Lucas – The Euro and Euro Zone, US Dollar – What Will Happen – 5 September 2012

Sometimes I ask myself over and over the question what will happen with the Euro and Euro zone or the US Dollar? Should I bother even thinking about it.  This system has to crash as this ongoing scam called fiat-currency system and the experiment of the Euro Zone  and the US Dollar will not survive in the current situation.  For sure the signs are there will be again worked on a (package) deal that meets most member states of the Euro Zones needs in Thursdays  meeting and Bernanke and the FED will help the US Dollar in surviving it’s already for decades being in default state.

Whatever is done or whatever deal is made it will not be by far enough to stop the inevitable crash.  Even if  Greece or Spain or whomever exiting the Euro zone or not,  it will not help.  We can not go on accumulating debt and  for sure you can not make others responsible for it.  If a system is not only in default but also is a criminal system a scam that only is working to profit a few than it needs not to survive in my opinion in what way or form ever.  It needs to be demolished and not even be reconstructed. It should only be replaced by something new and suiting the needs of all.  Abundance for all is available even now but it is not distributed in the rightful way and this makes it  a travesty.

What are the options to get out of this mess.

1- Restart /Reset the old system

The mainstream media will tell you only the story all will be alright when we get those debt building countries and banks under control . Really? Should the question not be who started this whole privatising money scheme by privatising national banks, building fiat-currency systems that are specialized in making debt for those buying with interest the money that is printed, called your national governments. The final pay has to be made by you the taxpayer as the interest  on the money printed for the government must be paid  back to the privatised (corporation) national bank in this system. This all leads to creating money that is not backed by value in any form. It is a fictional system that is only accumulating debt that in time never can be paid back at all.  The only thing then to do is in the eyes of those who profit of this system to restart/reset the system and start all over again.

2- We can restart the system with a modified fiat-currency system

Modifying the system that exists is probably what is wanted to safe the reputation and integrity of those who will be back on the seats of power to get greedy again.  The modification will be more in the sense of reducing the ratio on money printing maybe back to 10/1.  It will  be a temporary solution and things soon will be back to the old.

Modifying in  a way that currency printed is partially backed with some sort of value is more likely to be proposed.  Within this lies also the same problem it does not put a complete value backing to printing money and therefore in fiat-currency it will lead also again to debt-spirals but maybe a bit later as the above option.

There are al sorts of mixes to be thought of but the crux is the old system does still exist and the premiss money has to have value backing (in what form composed) is not honoured. Therefore money is just a  (partial) fictional value  of the paper and ink it is printed on. This is what makes this  system not a viable and sustainable solution.

3- We go the Icelandic way.

We reinstate our national bank back to be controlled by your own country and not by  a corporation.We reinstate the national bank with the power of solely  printing money. We reinstate a complete value backing of the  printed and minted money. We forgive all debts to the nations people and will not comply to paying back debts and debt that never should have been part of the national debt but that of financial institution.  All assets of banks and institutions need to be frozen and redistributed. We remove all those responsible for the debts from institutions and the governments in a peaceful way. If people get punished or trialed that is up to the people and for me it is not relevant for the system. The only thing that should be insured is those responsible  never ever get back into power in a government job, or have any  job or have a business  in the financial sector again, also strip those responsible of all proceeds and profits they illegally made. Do not restore but rethink what is needed and make new essential choices in a real democratic  way. Therefore corporate government should be stripped of power and brought back to a people’s democracy honouring the people’s  unalienable rights.

The fight against fiat-currency systems that are not value backed is on ongoing one. But the system prevailed till now and has expanded globally. The limits of its debt spiral are reached. Also some unfortunate other things happened for those who profit from this fiat-currency non value backed system. The hat of tricks is empty and deceit, theft and other measures are  not working anymore. They seek to resolve this by getting more control over people in a fascistic, police state, Orwellian way national and international by hidden agendas for a New World Order.  People wake up to the system that enslaves them and see that things do not add up anymore.  Also the system that is not only the financial but the whole corporate  control that is  around the world effectively managed and profited by a few superrich called illuminati or dark ones. These few are having the corporations, governments and parliaments in their pocket. Also they do have their control over media, education, drugs, food, energy and fuel, resources and technology and also the law-enforcement and war machine.   Not only people do wake up, but whole regions and new alliances are getting away from this system and want to go back to instate a value backed currency and reform the control basis of these dark ones or illuminati. The people that have died and countries raided or demolished, and the worse possible things you can imagine used by those few to get a grip on you are outrageoous.  The value backing can be by precious metals, precious stones, the resources  of a country or it can be related to another form of measurement  like a countries GDP or a mix of all.

4- Seeking a new system.

A solution may be found  in a new form of or already existing alternative exchange or money systems : you can think about bitcoin, lets, others local currencies, time or service sharing systems, and other exchange systems. A lot of  those systems use internet as a starting point.  Also you can think about systems not based on striving for more, non-profit systems, making money systems not related to capitalism but for running a community and its needs. We might come up with a system that is based on sharing and co-creating without need for money or exchange. I personally think this will be what we will see and learn in the near future. We first have to make a change in our thoughts, get rid of the old paradigm, and belief systems and patterns.   We will make change happen as it already  happening around you and maybe you have read about it.  See the new exchange and alternative currency systems  thriving in this world of crisis.  Look at Greece and Spain and see people also in other countries that have been creative in seeking a way to be just living, having a community working without the burden of that almighty state control, and the financial controls and taxes bothering them. It is that what makes a difference. You can make that difference just by remembering not all has to be as it was or is told to be.  There is always another solution, choice or possibility just seeing it or being open to thinking out the box will get you for sure on track. It is not all as you will see it is also going to be yourself transforming from a chained person to a free human light being.

In one way or the other you will have to choose what YOU want. Whatever you choose, do chose that what is for ALL of the human kind the best solution not only for you or a few.  This means in no sense that you have to put up with world dominated control of whom or whatsoever. It is all of you together that need to see we can make this all a co-creation of unconditional love, harmony,  peace  and abundance for all. We can make this new earth and heaven on earth happen all together.

Love and Light,


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