Sophia Love – Let’s Love The Illuminati – 7 September 2012

For a week now I’ve had nothing to say, hence the absence of this blog.   There’s been change, transformation and, at the risk of sounding a bit weird, downloading.  When meditating or sleeping, this body “gets” information.  There is nothing I can put together in words just yet; it is more of a knowing.  My head is so busy processing; there is little room for anything else.  If you lived with me, you’d be surprised and maybe relieved, at just how little I have to say these days.  It won’t last. 😉
As we head into the second week of September, there is something we all can do.  Let’s send the Illuminati some love.  They won’t know what to do with it.  It could change everything.  Present in any organization are chains of command.  Those at the top are operating for a different purpose than those on the ground.  There is hope for them all.  We are here, every one of us, as a step in our own evolution.  Once we get here, free will takes over and we can proceed in any chosen direction.
Right now we have the opportunity to ascend while we are physical.  It is a transformation physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is love that when taken into your heart will turn the key and unlock the door to Ascension.  We have within us the potential for Agape – love without condition.  This love is beyond what we’ve come to expect from each other.  Agape makes no judgment about behavior.  It has no opinion.  Agape is truth.  It is the place from where we spring and our ultimate destination.
Before arriving here, our hope is that we’ll figure out how to demonstrate Agape as a human.  Here’s a chance.  Reach into your heart and just love the Illuminati along with the governments and banksters they encompass.  All are human.  All need love in order to evolve.
What’s happened is over – it’s the future I’m interested in.  Here is where we can affect change.  We can love.  It is the most powerful tool in our arsenal.  It is the only thing they won’t expect.  It will be their undoing.

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With every ounce of generosity and sincerity you have, send love to our oppressors.  Whenever it occurs to you and as often as possible, see them surrounded in a hug with seven billion pairs of arms.
Did you ever see the animated version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”?  Imagine that one scene at end when the Grinch realizes he didn’t stop Christmas – it came.  This is a testament to the human spirit.  This is what our hearts can do.  This is why beings from all over the cosmos are watching and waiting.  They have seen our tenacity, they are cheering us on.
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Love anyway.  It is in giving you will receive the greatest gifts.  It is by loving that the deepest truths are known.  We hold within our hearts all that is needed for Ascension.  We are the One we are waiting for.

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