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John Ward – Greek Crisis : Merkel’s ‘Unexpected U-turn – Spiegel – 10 September 2012

The German Chancellor has decided to do the only thing she was ever going to do.

It will come as no surprise to committed Sloggers that Spiegel today carries a story saying that Angela Merkel will not be allowing Greece to exit the eurozone.

On May 28th this year, I posted this:

‘Finally – and this is the last time I’ll say it – Greece isn’t going to leave the eurozone: Draghi won’t let them, the Greeks themselves are wrongly terrified by the idea, and anyway a more pro-bailout Party line-up will emerge after the June 17th elections. Somehow in some way, there will be a compromise at the end of  a long stand-off.’ Continue reading


Annette R.S. – Breaking News – Blair Could Face War Crimes Trial In Scotland

It’s getting closer for our Tone !

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair could face trial in Scotland for his war crimes in Iraq after the proposal was backed by Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

Margo MacDonald, an independent MSP, called for the alteration of the International Criminal Court (Scotland) Act 2001, asking the law to consider an aggressive war with the intention of changing a regime as illegal. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Actual Constitutional Case Against OMT And ESM; Why Bond Buying Undermines Democracy; Is Draghi Above The Law? – 10 September 2012

A post on the the Fibs and Waves blog by “Blankfeind” outlines the actual legal case against the OMT. I believe the case is rock solid. How the German constitutional court rules in two days is another matter.

Please consider The ECB Thumbs Its Nose At The Law.

On September 6th, the ECB announced its Outright Monetary Transactions program, known as OMT. Justified as a means for the ECB to repair monetary policy transmission and to recreate the singleness of monetary policy for the euro area, the OMT offers an unlimited commitment by the ECB to purchase short-term (one to three year) sovereign debt in the secondary markets for sovereigns who agree to certain conditions. Continue reading

Weather Modification Trials Australia – 10 September 2012

Cloud seeding trial underway in NSW

Cloud seeding trial underway in NSW

Winter has come and gone for another year and with it more data has been gathered in a cutting edge trial that is being carried out in the Australian Alps.

The trial is exploring the possibility of increasing snowfall by utilising a technique called cloud seeding that was first seen more than 50 years ago. Continue reading

Bad News For The FDA, With Archbishop Jim Humble (MMS News Flash) – 10 September 2012

Uploaded on 20 May 2012 by (Lucas : This is already from May but I had not seen this!)Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Throat Chakra Activation By Anthena Arcturus – 10 September 2012

Beloved Earth beings, souls and aspects of the Creator, I come forward to you now holding and sharing the light and wisdom of the Acturians. From the star of Arcturus I extend my energies to your being guided by the wise Acturian Masters to support you at this sacred time in awakening your throat chakras. My energy and love are with you always and I act as a bridge connecting your energies with the bright light of Arcturus for further spiritual awakening and awareness. Continue reading

Dis-Infowars – Treasury Launches $18 Billion AIG Stock Offering! – 10 September 2012

Article : Reuters.com

(Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury Department said it will sell most of its stake in insurer American International Group Inc, making the government a minority investor for the first time since it rescued the company in the depths of the financial crisis four years ago.

While the Treasury was universally expected to sell stock this month, the magnitude of the planned $18 billion offering was a surprise that will take the government stake in what had been the world’s largest insurer to around 20 percent from 53 percent currently. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Changing Your Diet/Lifestyle May Change Your Life Forever – Naturally Free…Make the Change Now! – 10 September 2012

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Moyers & Company Show 135: Challenging Power, Changing Politics – With Bernie Sanders – 10 September 2012

(Lucas : For me this is a must see and listen to. Besides I love the indepedent Senator Bernie Sanders  for his standing ,vision and opinion.) Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 10 September 2012

The week spreads out before us as a treasure path to Spirit’s nakedness. The inner levels of our Eternal Beings are saturated in an unprecedented helping of Divinity (love, light, compassion, etc). I have concluded that it is going to be a week that supports and perhaps even instructs the entire force field of each person to a new level of receptivity. If you can shake off the influences of that which distracts you from your spiritual center for the next few days and focus on embodying every particle of expanded Light that is our good fortune to be receiving then you’ll end up the savvy entrepreneur of the latest revolutionary Sacred Fire. Continue reading