to be destroyed, while to others angels to be adored.

Simply stated, nothing and no one exists who can ‘become’ the Light and the Truth which Reality Beings Always Are! No part of Such ever began to Be the Eternal Entirety which They Everlastingly Are! No part of Such ever did or could fall from Its Divine Status nor possibly forget That which They Eternally Are! God Is Always All, and All Is Always God! Therefore, there are none in existence to whom this Fact comes as new light or a gradual or sudden so-called revelation. Indeed, there are none to whom this Eternal Fact comes—period! This Fact is not a revelation, and none are there who have not Eternally known this Fact due to the glorious reality that All who Truly Are Immutably have been and shall Forever remain This Glorious Universal Fact!

Consequently, as relating to the entities within the Earth Dream—there is no realization, no enlightenment, no deliverance, no ascension, no anything that transports such non-beings from the nature and stage of the unreal to the Absolute Reality World beyond! And, of course, there is no actual ‘beyond’ anything—for All that actually Is—Is Everything and Everywhere that Is!

(Continuing now with Marie) “The physicists claim that all substance remains the same substance, but that the forms constantly change in which this substance appears. For instance, they say that the tree falls to the earth, and the substance of the tree deteriorates and becomes dust, etc. Thus the substance of the tree is supposed to reappear in an entirely different form. In a somewhat similar way, some branches of the Buddhist faith believe that man may begin as an insect, turtle, serpent, or substance in some lesser form, and finally change into the form called man. This is a misconception of the Body of Man. (Again, ‘man’ as a Spirit Being never did or could exist!)The Form, the Substance, and the Activity of this Body never hasand never will, change. Why is this True? The form of every atom remains that form, and no other. The form of every nucleus remains that form. It simply cannot change. What is the atom? What is All Substance in Form? God. Isn’t God All?Of course. What is the Substance in Form called the Body? God. And God does not change. Thus, the Substance, the Form, and the Activity called this Body,is Forever Immutable.

“Now, in order to present this basic Truth as succinctly as possible, let us say it in this way: everything and everyone that we can possibly view, or see, is Constantly Changlessly Perfect,because Perfection is all there is to see, to hear, or to Be.But we, because we imagine ourselves to be temporary, ever changing, born man, seem to believe in, and see, our own fallacious picturization of our expectations. In short, we see what we believe, even as we believe what we see.

“In our class in Vista in 1966, we perceived the fact that the ever surging, circling Universal Substance is manifested in and as countless forms and activity. We also realized that the form of any Substance is also circling at that particular tempo. The form cannot change, because the rhythmic tempo that is that form cannot change. The rhythmic tempo of any activity, remains the same rhythmic tempo, constantly and Eternally. And it is Absolute Perfection in action, Being Substance, Activity, and Form. Now, what are we to realize in order that the Eternal Immutable Perfection that Is, be Evident as all that we see. all that we hear, or experience? (Impossible it is that the eye or mind called human would ever see aught of the Realm of the Real! None exist who ever began or returned to seeing or realizing Such!)

“First of all, we are to know just what vision is, what hearing is, and what changeless, Perfect, Eternal Being Is. We are to know that there is one Vision, and One who sees. Perfect ‘seeing’ is Perfect Vision Being. Perfect ‘seeing’ is Perfection seeing Perfectly. It is Conscious Perfection aware of Being the Perfection that It sees. It is Conscious Perfection Being Perfect Vision. And You are That. (Never is there a ‘we’ to come to know anything Divine! Besides the Knower Eternal—nothing Is! Assuredly there are none to ‘come’ to know that they always were God or Actual Cosmic Eternal Identity!)

“We completely disregard so-called born eyes. We are unconcerned, whatever they may seem to see, or as to how they seem to see. Rather, we just maintain our Awareness of Being Eternal, Constant, Perfect Vision Itself, in all of Its Perfection, Immutability, and Eternality. Oh, Beloved One, the seeing, that which is seen, and the Being, are all One and the Same. And You are That. Never can you see anything outside of, or other than, the Infinite Consciousness you are. And you are this Being, being everywhere. You are that which you see. Right now, I would like to refer you to the chapter in “The Ultimate” entitled ‘Seeing Is Being.’ Now much more will be revealed through the study and contemplation of this chapter. (Such apparently heavy blindness does always pass precisely on time! Such is unfailingly decreed in the Script of Divinity!)

“Let us simply, and without effort, refuse to believe, acknowledge, or accept, any appearance of change,or of imperfection. Let us always be aware of the fact that, whatever we are viewing, or seeing, is the Absolute Perfection that we are. And it is this Perfection Being Substance, Form, and Activity. Let us also perceive the fact that the only Vision that sees anything is the Perfect Vision that we are, seeing only Perfection. It is Perfection Aware of seeing and Being Its Everlasting, Perfect, Changeless Self. And we are That Self. (For a so-called human mind to be instructed thus is for such to remain unchanged—a deluded entity still! Role termination alone takes away false perception by eliminating the mind that thus perceives! That which remains is That which Is True and Real—Unchanged as Ever It Is! The human or false-self of dream is not—nor ever could be the Reality Divine!)

“If we seem to see imperfection, our imperfect seeing would have to be imperfect being, or imperfection being. This is true because ‘Seeing is being.’ The Substance in Form that we see consists of the Consciousness that we are being. Actually, it is the Consciousness that we are, aware of being. If, therefore, we seem to see imperfection, then we would only appear to be seeing, or perceiving, and being, our own substance and activity. Thus, we would have to be aware of being imperfect, or of being imperfection. This is true because, ‘Seeing really is being.’ But, since we only seem to see imperfection, what we appear to see, is only a seeming. We would only seem to be seeing, thus being, our own Perfect Substance, as though It were imperfect substance, form, and activity. Yet, it is all a ‘seeming’and nothing else. Therefore, if we appear to be seeing change, and imperfection, we are not really seeing anything at all.It is all only an appearance, and an appearance is not the Substance in Form and Activity that really is the Something that really Is. But truly, we (as the Divine Eternal Seer) never see change or imperfection, for the only Vision that exists which can see anything at all, is the Immutable Perfection that Is. It only sees Its own Immutable Perfect Substance, Form, and Activity. This is Absolute Vision. This is Vision Being Absolute. Of course, the same Truth that has just been revealed pertaining to Vision, is also True of Hearing. Actually, hearing and seeing are identical. Both hearing and seeing are the same Consciousness Perceiving.

“But that which the so-called born ear of assumptive man hears, such as words of troubles, problems, etc., are only words expressed in noises, or sound produced by fallacious born man. Any words of criticism or condemnation are the same thing, sounds, or noises, expressed in words. Really, we come to a point where any words that pertain to assumptive born man, his human ambition, his self glorification, etc., mean no more to us than would pebbles falling upon a tin pan. Any sounds of imperfection, supposedly emanating from this non-man, we simply do not hear. We don’t believe them, or accept them. This so-called born man is neither good nor bad. He simply is nothing, because there is no birth, thus no born man.” (Ibid. pp62-66). (The only ‘we’ of whom it is said can come to the end of such perception is, of course, the false self or human ego of dream via pre-ordained role termination according to the Script Divine. The Mind that Alone Is, and which remains in the place of the dissolved ego of dream, never did see such because the likes of such never did or could exist at any time or at any place in the Exhaustless Universe of God! Hence, there is naught to disbelieve or reject! Besides the Universe of Divinity—there is no existence!)

The illusion of cellular body

Q: Where only could the appearance of so-called ‘cellular body’ exist?

A: Within the Cosmic Play of make-believe!

A so-called cellular material body is non-existent!That is, there is no such thing as bodies composed of a continuous cycling of so-called new and old cells. Such a beginning and ending structural system in body form is but what fallacious human consciousness perceives when it considers the nature of Body. Such perception in the dream, can be described as or likened to an hypnotic illusion! Never—ever, did or could such a so-called snake body exist in all the Boundless Constancy of Infinity Absolute! Let the Light dawn or role termination transpire—and the snake simply isn’t!

“…I am not referring to a supposed born material body. There is no matter as such, thus there can be no body consisting of material atoms, cells, organs, and the like.” (The Ultimate Awareness An Eternal Constant, Vol. 2, by Marie S. Watts, p25).

“In this awareness, the apparent ignorance, or incomplete awareness, is Transcended, (or obliterated with the dream mind which saw such) and we (as the Sole Mind that Sees) clearly perceive the actual Substance that Is, rather than seeing, or believing in, something called matter, which is only an incomplete (or earth mind) way of seeing things. Thus the apparent ignorance called sickness, age, etc., simply dissolves. You see, it is in the perception of what God Is, and All that God Is, that we know—and are aware of Being—just what we are. And to perceive, or to be aware, is to be That which we perceive. Thus the Absolute, Eternal, Constant Perfection that Is, is reveled and Evidenced. And, often this is called a healing. Beloved, previously I have stated that if you wishto see man, see God as God actually Is.Now let us go further with this statement: in order to see God as God Is, it is necessary to see man as man is. Conversely, in order to see man as man is, it is necessary to see God as God truly Is.” (Ibid. p33) (There are none existing who ‘begin’ to see what man or God is! There is only God who Immutably sees All He/She Is—As He/She Eternally Is!)

“Sometimes this Substance in Form—Consciousness—is called the Body of Light. And It indeed is Light. There really is a Body of Light, and It is Alive, It is Intelligent, It is Loving, and It is Conscious. Indeed, It is Consciousness. And this Body of Light can be seen. It is visible.” (Ibid. pp. 44, 45).

One Body Exists

“The foregoing does not mean that there is any little so-called born being, visualizing itself. Neither is there such a thing as a born being to visualize itself as a Perfect Body. Actually, there is no born being here that can visualize anything at all. There is only God, aware of being God, and aware of being God Alone. This Body (even the multitude of Radiant Light Forms poised behind each and every Play-acting entity on the stage of dream) is The Temple of The Living God…. The Lord is in His Holy Temple. Of course God is in this Body because God Isthis Body. Yes, God is in this Body, as this Body. The Body Itself Is the Temple. It is not surprising that Jesus said, ‘… for ye are the Temple of the Living God.’ Indeed, this is True. The Ever Living God Consciousness that you are, really is the Eternal Temple—Body—consisting of the God I Am that You are. Whose Body is this? It is God’s Eternal Embodiment of Himself. God is Eternal, Complete, Whole, Constant Perfection is all there is of This Holy Temple. Yes, this is the Holy Temple because It is Wholly, Completely, the Substance, Form and Activity which is God Being. And this, Beloved, is the God I Am that you (as an off-stage Being of Originless and Endless Light Always) are.” (Ibid. p22).

When the false-self vanishes at role termination, so likewise does the unreal snake (or mortal mind/body) idea vanish. These are one and the same event. Again, it is to be emphasized that the Rope in the simile never actually becomes the snake! It is simply seen as such from a specific Cosmic Play view-point.

The primary reason for pointing out that the Rope never—ever becomes the snake is so that it can be everlastingly clear that there is no such thing as a process to change or evolve the so-called snake back into the Rope. As previously stated, so-called ascending the illusion of Dream is never ever about becoming or evolving a so-called assumptive born body and mind. It is only and always about death to the idea of any body or mind existing that appears to be other than Divine Body and Divine Mind. When the idea of the existence of a separate being or false-self is entirely aborted by the dissolving of the unreal human mind which holds such notion—only Divine Clarity can remain as ever It is, that there is nothing in actual existence other than the non-dualistic Cosmic Mind or Consciousness. Such Immutably Expresses Alone as Light Body Form. All Reality Beings behind each and every Play Actor of dream, are only and always That very Thing.

Of a Divine Truth, never does the True Universal Self or Infinite Spirit actually become the ignorant unreal and blind false-self of the Play. But rather, it is God in the Form of actual innumerous Cosmic Personalities, which is simply playing the multiple Roles, but only in a proxy sort of way, within the non-actual andtemporary Cosmic Play—Lila. There is only God! Naught else exists!

And again, the only way to cancel the unreality of so-called death is to first abort that entity which perceives that it was born. And again—this dissipation of unreality in total, can result alone by the Cuing of Divinity in accordance with the pre-design of the Cosmic Play Script.(See Ascension note, p74)

“On page 13 of this glorious revelatory book (the Gospel according to Thomas—Just more dream lingo, as the erroneous dream notion of becoming could never be promoted without an association with a so-called ‘revelatory’ something! These two fantastic notions go hand in hand—one can’t survive without the other! Role termination is the sole end of such dualistic unreality within the Drama Divine!), we find the disciples questioning Jesus about what the end—or that which they consider to be the ending—of their life will be. But Jesus makes it clear that, so long as they have not discovered what they consider the beginning of their life to be, they cannot possibly know what the ending will be. Jesus well knew—and knows—that in order to know that Life does not end, it is essential to know that Life does not begin.This knowledge, of course, means that it is necessary to be aware of the Fact that there is neither birth nor death. (One Alone Exists who possesses this Awareness—namely, God! Besides God there is no existence—now or ever!)Furthermore, Jesus makes it exceedingly clear to the disciples that the so-called ‘beginning,’ and that which is called the ‘ending,’ are one and the same delusion. This, of course, means that neither so-called birth nor death, have anything to do with the Eternal Identity that exists as each one of us.” (Ibid. p4).

“Therefore, we realize that never can we “become” the Absolute Complete God-Self that we (Eternally and Immutably)are. Never can there be an unfinished Kingdom or Consciousness. All is Eternally Complete, Constantly, Infinitely, Eternally. Truly, it is wonderful and glorious to realize that never were we actually aseeker.”(Ibid. p52). (No such ‘realizer’ ever did or could exist! There is naught but God!)

More From The Thomas Gospel

“The Kingdom of God is within and all around you–not in buildings of wood and stone. These are the hidden sayings of the Living Christ. He who discovers these sayings shall not taste death.” The Gospel according to St Thomas. (A quote from the classic film—Stigmata)

Of course, much dream lingo is in play here as there is no such thing as an actual human mind in existence, much less one that could discover anything regarding the Realm of the Real. But nevertheless this is the fun lingo utilized here on this earth plain. Alone at role termination stage one does that bogus mind which perceives such vanish from the dream stage leaving not the slightest trace. Only That Mind which Is remains having the full knowledge that so-called death is but an unreal stage prop of the Earth Drama Divine.

But interestingly enough we might think of sayings such as noted above and those which are to follow, as concepts in code, which are framed in such language as to never be de-coded by the mind of dream. And true it is, that upon stage one role termination the hidden language is not merely de-coded but said to have never been clothed in mystery to the One Eternal Mind which resides within and all around that dream body from which the ego or earth mind has utterly vanished. How unique to contemplate such things in this glorious consummation Age of the Grand Cosmic Play!

The following are related concepts offered by Lillian de Waters’ in Atomic Light. (The ‘concepts in code’ are obvious).

The cry of the mind-human so long as such survives

“The cry of today is for something that will bring results into human experience–end wars, put money into purses, health into bodies, and happiness into personal affairs. Such longings as these, however, proceed from the fallacious belief and teaching that each is a separate being, and that all live together in a world which is external. Accepting this wrong premise, one excludes oneself from seeing and experiencing the true World in which Wholeness and Happiness forever abide.” p74

Will humans construct a utopian world?

“What does it profit one, though year after year he takes human footsteps to bring Spiritual Perfection into a huiman existence, if in the end, he discovers that the whole set-up of human existence is rooted in a fallacy–the fallacy that we are someone beside God, living in some place beside the Perfect World.” pp128-129

“”Those who call themselves human beings cannot find a solution to their human problems.” p135

“When one adopts the idea that he must bring Truth into expression, he overlooks that fact that the Self Is Mind and Manifestation as One.

“The very word demonstration is thought of as the practice of Truth over error; the use of Truth to heal disease, sorrow or sin.

“One of the old sayings of the East, is that ‘Satan is the science of demonstration’.

“As a human being, one seeks and prays for the things which are already his as Spiritual Being.” pp138,139

“God is not the source of anything. God Is Everything. As This Mind we know there is no humanhood, no mental influence, no material mindedness, no traditional beliefs, no Adam-race, no personalities or human beings; no error that has existed down the centuries or centuries to elapse before Truth will be universally expressed.” pp143-plus.

Bless this time of Role Termination in Mass—leaving naught but That World wherein the Knowing abounds that no Real Beings ever actually descended hence none ever return thereto.

In the following excerpts from Marie S. Watts, and in the few other areas within this thesis where the term Man, with a capital M such as the “Christ Man” is used, obvious it is that such is invariably intended to be indicative of That Originless and Endless Light Form which is behind each and every acting entity within the Play of Divinity, or the so-called illusion ofhuman existence.

Interestingly enough, Lillian De Waters, a contemporary with Marie, who was as equally devoted to expounding on Reality Absolute, was clear that the usage of the word man was invariably to pertain to an illusory dualistic idea of non-reality, and so was never by her used in any way, shape, or form, to denote Beings of the Realm of the Real. Hence:

“The coming of the end of the world means the coming to an end of the diabolical belief that we are a human race. Every doctrine, belief or teaching, identifying or classifying us as mortals, humanity, mankind or humanhood, with human minds to be elevated or put off; with bodies which are human, temporal and material; will be perceived and known as imperfect knowledge; and shall be rolled together as a scroll, and shall perish from the earth.” (Again, mark well, never was there and never will there be any existing entity that ‘begins’ to perceive anything period! That Mind which is said to remain upon dream role termination, is Always the Sole Eternal Knower! Impossible it is that Such could ever ‘begin’ to be clear on anything!)


“We are not man, image, idea, reflection or expression, we are what God Is.”


“Is it not pointless to pray to God to end wars, bless humanity, and remove evil from the worldwhen He knows Himself as Omnipresence? It is necessary only that we cancel out of belief everything pertaining to us as a race of human people or sinful souls. We are Spirit; not man, people or humanity. We are the One Eternal Mind; and not personal or human minds. We live now in the one and only World, the spiritual World; and not in a human existence.”(Lillian de Waters, Atomic Light, pp17, 28, 50).(The sole manner in which such erroneous so-called beliefs are cancelled is by the irreversible cancellation of the believer of such at pre-determined role termination as decreed in the Script Divine!)

There are clear indications as are later sited in this theme, that Marie S. Watts, from whom the following excerpts are taken, eventually made this very essential alteration in her writings.

“All that Man is ever going to be, he is right now. All that Man has ever been, he is right now. That which already constantly Is, is never in a state of becoming. How can Man become that which Man already is? He can’t, and he doesn’t. Can God become more upright, more finished, more complete, than God Is? Is it necessary for God to go through an evolutionary process in order for God to be All the God Is? (See page 12— Is man a spiritual being of merely an illusion of dream? The seeming process in the dream is alone about becoming fully disillusioned with the rubbish of the false, which includes the entirety of so-called human existence. This done, that is, only upon stage one role termination is the Eternal Self in glorious manifestation in place of the dissipated ego of dream.)

“Now, who is man that he can go through a process of improvement? Is man something of, and by, himself, that he can perfect or improve? There simply is no such man. God, the Whole, the All, the Totality, Completeness—The All that Is All—can never be any more, any less, or other than the Completeness that Is God. God could never limit Man. To do so would mean that God could limit the Illimitable, Boundless, All Powerful Self. It is true that assumptive man—if such there were—could appear to limit himself. But again, there is no such man.” (Marie S. Watts—The Ultimate Awareness An Eternal Constant, Vol. 2, p53).

“Another way in which the foregoing story (the horse trying to catch the carrot which is dangling just out in front of it on a pole being held by the man driving the wagon the horse is pulling) can be a simile, is the fact that the harder we try to become the Complete Absolute pure Perfect Man—that we already are—the more dense will seem to be our unawareness of being that Christ Man now.(see ‘man’ note, page 12)

“Many of us seem to feel that we must gradually become more and more enlightened, until finally we become the Light Itself. (Often this fallacy is engendered because we seem to have a tendency to imagine that someone is more enlightened than we are.) Beloved, truly we are being unfair and unloving to our Christ Self if we continue to deny Being this Complete Christ Light.”(Ibid. p54). (Impossible it is that any exist who could be unfair or unloving to their Self! No such ‘we’ could ever possibly exist!)

“… (Despite the seeming dualistic terminology employed here, you realize that the one and only man, who is the Christ Consciousness, is never deceived. It is only the Self betrayal that is symbolized by Judas, that makes it appear that there is such a thing as a self deceived man, with breath in his nostrils.) But, to continue: sometimes the feeling of being less the Light than is John or Jennie, will bring on almost a frenzied burst of determination to become as enlightened as is anyone. Then, comes the struggle, the effort, the frustration engendered by seeming failure to attain the heights of the goal that is being sought. Oh, there is such a seemingly desperate feeling, as the sense of hurry, and of so-called ‘time’ passing, and still the Light seems to elude us. Then, too, there seems to be a great sense of strain and struggle; and we appear to become impatient with anything that seems to interfere with our so-called progress. Thus, it is apparent that to attempt to become the full Complete Light that we areis inadvisable, disappointing, and futile.” (Ibid. p55).

“Actually, it is far more important for us to just realize—consciously know—that Light Is God, and God Is All, than it is to just drift around either trying to see the Light, or seeing It and floating purposelessly along. Whether or not we seem to see the Light, It Is.” (Ibid. p55). (There is no ‘us’ to commence realizing consciously that God and Light are One and that God Is All! Besides God or the Light, there is nothing! Hence, to promote the dream notion of the necessity of ‘realization’, is to be nothing less than a subtle teacher of ‘becoming’.)

“It does appear that this deception or ‘becoming’ is very tenacious and very subtle. This is not surprising when we consider the fact that, throughout the (seeming) ages, assumptive man has been taught, and has believed, this fallacy. At any rate, we do appear to be deeply entrenched in this seeming apparent darkness.But be assured that it only requires a full open Consciousness for us to clearly perceive that which we Constantly, Eternally, and Infinitely are. This Beloved, is another reason why being ‘full open’ is so important. It is in this complete ‘openness’ that we perceive, and experience Being the Completeness, the Eternality, and the Constancy, that we Eternally are. In and as full open Consciousness we are fully aware of being just what God Is, only that which God Is, and All that God Is.

(And of a Universal Truth—The I Am that all Reality Beings Everlastingly Are—is never—ever—anything other than That always open Consciousness—which has no second—and is in Everywhere Present Immutable Visible Evidence. There are none in existence of which to require a ‘full open consciousness’! No such ‘requirer’ did ever or could ever exist! There is but One Consciousness—that is, God!).

“When are we going to completely realize, and evidence, this Fact? Well, the very moment that we stop this fallacy of any separation from the Allness that Is God being the entirety that we are. Also, the revelation that, because we are this moment, and Eternally, All that God Is, completely dissolves any falsity that we can ever become the God Being ‘I’ that we already are. (There is no ‘we’ to realize aught Divine! There is only role termination for the non-mind of dream, which invariably seeks only the impossible so long as it survives! When the human mind vanishes at stage one role termination, only the All-Knowing Mind of Divinity remains as Ever It Is! The mind called ‘lack’ thus gives place to the Sole Mind which Always Is!)In and as this full open Consciousness, we clearly perceive that we are not attributes of God. Rather, we are aware that we consist of the very Life, Intelligence, Love, Consciousness which Is God. At this point we no longer even seem to postpone knowing what we are, Being what we are, and, above all, consciously aware of Being All that we know God to Be.Yes, we are far more than just attributes of God. We actually are the entire Principle, God, Being. (Who, pray tell, in the Exhaustless Realm of the Joyous Real can utilize such information and admonishment? Assuredly none! Such alone is directed toward unreal entities of dream by other unreal entities of the same, intending to assist such to mind-shift or come to believe they are All that constitutes the Realm of the Real! What utter dream nonsense! No part of Reality Absolute ever ceased Being Such in order to require being admonished to a path of return! Obviously, no such admonisher ever did or could exist! Only within the Play of ‘make-believe’ is such fantacity displayed!))True it is that we are Perfect. But we also are Perfect only because we are the Principle—Perfection—Itself. We are Eternal, but we are Eternal only because we are the Principle—Eternality—Itself. We are alive, but we live only because we are the Boundless Principle—Life—Itself. We are conscious, but we are conscious only because we are the Principle—Consciousness—Itself. We are loving, but we love only because we are the Infinite, Eternal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Principle—Love—Itself. We are intelligent, but we are intelligent only because we are the very Principle, Intelligence—Mind—Itself.” (Ibid. p57).

The illusion of time and space

“Truly there is no ‘time.’ As we have often stated, there is no way in which we can measure ‘time.’ Since All, constantly and Eternally Is, how could it be possible to measure periods between events? It could not be, and it isn’t. How then, can there be such a thing as becoming? Once we perceive the Fact that the Fullness, the Completeness, is, that which Man really Is, we can never again be misled by the false theory of ‘becoming.’”(Ibid. p58). (No thing or one ever did or could exist who ‘begins’ to perceive the things of Eternity! All Divine Beings behind each and every actor of dream Immutably Are That! Only when the mind which seeks Light to be exchanged for darkness disappears, is the Unchallenged and Undiminished Light that Always Is said to be present in its stead! This is not saying that the Light newly ‘begins’ to appear, but rather, that the non-mind, which never sees has simply vanished. All Things Eternal continuing as Ever They Are!)

“Space”—or “empty space” which may be defined in a sense, as a vacuum, is a supposed place where God is not, and where nothing is. And therefore, “space” could never exist as thus defined—for God is always everywhere as well as Everything. God is not merely in all space, God Is All Space! There is no such thing as ‘nothing’!

Similarly, linear Time—or time elapse is indicative of travel, for example, from points A to B, etc, etc. And since there is nowhere that God is not—God does not travel! God is not merely already and always at points A thru Z, but God is as well points A thru Z. And the Reality Being behind you, dear reader, is always that very Thing. Clearly then, since God is always Everywhere ‘now’, time, which in the dream is invariably based upon a so-called past and future or beginning and ending, is non-existent! There is no pastor future—there is only and always EternityNow.

“In just one flash of illumination, we may realize the seeming ignorance of all that has ever been learned or written pertaining to an imaginary world of assumptive born man. It makes no difference how (seemingly) long these so-called laws of nature, including born man, have been accepted and believed. Illumination reveals the total fallacy of accepting such supposed human conclusions. Indeed, God does reveal how foolish is the wisdom of this world, as it appears to be.” (Ibid. p59). (No such flash of illumination ever did or could exist and none are there to receive such and evolve thereby! Much less are any existing who suddenly come to realize that they were always the One who never falls, forgets, descends, or goes to sleep in a phenomenal dimension called dream!)

The only Body that Is—can never be changed or made into the Immortal Perfection and Eternal Youthfulness which It Everlastingly has been and Forever shall remain. It is only illusion, or human consciousness that generally perceives the Perfect Rope or Immaculate Light Body as a mortal snake or birthing and deathing deteriorating form such as it perceives itself to be. Oh, the Joyousness of Role Termination and the traceless vanishing of such an assumptive born being and its utterly fallacious delusion world! (To be continued!)

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