Lucas – Two Towers – Remembering The Secret – 11 September 2012

A fictional story about  Two Towers in the midst of the land of human.

The story begins with the characters of the two towers , one tower called the whore of Babylon and the other called the tower of the darkness. Both had found in their fights of evil their righteous place  so they thought.  The land of human kind was their place they could feed, plunder and use their resources called slaves for what reason or what use ever. The dark forces had found protection in clothing that shielded them against the light they could not bear.

It was a long time ago when those evil forces came upon earth and started fighting amongst themselves for power and settled for the status quo in finding their own strongholds to defend.  They came to satisfy their needs that where abundantly available on earth.  The creator of this world had given the species that predominant lived on this earth of heavenly greens, streams, enchanted lands of waving trees, seas and mountains, a lot of edible food in the form of fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, that came from those plants and trees that grew them. Animals, insects where also provided for on this beautiful world created and it was called the land of Gaia and also human land.

The fainted memory of that is still in the hearts of the enslaved, abused and used humans.  The remembering of the last spark of the true beauty of this world filled of light was in that last place where those evil forces could not reach.  It was hidden well and was called the secret amongst all those humans that through the years became more and more helped by strange beings that came from the sky. It were those that said to be coming from their future and were helping them to make their world whole again.

Thus started a long and difficult road of the revolt an awakening to the true power of humans started by the visits of those called the angels from our future.  The revolt of the humans was already  successful as the dark ones had a beautiful plan to get rid of the others power base and also the growing unrest and upcoming force of the humans in the resistance.  The dark tower power base was willing to even lose its base and move to another place to rebuilt it in secret.  They made the elaborate plan in secret and followed it through step by step to let all happen as it had to be.

The plan was given the start date  of the 9 th day of the 11 th month and so it would be. The strategic outcome would be the power of the dark tower group would be limitless as they would be the lords of the land after destroying both towers and also blaming it on the human kind that revolted against their cruel slavery rule of them.  No more freedom and all the control would be theirs. And so it be done. On the day the towers were blown up with leaving all the planted evidence in place that it were the human that did it.  A first war would be fought amongst the humans and the whore of Babylon forces that would remain after the towers were destructed. Letting them believe they were the powers that survived. After that they took with their forces control of the human land and its slaves. The whore of Babylon thought to have control over all.

The sneaky rebuild of the tower of two and the forces from the darkness that had been moved silent to its new base before 9/11 was not seen.  So the second war was brought on as a surprise attack to finish of the whore of Babylon for all time. That war brought victory to the strong and not weakened forces of the Tower of darkness and they established power in the land over all in their new stronghold the tower of two.  It was built and  set amongst  a rift surrounded by high mountains. The mountains were surrounded by  lush greens and fields and also forests.

The Tower of Two had become  truly the heaven for those of darkness as they had everything and denied all to its slaves the humans.  Still the angels came and helped those humans in finding back their creators power of the secret.  They learned it again and became again revolting and freedom fighting humans that rose up against the forces of darkness. The forces of darkness never knew what was coming as the humans  were now assisted by those coming from far and from within their own human kind that became angels through remembering the secret. Those lights that shone upon the dark shone so bright it blinded the darkness away from the stronghold and made the remaining decide to flee.

The forces of darkness could not exist in those bright lights that were radiating on the human lands. The last remaining were captured they received cages of thoughts of their worst dreams and that would make them never be free again till they would choose to go into the light and go back to their creator.  Yes, also those dark ones that came and captured the human lands were originating from their creator and had lived that what was asked of them. The Dark ones played out their role of the opposite force in duality.

Strange things happen if you write fiction the scribe said. It was just now two trams, the one line 9 and the other line 11, crushed into each other this morning in The Hague  in The Netherlands with 36 wounded.  Also a bus crashed in Eindhoven upon a truck on the (Tower) Toren Allee this morning, 27 wounded.  See all the numbers flowing around . Speaking of coincidences and illuminati beliefs and prophesies.

It is the fictional story above that paints the outcome of the battle that is ending now.  We will all find our secret and be again angels upon earth. Those lightbeings we all are, we will see again through our  own eyes.  The system that is the one that has done so many things in creating this atrocity and blowing up the two towers with all the loss of life on this day 11 years ago is coming to its end.  There will not be any longer a place where dark can dwell and the light will shine upon this land humans will live in freedom, peace, harmony and health and abundance. This is done and so be it. The light has already won.

This part fictional story told was in remembrance of those more than 2000 people who have been giving their lives in the 9/11 event.  Let  love and  light be part of those still morning their lost ones.  My heart goes out to the victims,  their families and friends. Let them know, we know.

Love and Light,


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  1. Lucas, beautifully written parable, the story of our time, of today. Thank you for your creative energy that you share.