Lisa Gawlas – Moving Into Uncharted Territory – Best To Go Here With The Wind At Your Back!! – 5 September 2012

There is absolutely nothing usual about these energies I call September, which is making readings highly unusual too.  I have never seen your spiritual team’s so adamant about keeping me/us from seeing the whole story happening within you and thru you.   It started on day one of September when I was reading for the lady who had the glass door completely shatter.  I did everything I knew how to do to tap into what the experience may be, but as I kept trying and spirit kept pushing me out of that view, suddenly she ended up with four “guards of the gate,” two on each side of the smashed glass door, all shining and glowing but with their arms crossed to show you “you ain’t getting thru,” and trust me, I didn’t.

Well the same thing has been happening thru almost every single reading since then.  What surprised me was when I couldn’t bring a lady into my kitchen to see inside her body.  I figured if spirit is going to hold out information that will take us each individually and collectively to the Equinox, I might as well scope out the energy inside her body to get a view from there.  Not.   The first time this happened I could almost understand why.

I could so see myself thru this beautiful lady telling me how tired she was of being on this path.  Tired of everything just being around the corner and the proverbial corner never seems to get here.  She has been walking this path now for 25 years, the intensity of the energies are just plowing her physical body over almost to the point of being totally debilitated energetically and her biology is actually hurting from it.  She is just ready to go Home and help from the other side of the veil.  Imagine my surprise when I tried to bring her biology off of the field in which I read the expanded light into my kitchen to focus souly on the body and what is happening within it.  Well, her team would not allow me to pull her into my kitchen for anything.  I was shocked really.  Until I heard their explanation.

But first, let me tell you about her field, because no doubt, this is happening to so many people out there.  Many are feeling this way in so many ways.  She opened up on her West field with this massive influx of high yielding energy moving into her crown and engorging her biology.  We can look at this energy as the last remaining bits of harvest energy for her use thru the rest of her incarnated life on this realm of existence.  Talk about getting stuffed on the feast of energy (smile.)  Then I had seen her heading towards her north field when the last remaining bits of energy were within her field of energy (her team said about a week yet.)  The north is like winter, calm to almost stillness as the entirety of the energy field replenished itself, invigorates from all it has been thru as you are prepared to move into the east field of new beginnings.

Once I seen her at her east field (somewhere around the equinox time) I watched as she curled her toes around the platform of that field and refused to do anything new that would require her to use her innate wisdom and abilities in these coming times.  She was just tired.  In her view, she served long enough and her spiritual team said she has just begun to serve in fullness.  Not words she wanted to hear!  She wants to get off the wheel of life and go Home.  Ain’t happening!!  (Her spiritual teams words there.)

I then seen the funniest thing every, two of her spiritual team energies all radiant and glowing in her south field with a tether type like connected to her heart as she stood, toes curled in place… pulling her towards the south field with a mighty tug!!  Hey… what happened to free will!!??  Our free will starts before we incarnate and when we get to a place of human stubbornness, we asked our team to do whatever it takes to get us to where we really wanted to go before we had this exhausting this embedded in us called the ego.

So, since all I could see was her being stubborn (smile) I wanted to bring her body into the kitchen.  Her team would not let that transition happen.  They had said I would get an inaccurate view of what is really happening in her biology.  What they described to me/us was really really interesting.

Walking against the wind

We have all known the winds of change started blowing with the Solar Equinox of May 20th, 2012.  Each day the winds and energies picked up pace, swirled harder, deeper, pushing us further than we have ever been before.  Now imagine instead of being pushed forward, you dig your feet into the ground, turn around and said I ain’t going further!!  Imagine hurricane force winds howling directly at you and you turn around and become the thing that presses up against it…. trying to walk the other way.  You do this long enough your biology is going to take the reverse pressure in as painful.

These energetic times are painful to begin with, but walk against the flow, the pain lingers and doesn’t seem to let up…. it’s because you are walking against the winds of change of your own life.  The moment, the very moment you fully let go and allow yourself to be pushed forward by the winds instead of walking against the wind, the pain in the biology starts to let up and completely ceases.  It will bring you into places you couldn’t have ever dreamed you would go!!

I also seen something really interesting with her as well.  I mean, I knew there have always been many cycles within cycles within cycles… The way I had seen hers was each one getting smaller and faster, smaller and faster, and we are in several closing cycles at the same time so the rate of spin, the acceleration towards completion could so literally knock us off our rocker.  Every single one of us is multi-tasking in the cycles of completion while simultaneously being fully prepared for your new beginnings too!

If it feels like times you are being slammed to the floor then touch the sky a moment later… well… this big finale (both ending and beginning) is why!!

Now for me personally these last two days have been stranger than usual, inside my own biology that is.  I swear to god I wake up in a neck vise daily anymore (not so bad today tho) and I can barely move my neck and head, which has been bleeding down into the shoulders and upper arms and straight down the core of my back.  Yesterday it felt like someone gave me the strongest bear hug of my life and left both sides of my lats aching!  Geez Louise!!

But emotionally,… the day before yesterday (9/3) I felt like a literal verse out of a Partridge Family song “I woke up in love this morning!”  There was not a thought that went thru me that wasn’t oozing love vibes.  My dishes must have felt like they finally were noticed, I loved my dishes, my silverware, my home, New Mexico, all things visisble and invisible in a way that just oozed out of me consistently.  I was heading to the airport to pick up a friend that is now staying with me (we both fly north this friday) and so I cleaned instead of shared… I officially live in candyland.  So much sugary sweetness of love was flowing into everything!!  However, I must have OD’ed on the sugar, the love cuz man oh man did I awake yesterday with a head feeling like it was severely hung over.  Anyone who has ever been on a really good drunk knows what I mean!

Of course, I am back to waking up really really late, not leaving me much time to do anything in the morning before my first reading appointment including my much-needed (for myself) sharings!!

The more I woke up and squeezed back into my body yesterday, the more aware I became of my head.  The energy was completely engulfing my frontal lobes of my brain.  I had three readings to do starting at 7am and I realized each person pressed against my frontal lobes each in their own way (since everyone has their own unique frequency) and actually created a sudden (but thank you dear lord, short) pain in various aspects of my own brain.  I spent the rest of my afternoon really understanding the energy of the brain and what is really happening to us.  But before I get to that, which I may make into a second sharing today… we’ll see.

I had three readings yesterday, two females (first and last) and one male (middle.)  Both females took me by surprise (one would think from the sheer amount of readings I do each day I would no longer be surprised by anything… not, I am consistently surprised!!)  But anyway….  The first and last readings unfolding in (literally) the mesa cliff where I had seen for the first time in my own meditation the marshmallow creme energy in a V ed out hollow of the mesa cliff.  There was also a common theme to both of these readings… I could see them in my vision but nothing else.  I had no feeling of what I was seeing and had no hearing about what it even means… like two of my much-needed 3 spiritual attributes didn’t exist (yet.)  Had it not been for my man in the middle I would have thought for sure it was me and my poor aching frontal lobes that could not connect.  However, I had feeling and hearing with him… but he unfolded in the west field in a super downflow of big globby energy moving into him.  His pesky team wouldn’t let us move him around either!  No forward, no inside the kitchen… but I did see his kundalini energy (serpent) trying to bulge right out of his belly… His spiritual power is about to be loosed in his physical/created world!!  And dammit, we do not get to see what the hell that means to him!!  Geeeeezzzzz!!

Now let’s go back to this V thing in the Mesa Cliff.  The first time I had seen the Mesa cliff itself in what seems like forever was September 1st as I attempted to take my hyperactive steroid like energy and just calm in down into some semblance of focus in my bath water.  The moment I thought of the Guardians, whom, since the day I moved into this place have shined their golden/amber light of love from the top of the Mesa, I had seen this cut in the (once) solid rock of this thousand foot high cliff.  I do want to point out something important (and I cannot tell you right now why this is important) that this cliff is called The Guadalupe Mesa by the locals, named after the Lady of Guadalupe (AKA The Blessed Mother, one in the same.)

I have now been living and reading here since January 2012, and in all that time I could not “see” beyond the Mesa rock.  It has always been a solid construct even within the readings.  It is also due west from where I sit.  So those that unfold in the west field are actually just in front of this mesa rock.  But now there is a complete V opening that is filled what I can only describe as marshmallow creme like energy. Radiant white in view and thick like marshmallow fluff.  When I had seen this view the first time on the 1st of Sept., it was only about 10 feet from the ground up… now… it runs even with the mesa top.  Whatever we (as a collective) have done since the first of Sept impacted this view!!

From what I am (beginning) to understand… we had to move the solid restrictions away from our lives (figuratively speaking of course) so nothing is real or solid or restrictive any longer.  Obviously we made great progress as we moved thru the August Energy and now, we are starting to move thru this illusion as a collective.  Many moving out of their old lives on so many levels.  The two ladies I read for… absolutely for sure.  I know their back story.

So I spent yesterday afternoon pondering not only the now flowing energy of our collective journey forward (the V) but also why my frontal lobes hurt so much and each connection pressing on a very different part of my brain in pain.  There is no doubt in my heart, both are very much related.  That is to say, what is happening within our higher minds has opened the way forward thru new energy and completely unexplored territory called life.

So with all that said (smile,) I am going to separate these two shadings into two blogs.  The next one will be all about the brain and the energy that is happening within it.

I am so so so incredibly grateful to be on this wild and wacky ride with you!!  You really do help me keep my sanity!!

Marshmallow (((((HUGZ)))) to All of us as we start to really explore uncharted territory called Life!!

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