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Infinite Waters – Changing Your Diet/Lifestyle May Change Your Life Forever – Naturally Free…Make the Change Now! – 10 September 2012

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Moyers & Company Show 135: Challenging Power, Changing Politics – With Bernie Sanders – 10 September 2012

(Lucas : For me this is a must see and listen to. Besides I love the indepedent Senator Bernie Sanders  for his standing ,vision and opinion.) Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 10 September 2012

The week spreads out before us as a treasure path to Spirit’s nakedness. The inner levels of our Eternal Beings are saturated in an unprecedented helping of Divinity (love, light, compassion, etc). I have concluded that it is going to be a week that supports and perhaps even instructs the entire force field of each person to a new level of receptivity. If you can shake off the influences of that which distracts you from your spiritual center for the next few days and focus on embodying every particle of expanded Light that is our good fortune to be receiving then you’ll end up the savvy entrepreneur of the latest revolutionary Sacred Fire. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – Obama vs Romney On Issues Mattering Most – 10 September 2012

Both candidates represent duopoly power. They’re two sides of the same coin. Differences between them are minor. On issues mattering most, they’re in lockstep.
In January 2013, America will be run by rogues whoever wins. Under either party, expect the next four years to be worse than previous ones.
Lame duck Obama will be unrestrained. Religious extremist/corporate predator Romney promises the worst of his agenda and then some. Continue reading

Vision Keeper – Keep Climbing – 10 September 2012

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I know everybody is getting tired now and it has seemed for quite some time now that something by the dark ones was going to happen, yet nothing has materialized. Thank God! It is the old waiting for the other shoe to drop scenario, only it doesn’t come and the unnerving wait continues.  Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – German Constitutional Court Apporval Of ESM Not A Done Deal; Draghi’s Fatal Mistake? – 10 September 2012

One puzzling aspect of ECB president Mario’ Draghi’s Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) plan to save the eurozone is his doing so before the German constitutional court had approved the ESM.

In spite of Draghi’s emphasis on conditionality, OMT puts Germany directly at risk in an unlimited way. This modification to the ESM makes the constitutional case against it is much stronger. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Global Update, Spaceweather – 10 September 2012

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