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HyperReport – A Good Start for Food Supply – 7 September 2012

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The Telegraph – Sean Rayment – Hundreds Of British Troops To Be Questioned Over ‘Weak’ War Crime Allegations – 7 September

Hundreds of British troops to be questioned over ‘weak’ war crime allegations Up to 1,000 British troops are expected to be investigated for crimes allegedly committed during the Iraq war, it can be revealed.

Investigators with the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) have already identified more than 100 serving and former members of the armed forces who they want to interview about the alleged torture of Iraqi civilians. Continue reading

Inifinite Waters – It’s Just A Ride – Laugh At The World…Unleashing Your Wild Side! (Free Your Mind Now) – 7 September 2012

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Visionkeeper – The Dry Season – 7 September 2012

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The dry season is upon us now here in the U.S. Everywhere you drive there is dust and the colors of yellow and brown as weeds begin to die away. The lush green of summer has departed and the birds have begun to depart as well, all that remains are patches of purple asters blowing about in the fields and splashes of white from the Queen Anne’s lace. Random trees on the hillsides have slowly begun their Autumn task of changing colors. It has been so dry this summer one has to wonder what the fall foliage colors will be like. I tend to doubt we will see vibrant reds and oranges, probably a lot of yellow browns. It always triggers a bit of angst within to see summer slip away knowing the brutality of winter that will follow shortly. A time to go within and sort through things, a time to make changes and try out new things. For now we are floating through the dry season, watching the changes and feeling the evenings begin to cool down enough to add an extra blanket on the bed. Autumn has arrived. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – The Power Of Love And Forgiveness Is Absolutely Miraculous – 7 September 2012

he unloving are, in truth, crying out for Love.  Their faith in the divine creative Source of all existence is very weak; they feel alone, lost, threatened and unsafe. As a result they attempt to build strong defenses with which to devastate those they fear.  But they are afraid that those they fear will become ever stronger and more threatening, and develop the power to destroy them.  So they try to build even stronger defenses. Continue reading

Sky Portal Appears Over Arctic Facility 2012 HD – 7 September 2012

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John Ward – Greek Crisis – New Poll Puts Nazis In Third Place – 7 September 2012

Yes, it’s another another triumph for the Troikanauts

If he is to avoid near annihilation at the next election in Greece, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos must decouple himself from the Samaras Government. And if it doesn’t want a surging Nazi Party, then Athens itself must decouple itself from the Berlin-Am-Brussels gravy train. These are the lessons from the latest opinion poll to emerge from Greece yesterday. Continue reading