Cobra – Update Comment Lucas – 10 September 2012

Update on my comment :  Lucas:

I will explain some things. In being a  lightworker I see that what others do not all as wrong or right.  Things that are said maybe for some be harsh. I feel strongly about free will choice and about being working on the positive side being in the light and helping things evolve further in manifesting the new golden age from that point and vision onwards.   Still I may have left the impression about Cobra that he is all evil or what he has said is all wrong and that is not said by me not is that true in any way. He has a different perception and view on things.  Also he refers in his messages to information I have seen already and is correct. 

I have made my concerns clear about the Cobra that made statements in his last articles  and I am not gonna repeat it all here , those concerns I have addressed. I have respect for those who do in their perception fight the dark, archons and reptilians or entities in whatever world and dimension, or on the etheric plane or 4D level.  That still does not make others doing things in an other way for the light not dedicated lightworkers.  As such all of us  are doing  their great job as lightworkers even if  you maybe perceive things in an other way as yours. Also I have  explained it (from my perspective) now for many just awakened to the light and now growing in the light necessary to focus on the positive and not and the negative again. The consequence of being falling back into 3D reality and or worse is a possibility and we do not wanna lose out on the new additions to the light.

It is maybe for you that follow Cobra (even to the letter) not your approach on things but that still does not make your way of experiencing of doing things better or worse than what  I am doing and standing for. I have another perception. Still  I always respect those that go another way and do that by their own free will choice after discerning themselves. But If they are commanded, manipulated or drawn into things, in a way if they had no other choice that is not the right way to go about things in what ever way you perceive to see the battle of duality and that between good and bad. I hope to have explained some things and cleared up  possible misunderstandings.

Remember though, we may differ in our approach or even have an other perception , we do not differ in the end goal, and let us focus on that as I have said before many times. Still others do ridicule, hurt or kick at others that are not doing it their way. They should know by now there are many ways that spiral down the vortex to the same endpoint and none is wrong or right. We will meet there all as we have that same  desire and intention in freeing humanity from the dark and bringing the lightworld to  existence.

Love and Light,


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