More RFID Chip Resistance – San Antonio, Texas – 10 September 2012

(Lucas: The pictures I have added to let you see more than the chip implant most think of as RFID, the spectrum goes from clothes tags, stickers on everything, chips in everything from bankcard/credit card till your security keys for work, IDs, entrance and parking devices, most have multiple already in use and do not know they are or can be tracked and traced, also most chips hold more info that can be read from distance with readers or via RFID antenna’s .)

Way to go, San Antonio!!!

We Are Change-SA/THC protest in opposition to students in San Antonio being forced to wear RFID tracking ID’s around there neck. WAC, parents, students, and concerned citizens spoke out at the Northside Independent School District board meeting, educating board members on the encroachment of the children’s civil and religious rights, as well as associated health issues.

The govt does not care about adults who are set in their ways and will not change…govt wants the “next generation”…and it SHALL have them….because Congress made it “legal” long ago…. By the way, a “PILOT” program means that the plan
is coming to your county very soon…they are just getting the kinks knocked out of the agenda… overcoming the people who do not like it … that kind of “kink”….


We emphatically request the North side Independent School District to immediately stop using RFID to track students until a formal safety, technology, and privacy impact assessment is conducted. We call on the district to:

* Immediately cease issuing RFID-tagged student ID cards, and recall all cards that have been issued.

* Disable all RFID tracking equipment on school premises.

* Notify parents that the planned deployment of RFID been suspended pending the safety, technology, and privacy impact assessment.

* Call a public meeting to allow concerned parties to share their views and concerns about the “Student Locator” program.

* Provide a climate of respect and non-discrimination for students, parents, and staff members with philosophical and religious objections to RFID tracking technology

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