Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Dazzling Light – 9 September 2012

God said:

Holy are you. You do not think you are holy. You would dispute Me. You would say, “But, God…” You would say, “But, God…” again and again to hold onto an old photo of yourself. Is that not folly?

I am taking your picture right now. Look at what you look like through My camera and My eyes. Look! Are you not dazzled by the light you are? I wonder, do you prefer the old black and white photos when you could accept your belighted Self?

You may say you want Truth. I am telling you Truth, and you do not want to hear. Perhaps you want to hear the old sullied truths that are not Truth at all. Perhaps you want to go through an old photo album. In your old photo albums, you can see when you are young. You can see that kind of difference, and yet, I show you a true picture of Who you are in dazzling light, a dazzling flame of light, and you protest. You disbelieve. You think I am putting you on. You say you cannot be what I say you are.

Beloveds, you cannot be anything that I do not say you are.

I say you are a Bright Flame of Love, and you question Me. You like to point out that I must be mistaken. True, you do have a different picture of yourself. I attempt to have you see a brilliant portrait of yourself. I do not paint a picture of you, beloveds. I take a photograph of you, and, still, you do not believe.

I suppose it is asking a lot of you to believe that you are My gold. Nevertheless, you can trade one picture for another.

I am looking at your soul. You impression is of yourself as a human body with faults and weaknesses. Perhaps you see yourself in shambles. Shambles are not the Truth of you, for you are not in shambles.

Beauty comes from human beings as well. Look at the beauty. Look at the goodness. Stop looking at the faults. Do not look back. Turn around and look forward. Look at Me, and see yourself. See yourself as I do see you.

You are the same light as Christ and the same light as all the Great Ones. You are not less except as you prove yourself less to yourself.

Here, look again. Look at your brightness. Look at the flame of love that you share.

You are an instrument of God. I shed bright light. I do not shed shadow. Believe in Me and what I share with you. I share Truth with you, and I ask you to change your perception and conception of yourself. You are a concept. Accept the concept of Who you truly are and what you are truly doing on Earth.

What matters all the little things that you blame yourself for. You find much to cry about. Now find much to smile about or even laugh about. Have a good laugh on yourself, for, truly, the joke is on you. You may think that you are a football to kick around when you are, all this time, the gold of God.

You may have to turn 360 degrees in order to see yourself in the light in which I see you in. Turn to Me, and look into My eyes, and see the light you are reflected in. You are reflected in My light, and My light you are, pure beautiful golden light of God, ascending to Heaven. Ascend, beloveds, ascend. link to original article


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