Lucas – Shadow Play – 9 September 2012

All we are is human lights that have been ignited long ago by the god-spark of our source. We have to find our way in the dark and find our way in between the shadows. The brighter our light  gets the more things are visible and the veil or the dark will fade and resolve in the light. 

There where the light prevails the shadows will not have any stronghold or possibility to hide or be. We are now still  experiencing the world having two faces the one still holding  the dark and the other face of the world that is growing step by step in light and that shines brighter every day.

The light is the dominant factor now and the dark is playing a role that is not becoming them in the end. The forces of darkness are trying their best to change the outcome in an already  lost battle.
The dark should know the play will be soon ending as the curtains close for its influence and power as it is not existent anymore. It would be lovely to see the surrender of the dark, but they choose still to fight till the end. They do not realize that the forces of light will end this game, the decree from source has to be honoured by them.
We are really in the end times as on lots of levels and dimensions the last shadow play is played out. There will only be one outcome that is fixed regardless of the actions taken. We have each of us to focus upon the one positive timeline that is the timeline all will converge to in space, time, and different dimensions. With that knowledge you only have to focus on that.
The new we can manifest in the now.  We can see that new world of all already existing.  It is that what makes our power so great. It is the power to create in the now what we want our world to be. The focus is on what we want it to be not that what we wanna avoid or wanna get rid of.  Know we are destined to be co-creators of all for the best of all,  humankind and our mother earth.
Let us be the phoenixes arising out of the  ashes. Let us arise from our own last shadows.  We will see our new golden age of abundance, peace, harmony, unconditional love, sharing and creating, emerge. We just have to be focussing  on the light and not on our shadow parts we have to leave behind.  So shine your light bright and know the shadows will disappear.
Love and Light,


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