Lisa Gawlas – The New Enhanced Brain Energy And The Energy Of Matter Transforming!! – 6 September 2012

This sharing is inspired from my own brain intensity of yesterday (Sept. 6th) and looking inside of myself while cruising the internet to really understand what science understands (more or less) about each section of our brain.  I wanted to know why I felt like my forehead was bulging 3 inches from my skull and constantly moving the energy thru the vast network of the rest of my brain when in a reading.  Actually stinging some areas for a minute or two.  I knew something bigger was taking place within my brain and I wanted to know what!!  The universe was actually happy to let me understand it!!  That alone is a shock!! lol

So lets first get a good visual of the brain:

What do each of these lobes do? 

  • Frontal Lobe– associated with reasoning, higher order functions, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, judgement and problem solving
  • Parietal Lobe– associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli
  • Occipital Lobe– associated with visual processing
  • Temporal Lobe– associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech

I had to laugh out loud when one of the first things I had come across on the internet was a condition called “too optimistic” due to a frontal lobe dysfunction.  Yup, I have had that wonderful condition now for well over a decade.  I have been called a Pollyanna more than once because I can see the hope, the wonderful potential beyond the fear or ugliness.  If this is a disorder, we all should suffer from such a thing!!  It has created a state of health within me I had never known before.  Of course, starting out on this path my I think my lobes went in the opposite direction, something was always going to go wrong and create hell.

Living either way, since we do create our reality… the first 40 years of my life I always had something to fear, something caving in and destroying my joy.  Now… there is always hope, a brighter and better 10 minutes from now… and my reality creates that on every level.  I love having a optimistic view of life.  Everyone should suffer from such a thing!!  (The article is available here)

And then I had to go and really understand the full use of our frontal lobes.  it really helped me understand me and what happens during readings quite a bit!  It actually really helped me understand the various placements of “headaches” within myself or even within others.  On occasion I may not have a headache before a reading but will have a sudden headache during a readings, sometimes to help the person understand what is happening in their brain, sometimes just cuz their light is affecting mine (in a positive way, even if a headache may feel less than positive.)  Almost always the headache only lasts for several seconds.

So here I sat feeling like someone took a massive amount of liquid and placed it under the skin of my forehead and the pressure of both the inside and outside of me just was not pleasant.  The first thing that struck me was the higher mind aspect of the frontal lobes.  To me, that is where the wisdom of our souls hang out and where we connect to each other within readings.  As I acknowledged this fact I realized that the solar CME energy that took place on August 31st and hit us square in our brains Sept. 3rd have everything to do with this moment in our time/in our minds.  Now really feel with this thought… when we are connected at the soul light of life, it has to have a profound affect on every aspect of our brain activity.  You cannot shine a light into a room without everything lighting up!!  Same when we purposely connect at the soul level.

Now intensify that with the energy shooting out of our sun and landing in our brains and then we connect to each other (quite purposely on the souls part) we are being activated and enhanced in so many inconceivable ways!!  It is very much like we are each others master electricians!  Even if we do not realize consciously how we are helping to rewire each other, we are!!!  Now I so understand too, why on some days, just before a reading is scheduled, I will get so freakin dizzy I swear I will fall off my floor!  We are already connecting by intention and the higher mind is wiring us for sound!!

Now I have got to go off on another little side trail here with the two readings of yesterday, both ladies placed in the V shaped marshmallow field of the Mesa Cliff and I could see both of them clear as day, yet no other aspect of my psychic senses seemed to be available.  Yet, both created sudden and quick pain elsewhere in my head.  Most commonly was in the left temporal lobe area.  My spiritual hearing was purposely down so these beautiful ladies could help in creating the higher connection needed (in all of us) to venture into the vastly new landscape of our new spiritual enhanced lives.

My man on the other hand, felt like he was squeezing up against my forehead, pushing intensely on my frontal lobe juice and actually hurting that area.  But we are both going into higher fields of our minds ability, accessing the higher vibrations of love (hence my candyland day the day before.)

But equally, all this new activation is truly breaking thru out walls of illusion and limitation.

But we also need to take a look at the vice grip energy happening in our necks and base of the skull.  There are so many things happening here too:

Medulla Oblongata, Anterior View:
1-Glossopharyngeal nerve
2-Vagus nerve
3-Hypoglossal nerve
4-Accessory nerve
5-First cervical spinal nerve
6-Spinal root of accessory nerve

Now keep in mind it is thru the Vegus nerve where we get all of our emphatic feelings from.  Empathy, research indicates, is made possible by a special group of nerve cells called mirror neurons.

More about that wonderful Vegus Nerve (click here for the full article)  The vagus nerve, for example, Keltner calls the “nerve of compassion” — not because it measures compassion per se but because its primitive function in the “fight or flight” response is capable of reflecting a hierarchy of emotions. The vagus nerve yields measurements from the colon to spleen to heart and lungs, to laryngeal and facial muscles, and does so with the entire gamut of emotion responses. The vagus touches nearly every internal organ, ascending to the medulla ob longita. The fight or flight response in humans basically reflects fear on the one hand and aggression on the other. As techniques come to pacify and control these extremes of response, the vagus nerve will reflect the change in comparison to the conventional measurements of emotions the average person.

We were born and created to be emphatic, it is in our nature.  What we have lost for the most part is discerning what is our true emotion and what we are feeling from someone else, or even from the collective.  This is one of the greatest tools and accomplishments of meditation, understanding the sea of emotions that we feel in any given moment.  The more we understand what flows (naturally) thru ourselves, the more we will understand the impact of the changes within our body and what, where, when and how to use it/them.

I know we have been being “upgraded, changed, enhanced” for eons, but this year of 2012 was more intense, more packed with sacred light of expansion than any other in our collective history.  But equally, it is our own responsibility to figure out what this new download means to us, how to use it in our lives, how to help others grow from our own growth!  In order to fully appreciate all these intense changes in our entire biology we must be actively figuring out what and how we were enhanced and how to use it.

If you can look at life like a game of football, how many armchair quarterbacks are there.  Sitting in front of their TV, telling the entire team what to do, how to do it, getting upset because the person in the chair thinks they should have done something different.  But yet, the person in the chair never played a real game of football.  The see the game from what they think they know about it and dictate how it should be played according to that passive interaction.  Yet, so many other factors come into play during the game that the person in the chair could never understand because they never got out of their chair and onto the playing field with others.  This is very much the same with Life and spiritual evolution too.  Ya gotta get in and play the game to the fullest to understand all that is happening in any given moment.  Or just wait in the chair til the next big moment… the next big game.

For me personally, this has been the greatest and most incredible role of meditation.  Spirit has always shown me, thru their own language of light (metaphors and symbolism’s)  what has transpired and how to apply it… of course, I must first interpret their language to really get what they are saying!  Like I have said so many times, everything i know how to do and use in life I learned from meditation (minus of course, massage and hypnotherapy, I did go to school for that, but both of those aspects super enhanced my evolving skill set.)

I was sitting here feeling with a very common feeling in so many people, that ever elusive “just round the corner” moment of time for any given event.  The one thing I know for sure, there are a million plus corners on this path.  But at every turn, there IS always something taking place.  Whatever it “is” is within us.  This has never been an external event, except by our own creation and use of the enhanced biology we become at every turn.

Just look at what is happening to the brain (which is really happening to ALL of the body) that is internal, y/our personal world of creation.  We Are the corner and the cornerstone of all that is happening.  All that is happening, is happening thru us, NOT to us!

Pay attention to your headaches and whatever it may be triggering within you at the time.  Something is expanding and now you need to figure out what that expansion means to you and how to apply it to your daily life.  If you are in a connection with someone and you can feel something happening in your body, pay attention to that and really understand what is happening in the connection.

Moving away from the fear, the fight or flight response into the expanded field of compassion, that is where the game is really being played in earnest.  Understanding and acting on your next move in relationship to your emotional field of compassion instead of turning tail and running because something feels uncomfortable… Key!!

So what does all this information mean in relationship to the marshmallow field of energy now cut into the Mesa Cliff??  Well, a lot obviously! But this is our next corner that we need to understand and master to head out beyond to the next proverbial corner.

Lets first take what the Mesa Cliff means to me, especially in relationship to readings.  It represents true mastery, living in ascended biology in living matter.  It is where that which I call Shambhala IS.  Heaven on Earth made manifest.  It appears as solid rock because that is what we are conditioned to see.  What we have been working towards is dissolving the rock, dissolving the stranglehold matter has had on us, creating a vast network (within) of perceived limitations.

So we must celebrate the fact that we have broken thru that barrier.  Granted, many are still heading towards that reality discombobulation, but those at the forefront with the machete cutting our way thru to here… Here we are!!  So the grand corner we have reached is what the hell to do with it!!

Imagine all your life you never seen the ocean.  All of your ancestors never knew there was an ocean anywhere.  So the concept of ocean never crossed your mind or awareness.  One day you went for a walk and just kept walking.  The first one in your entire lineage to ever walk so far and so long.  Then you come to a body of water crashing against the earth.  Your whole world just melted.  The earth has turned liquid and now what do you do with that??  Do you learn how to swim or turn around and run the other way wishing you had never seen this version of earth.

I was talking to someone yesterday about what lays beyond the marshmallow view of the cliff.  I heard so clearly… Thy Will.  I went back to my sharings to see when I wrote the post “It’s Time to Leap From the Cliff of “I Can’t” to the Ocean of “I Will”    May 10th, just before the Solar Eclipse.  Here we are now is the midst of a super cycle close on September 22nd… we can see what the greater theme was in this intense zone as we look into our rear view mirror.

Let’s be very very clear here… it is only our brains, our constantly running processes that give us any conceived relationship with matter.  Our soul does not see or experience matter like we do.  ”Thy will” is that of the soul not the human.

It is not enough to just dissolve the material illusions, now we need to learn how to swim in what is really there.  Marshmallow creme (smile)!!

I suppose this is one huge reason The Soul Gym had to open now, in this very time.  For me personally, what I need to learn, I teach!!  We absolutely must move out of concept and deep into application!!  Which really gives me some understanding to a slight meditation I was able to hold while at the Bath House (hot springs) yesterday.  I had just gotten a massage from the wonderful energy of Dallan and went into a 25 minute hot mineral soak.  The first thing I had seen was what looked like pastel colored confetti oozing out of my va j j (smile) and then an aspect of me running thru a banner that said “finish line.”  I could not understand what the hell was finished until this moment right now.  Moving from concept to full on application of the new energy in every conceivable way.

But before I dive into that really deep pool, I am taking one last lap back home.  I will be leaving super early tomorrow, heading back to Virginia to see my son, grandson, youngest daughter and then, on the 14th to Pennsylvania… to hug my daddy and his brood after 36 years of silence.  I will still be sharing, more than likely not as frequently as I do now, or who knows, maybe I will!!

I have put a reading special together in my absence.  Buy a September reading and get an October reading at half price.  Gotta have something to do upon my return (big smile.)

I want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for making this profound, transformative time on earth possible.  YOU have changed it all!!  Thank you dear Gods/Goddesses!!!  Take a moment to celebrate, relax, gear up for our next amazing adventure together in fully creating Heaven on earth thru each other!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of confetti filled with love and unlimited potential!!

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