Sophia Love – The Secrets We Keep – 10 September 2012

This transformation is about love, love of self.  As we morph through our days, there exists a sameness in our focus.  We are pointed towards Agape.

Ascension while physical asks our bodies to prepare to hold extremely high frequencies.  There are none higher than the vibration of self-love.  Agape becomes our primary preparation. 
If I were to write a diary of my Ascension, it would be all over the map, with a variety of physical symptoms, spiritual revelations, mental break-through’s and emotional conditions.  Beneath each of them would be a relentless push to forgive.
Forgiveness is the fuel that keeps me moving towards Agape.  When all is said and done, I am the One who will be stepping into another vibration.  I cannot do that holding bags of self loathing.
It is time to release any condition you’ve been hiding, and accept all parts.  There is nothing you can do to make yourself unworthy.  You are perfect where you stand; a candidate today for the next dimension, the dimension of unconditional love.
We all have secrets, obsessions and private thoughts.  We believe these to be faults and valid reasons for self abuse.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You came here voluntarily; took yourself into a very dense and limiting existence in order to learn and rapidly progress.  While here, you developed coping mechanisms.  These are not faults.  These are habits of humanity; byproducts of having to function as a debt slave in a world bent on keeping you subservient.
You were never meant to hate yourself.  You have been intentionally broken down so that the only relief available is labeled illegal or morally wrong.  This was intentional, make no mistake.  It is the institutions that control the planet that are dictating also our deepest fears.  We are afraid we are not good enough.
We are all good enough.  Our divinity was never in question.  If there remains a judgment you hold, understand that it is strictly of this dimension.  If Ascension is about anything at all, it is about letting go.  Release your fears and accept every wonderful particle of you, for you are source energy and flawless.
It does not matter what method or program or actions you use to proceed, it matters that you love.  This is a challenge in society today.  Those in charge have seen to that.  That’s why meditation and contemplation becomes necessary to the process – you have to divert your eyes so that you’ll see clearly.
You are a being of light, a spark meant to grow into a raging flame of passion.  Your natural state is free, expressive, expansive and all inclusive.  It is your dreams and wildest imaginings that hold the keys to your release.  Give them room to flourish.
Let go of any thought that sounds like judgment.  It is time now for love.  The walls of this place were built on untruths.  They will crumble under the steady gaze of Agape.  It is our most powerful tool.
Love yourself.  The strength you will find in self-love offers every assurance.  You don’t need to look elsewhere.  You have all that you need right here in your heart.
You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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