Visionkeeper – Fighting Within – 5 September 2012


Seems like there is a great deal of scraping and infighting going in Washington these days. Ugly is the word of the day with negative campaigning, the blame game on others. It is like watching a bunch of third graders at recess. Pretty pathetic really. They are falling apart, they all know the game is just about up and life in Washington will soon be unlike anything they have ever known.

The end of corruption and getting their way will be nothing but a memory. It is rather embarrassing to watch our supposed leaders acting like children. Let this be a good lesson for all of us! We must stay strong and keep focused on where we are headed and not turn on one another in moments of panic! I have always lived my life doing the complete opposite of what Washington tell me I should be doing, somehow my soul knew it was not the correct path to go down. No, we must do the opposite and stay cohesive and loving.

These are not leaders, they are takers and we are the givers. These are not role models nor should we have role models as far as I am concerned. We are powerful all on our own, we do not need to be told who to look up to or how to live. Each life is perfect as it is, we must remember that! We must let these takers be a different model of sorts for us. Let us look at what they are doing and let that be a reminder of what we do not wish to become! We must forgive them for they are, in essence, who we are, just at a different stage in their evolution. We stood in their shoes once when we started out on this spiritual journey many lifetimes ago, we have just managed to move ahead more quickly than they. They will catch up one day.

Early on into my journey, I remember reading a very influential book that opened my thinking way up. It was called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. What a fabulous book. Just look at the number of comments it has on Amazon and it is still carrying four out of five stars. That will tell you it was popular. It was all about the Takers and the Leavers of the world. We have lived as takers and now we are learning to live as leavers are we not. This what this journey is all about. Being loving, honest, open souls who give to the world and respect each other for being who and what they are. Washington has a huge lesson to learn this time around. I hope for their sakes they are able to awaken and learn the lesson lest they should have to come back and do it all again until they get it right. Whew. Awful thought!

The time seems ripe right now for learning our lessons and reconnecting with who we truly are as authentic beings. I am constantly bumping up against something that ruffles my feathers and I hear that little voice within that says” Oops! Better stop and look into this and see what the issue is that needs to be cleared”. Each time we do this the next ruffle of our feathers is more gentle and less demanding of our attention. In time it will be so nice not to be bumped any longer, that feathers no longer ruffle and all seems to just flow on by effortlessly. If we stop and take the time to face these ruffles and deal with them and be honest with ourselves, the freer we become to travel light minus the dramas we had holding us down when we were still sleeping.

I often wonder if we bloggers of spirit are ever fortunate enough to actually awaken one of the spies paid to watch our websites and report back to headquarters.  You have to wonder if every now and then one of them doesn’t start to see the light of truth shine through. I hope for their sakes there are a few who free themselves and move out of the darkness. It is a magnificent world when you are free and embraced by the truth. I never know who is reading here. I have a few people who comment, and most are awake and aware, but I am hoping there are those few who wander in and over time, begin to look at life from a different perspective and begin to break free and feel the joy life really is, not what they have been taught to believe. Stay strong in your hearts, stand behind each other, no in-fighting, and we will succeed on our journey. Love to you all….


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