Weather Modification Trials Australia – 10 September 2012

Cloud seeding trial underway in NSW

Cloud seeding trial underway in NSW

Winter has come and gone for another year and with it more data has been gathered in a cutting edge trial that is being carried out in the Australian Alps.

The trial is exploring the possibility of increasing snowfall by utilising a technique called cloud seeding that was first seen more than 50 years ago.

Cloud seeding is the process of introducing a particle into the clouds to help make it rain or snow.

Snowy Hydro, an organisation currently running a cloud seeding trial, monitors weather systems approaching the NSW Alps to identify potential cloud seeding systems.

They target naturally inefficient weather fronts, that if left unseeded would pass across the mountains, leaving what is known as a rain shadow.

Conditions were put in place before the trial was allowed to go ahead, one of these being that the trial could not have a negative impact on the environment

If results continue to be positive, it is hoped the trial will be extended. link to original article

Lucas : Additional information :

The trial is done with propane burners that spread the silver iodide and indium oxide into the clouds. The fact is that diameter of the particles are less than 0,06 micrometer and  toxic to humans with known severe health effects. These particles are also not soluble in water. The ec0-damage is clear. It is against their own testing conditions not to harm the environment.  If those conditions are not met why is testing done and allowed.  You know the answer!

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