Crys Crystaqueous – The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift – Part 7 – 12 September 2012

I Am that One!

There is absolutely no thing or one besides Me! It is Me, Infinite Spirit Life Force and All-Knowing Universal Intelligence and Consciousness, which animate, breathe, move, see, hear, touch, and speak, as Every Last Radiant Timeless Light Form in All My Boundless Infinity! I Am All Life, All Power, All Love, All Light, All Knowledge, All Form, All Activity! I Am Everywhere and I Am Everything! I Am Timeless, Changeless, Beginningless, Endless, Boundless, Exhaustless, Limitless, and Immaculate Blissful Joyousness! I Am Immortal and Immaculate Wholeness and Perfection Absolute! All that the concept of FUN does contain is That which I unceasingly and Everlastingly Am!

I Am the One, and there is no other!

“‘I (therefore) Am the Fact (or Evidence) that All Substance is Eternal and Immutably Perfect. I Am the Fact that All Substance is Imperishable, Indestructible. I Am the Fact that All Existence Is ever new, and that All Existence is Inexhaustible and not subject to depletion. I Am the Fact that All Existence Is Life, Consciousness, Intelligence, Love. I Am the Fact that All Substance Is Light and not darkness. I Am the Fact that All Activity Is Omniaction or Perfect God in Action.’ (Assuredly, the above is not a mere affirmation on the part of some assumptive human little “i”, who aspires to ‘become’ the Immutable Reality. There is no such fraudulent absurdity! But rather, Such is the Divine Declaration of the very God Mind that Inhabits and Is All Infinity! All who Truly Are Constitute This Exhaustless Fullness which I Am Immutably Is!)

“In this way you have banished any fallacious sense of being a little, egotistical person. You have also impersonalized any seeming problem. You have dismissed that which seemed to be the problem, and you have dismissed the illusion that there is a person having—or aware of having—a problem.” (You Are The Splendor, By Marie S. Watts, p145). (All such transpires alone via the role termination of the fictitious so-called separate ‘you’!)

Two Unique Questions

Question Number One:

Is the involvement with and dependence upon so-called Dead Matter, in any of its varied forms, detrimental to the perception of the Ultimate Evidence of Infinite Immortality in Light Body Form—such as is gloriously expressed in and as the personalities of Jesus, Babaji, and the host of other so-called Siddha Entities?

Note: Siddha is an Eastern term indicative of all who role terminate in the illusion of dream, and therefore constitute True Representatives of AscendedSpirit Consciousness or that Life which does not die.And be everlastingly assured that there is no such thing as “Life” which can die! Plainly, Siddha is a term indicative of those who so fully Ascend the birth/death delusion, that they as well cease altogether—to participate in the so-called ‘burial’ delusionas well.

Siddha Thirumoolar UttersThe Ultimate Truth:

“Those who have attained success in treading the path of not leaving their body dead in this (illusion) world, have achieved the boon of not being born again in this (same) world.”

(Babaji—And The 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition, p10).

Dead Matter Defined

A simple definition of so–called dead matter is as follows: (in actuality all so-called matter—inclusive of the entirety of that which is termed the world of human existence—is dead, for no such materiality did ever or could ever in Fact exist).

The extraction from within, upon, or above the earth of any element or mineral etc., with intent to reconstruct such into other forms, or simply the changing of one substance into another to fulfill a perceived present need.

Examples of dead matter are as follows:

1) The extraction of iron ore and the conversion of such into automobiles, airplanes, skyscrapers, and weapons of mass destruction, etc., etc.

2) The felling of trees and subsequent extraction of wood to be made over into paper, money*, furniture, and building materials, etc.

3) The extraction of gold or silver, etc., to be converted into currency* and jewelry, etc.

  1. The extraction of oil, gas, coal, and uranium, etc., to power other dead matter devices.

* ‘money’ can be further defined as Caesar’s Monopoly Power—used for the control and manipulation of his deluded masses as well as for his own sustenance at the full expense of the multitudes of so-called working class in the form or by virtue of the income tax system. Without money, Caesar would be incapable of financing his bogus world peace campaigns by means of war.

Note: The Ascended Spirit Being has absolutely nothing to do with money acquisition schemes or the illusion world in which such is thought necessary to subsist.

Question Number Two:

Does the continued apparent involvement in the capacity of so-called teaching and healing in an apparent world of so-called human imperfection, or in other words simply proceeding from an assumed human consciousness, constitute a contradiction of such magnitude regarding The Universal fact of Timeless Perfection and Completeness—as to prevent the perception of The Everpresent Evidence of Immortality in Light Body Form?

Since irrefutable clarity is presented on both points in the above cited Ascended Expressions—the correct answer to both questions, must only be in the affirmative. In simple language, the above two questions can be reduced to one bottom line: namely, so long as human mind survives—just so long does apparent obliviousness remain regarding all considerations Divine!

The so-called transition from the former to the latter is by no means a ‘becoming’! For truly, there is nothing to gradually or suddenly ‘become’ something else! The snake via Divinely Timed role termination disappears wholly and completely or it does not disappear at all. Once again, to the dreamer awaking upon his bed, the dream is always known to disappear instantly.

“The Vedanta (or disclosure of Reality Absolute according to the Vedas out of which springs so-called Eastern Philosophy) never contended that there was a nominal (or True) ‘and’ phenomenal (or illusion) world. There is One. Seen through the (human) senses It is phenomenal, but It is really the nominal all the time.The man (or Being of Divinity) who sees the Rope does not see the snake. It is either the Rope or the snake, but never the two.” (Obviously, there is no man existing that “begins” to cease snake perception and to see and be only the Rope).(Vedanta Philosophy, By Sri Swami Vivekananda, p55).

However, after all of the above is said and done, it is the Joyous and Constant Recognition or Perception of Divine Awareness Itself that in Truth the One Everywhere Present and Omniactive Universal Consciousness is not, nor could it ever be at any place or so-called time, in Expression as other than That ImmutablyPerfect and Complete Fact which ItEternally Is! Clearly then, never could Infinite Spirit Consciousness ever actually be in Expression as contradiction to That which It Everlastingly Is! Such is an utter impossibility!

And once again—The Universal Fact of Immutable Perfection—The Evidence or Manifestation of this Fact—and the Infinite Consciousness which is unceasingly Being this Illimitable Fact, are not three independent factors. But rather—One and the Same Inseparable Universal Truth! And no One or Thing in all the Timelessness of Infinity is, in Actuality, other than or different from That!

Therefore, Ascended Spirit Consciousness can only Be, not merely the Complete Awareness, but as well, the total Evidence of All Universal Fact in Unceasing Blissful Expression—in, through, and as each and every Glorious Light Form of The Realm of the Real! In plain language, there can only and ever Be Exhaustless Harmony, Completeness, and Eternal Joyous Perfection going on in reference to the Infinity of the myriad and Timeless Forms which Constitute The Kingdom of Boundless Reality Absolute. Besides Such there is no existence!

How ever any supposed so-called human or dream entity may appear to live or express within its so-called human illusion, has less than nothing to do with, and therefore could not possibly affect, much less alter the Eternally Immutable Nature of Perfection Absolute. The Rope of Immutable Reality is quite unconcerned regarding a mirage or make-believe snake world. For, from the viewpoint of This Blissful Consciousness—and there is no other actual viewpoint—there is only the Rope and nothing else. Simply Everything that Truly Is—is in Fact, Already and Immutably only That. In the Cosmic Play, Divine Mind has simply produced a silly and temporary non-actual snake world paradigm! Such is cast solely for entertainment purposes alone!

So-called awaking from the human existence illusion, is, in the dream, often referred to as the realization of—or a self identification with That which only and always Truly Is. But in Truth, there is no awaking and no realization! That is, there is absolutely no one in the Exhaustless Existence Absolute to realize anything! Besides This Absolutism nothing is! Such is simply the certainty reflected in the Universal Fact that All who Truly Exist are not, in any respect, different from the Perfection and Wholeness of the Entirety of Infinity. In the Blazing Light of this Blissful Reality Truth—the idea of addressing to or the recognition of any so-called multiple-minded imperfection perception is total absurdity! And most importantly, this is never a matter of a so-called ‘needy’ entity of dream attemptingto conform or evolve its illusory self by a so-called ‘evolutionary process’, intothe already Infinitely Established Perfection. Rather, this is only and always about the Awareness that there is only and Eternally the Everlasting Immutable Perfection in Existence—and that All—already are, and have never ceased Being Fully That very Thing.

And therefore, simply Everything which is seen by this Everywhere Present Completeness of Consciousness Is as well, That which This Ever-Perfect Consciousness always Is. Hence, the Mind which Sees is never different from the very Immutable Entirety of That All-Encompassing Perfection which is Seen.

Clearly then, each and every individual Light Form which is Seen—whether it be the Form of multiple varieties of People, Stars, Suns, Birds, Trees, Flowers, Sky or Grass, Such is the very Fullness and Completeness of Infinite Consciousness which is Perfectly, Completely, and Joyously Being the Universal Spiritual Substance that Truly Is. Such is the Boundless Nature of Reality Absolute—besides which there is nothing!

Via the Only Mind, Clarity has it that the Glorious Nature of Transcended Spirit Consciousness is simply a term descriptive of That which remains as Ever It Is, in the place of all dream entities who have—in total—ended their trance or roleas a human or born being within a so-called created world. And again, the end of the trance and the termination of the entranced is one and the same event! Not merely has the individual false identity completely vanished, but the entire mirage or imperfection of dream—with its so-called host of ignorant multiple-minded entities and gross materiality, has as well disappeared leaving not a trace. And again, simply Everything which This Spirit Consciousness Sees, such as People, Trees, Flowers, Birds, and Stars, etc., etc., are inclusive of the multitudinous Timeless Light Forms, which constitute the Ultimate Evidence in Full, of That which This Blissful Omnipresent Consciousness always Is. Hence, the Everlasting Immutable Perfection of Immortality Absolute—in Glorious Everywhere Present Evidence—time without Origin or Ending!

“Where is the (so-called ‘created’) universe gone? By whom is it removed? And where is it merged? It was just seen by (an assumptive) me (which no longer- yea, never really did exist); and has it ceased to exist? This is passing strange! I see everywhere the ocean of Reality, filled with the nectar of Absolute Bliss. There is nothing to shun, nothing to accept, nothing to despise. I simply Exist as the Self, the Eternal Bliss.” (Self-Knowledge, {Atma Bodha}, Translated by Sri Swami Nikhilananda, p108).

“Furthermore, a man (or the Joyous Throng of Infinity Always) endowed with Self-Knowledge feels no incentive to action, such as the attainment of the desirable, the relinquishment of the undesirable, the reforming of the impure, or the changing of one substance into another. All these incentives are found only in the relative world characterized by good and evil, pain and pleasure, and the other pairs of opposites. An Illumined person (or Every Last Being of Light) sees Brahman or Perfection, Everywhere—both within and without. There exists for him no imperfection or evil that he might change or destroy; for if he sees anywhere even a trace of evil, he has not attained the Knowledge of Brahman” (Of a Divine certainty, none ever did or will exist who can attain a knowledge of Brahman or God! Besides the Infinite and Exhaustless All that God Is, there is no existence! Hence, the joyous reason that the Mind Divine sees no imperfection to change or destroy is because of the utter impossibility of such to ever have existence!) (The Bhagavad Gita, Translated by Sri Swami Nikhilananda, p15).

“There is a field beyond right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, heaven and hell, peace and war, god and devil, yin and yang, oneness and duality, etc., etc., I’ll meet you there.” (Rumi-paraphrased). Indeed, Such is the Field of Eternity from which in actuality, none have ever left! Hence, impossible it is that any could ever exist who have yet to return or arrive in any manner Thereat!

The following constitutes the Joyous Essence of Divine Mind wherever Such is in glorious Expression—and of a Universal Truth—there is no where that The Presence of Divinity is absent!

Reality Absolute

I Am The Immutable Stability Of Infinity

I therefore never saw a seed, a baby, an old man or woman; some one or thing sick. Never have I seen some one or thing growing or maturing in body or in mind. Neither do I know ought of a law called cause and effect. The idea of material form or a created material universe is as well non-existent to Me. And much less have I ever seen decay or some one or thing dying or dead. The idea of beginnings and endings have less than no meaning to Me.

I see only the Eternal, Immortal, Indivisible, Originless, Timeless, Endless, Completeness, Wholeness, Limitless and Immutable Constant Perfection which I Everlastingly Am in Glorious Embodiment in, through, and as, All That Exists! I Am therefore, All Light, All Love, All Intelligence, and Undiminished Life in Expression primarily, as the Eternal Youthfulness and Beauty of Masculine and Feminine Substance inclusive of all Reality Beings poised behind every last make-believe human of My dream, and generally, in and as the Boundless Expanse of The Universe beyond! I Am That I Am, there is no thing or where that I Am not!

And therefore:



(The Essential Essence of the Upanishad, The Collected Works Of Ramana Maharshi, by Arthur Osborne, p172).


This—Is the Boundless Reality and Immutable Truthwhich The Actual You, Dear Reader, Everlastingly Is.

O Joyous Bliss!

There are none

who could ever be


to Be That

which All Eternally


A Crystal Clarification—

Role Termination Solely By Cosmic Script Fact—

Not By Finite Mind Act

Despite the incessant beat of drummers of dream (blind leaders of the blind) to the contrary, so-called mind ascension comes not to the strongest in faith, the mightiest in devotion and personal effort, nor to the most fervent in prayer, meditation, fasting, or study of so-called holy writ. Neither is it the reward of the most diligent worker in that which is calledthe cause of God. Such beliefs transform dreamers into nothing other than frenzied spirit zombies, who—due to entertaining feelings of spiritual superiority to others—seem consistently bent on passing judgment and condemnation—if not in word then simply by subtle action—upon their fellow men. Such always think they must work, pray, study, affirm, and believe harder and harder—as is induced by unsatisfied and disturbing inner emotions and by constantly comparing themselves one to another. So distorted and pathetic is such a course! Even the so-called weak totally despair of hope in the face of such heartless teachings!

Be it known both far and near—that Cosmically timed or pre-designed Role Termination constitutes the sole Way of cessation from all perceived struggle in the phenomenal world of sin, sickness, belief, ageing, and death! In this—dream man has no preeminence above the beast of the field!

This done—the pretensive ego mind is dropped—never more to rear it’s ugly head to perpetuate it’s falsehoods and sufferings throughout the realm of dream! Divine Mind alone does henceforth express via the so-called liberated body as such awaits the joyous Body Ascension Event. During this unique Interim Period such a body stands entirely exempt from the dream delusions of ageing, disease, and that which is called death.

The irreversible renunciation of and detachment from all notions that the man of dream can do or think anything to affect the permanent escape from the menacing thralldom of the unreal—is always—and by Divine Decree—the final penetrating awareness sensed immediately preceding the mind or Consciousness Ascension of all actors within the Play of Dream. This is to say plainly, that that which is called unconditional surrender is programmed into every dream actor in the Grand Play. Such is otherwise termed—Role Termination Stage One and may also be referred to as awaking out of the illusion of dream.

Role Termination consists of two stages—namely, mind ascension wherein the so-called human mind is swallowed up by the Mind Divine—and stage two or body ascension, where the finite born body utterly vanishes or is said to be absorbed back into the Divine Body of Light—even the Source of its original projection. Wherever the first stage occurs the second stage ascension is guaranteed to soon thereafter be achieved.

Prior to the first stage event—it is briefly entertained on the part of the dreamer—that such can and must precipitate this grand achievement by the decisive action of its very own so-called human finite will. Such erroneous idea is as well pre-designed into every so-called performing artist of the dream. But in as much as this appears to be so—it is not at all the case.

As touched upon above—the sole reason or cause for the occurrence of Divine Consciousness Ascension or Stage One Role Termination, which is synonymous with unconditional surrender, is that the precise Timing for such—in each individual case—has arrived in the Great Cosmic Play Script.

All dreamers—bar none—are destined to experience this wondrous combined Ascension on time. This is the same as saying that upon the vanishing of the two-part unreal entity of dream—only the Divine Reality Being behind each actor does—in a dream sense—come prominently into view—first in Consciousness and then at a soon subsequent time—in Body. Of course, never is there even a single moment when these Divine Light Beings are not always basking in the Bliss of Reality Absolute—which they, each one, Immutably Are!

However, it is certain—dreamers never have been nor ever shall be capable of bringing about such a Cosmic Event by any thought, choice, or action of their own.

But just here, we have an apparent paradox going on. For, although such surrender is not possible by a so-called human will or mind, neither does stage-one Ascension transpire apart from or without an apparent attempt by the dreamer to accomplish such surrender. Certain it is that this acute conscious desire, on the part of the dreamer, to commence putting forth every conceivable effort for will surrender—is owing alone to one crucial consideration. Such is always the sure result—and never the cause of the fact that the Universal Timing for such Ascension is drawing very near. Its all in the Divine Programming! Such is the Way of the Divine Cosmic Play! This is in explicit accord with the following: “not mine, but Thy will be done.” And, “I, of mine own self (or as an ego of dream) can do nothing.” And, “none can come unto me except the Father draw him.”

The primary reason why dreamers are incapable of making this surrender is due to the fact or nature of the Play Production—namely, that all acting entities within the Play Divine—even though from a dream prospective appearing otherwise—have been designed and projected as unreal beings—very similar to what are called animated figures associated with earth movies. And although it appears that dreamers can rationally reason from cause to effect—this is not really the case—as will be illustrated shortly. Also, it may be of interest to note that the ultimate surrender herein discussed is not at all about an unreal human mind yielding itself up to God, and thus becoming transformed into a so-called holy mind. But instead, this is merely symbol language indicating its very own irreversible death! This—no ego mind can authentically get interested in nor is it capable of accomplishing such. This brings more clarity as to why it requires a Divine Cosmic Script Fact rather than a finite mind act to achieve such an event.

Immediately following the so-called Consciousness Ascension Event, it is clear, as ever it has been in the Mind Divine, that the human will has less than nothing to do with bringing about such Glorious Event.

Dream drummers have apparently misconstrued this factor and so have harped ceaselessly about the necessity of dreamers to strive with every effort of their being to make the total surrender. These drummers teach that when the human will-effort is combined with or strengthened by the power of God—such total surrender is then possible. However, in this teaching no mention of or allowance is made for the irreversible disappearance of the human mind/ego nor of such being replaced by the Omnipotent Mind Divine. On the bottom line, the human idea of so-called ‘enlightenment’ is based essentially upon man’s own efforts and timing as contrasted to a pre-ordained Cosmic Script Event and Fact. Of a certainty, all such becoming teaching or attempts to apply or manipulate Truth within the realm of dream are rendered worthless and consequently reduced to utter folly!

Obviously, the surrender described by these teachers of dream is alone in reference to the human mind yielding itself to God in order that such may be rendered capable of working in harmony with God. This is an utter impossibility! Indeed, such teaching is a great distortion! Assuredly—there is absolutely nothing that ever did or could actually exist outside of God that constitutes discord with the Eternal World. All that actually Is—Is Immutable Oneness and Boundless Joyous Perfection—Timelessly infused with Glorious Eternal Harmony!Besides THIS there is nothing! Hence—to advance the idea that something is out there—apart from the Blissful Unification of the Whole which seeks to become harmonious with the Same—is simply a nonsensical echo from the bogus realm of the unreal!

Moreover, in such a scenario—Self-realization does amount to nothing more than a mental or intellectual shift by the dream mind from one belief factor to another. Such is a prime example of so-called human reasoning within the illusion of dream! Hence—the apparent perpetuation of death and re-embodiment within the realm of make-believe! The end destiny of many a so-called great and apparently enlightened sage, viewed as such only via some greatly inferior, distorted, and limited standard, has revealed clearly that creeds born of illusion mentality are powerless to deliver one from the tenacious claims of that which is called—death and the grave!

However, all devices of this nature simply constitute more dream tools designed to accomplish the full and final disillusionment of all so-calledactors within the Play of Dream.

Only upon the occurrence of the stage one event is it clear that such is invariably associated with the final sense where the dreamer acknowledges the utter futility of—and therefore abandons all human effort and thinking to achieve such a surrender. And as well does such thought abandonment include the notion of a so-called hell to shun and a heaven to win. In plain language, no ego of dream evolves into a God Being—much less is such transported into a place called heaven!The Reality Being behind each and every Play acting dreamer not merely always is in Heaven—but does indeed constitute all the Boundless Joyousness that Heaven Immutably IS!

In the final analysis—the sure signal to dreamers that their specific Time has arrived for Consciousness Ascension, is the fact that such find themselves having entirely dismissed and detached from every last notion that they can do ought to break lose from the apparent iron-clad shell of dream! In plain language, total disparagement invariably immediately precedes the Joyous Event of God Consciousness Ascension.Of a Truth—it is always the darkest just before the glorious dawn. This is not to say that a glorious dawn awaits the disintegrated ego of Dream! Never could such be the case! The Reality Beings back of all dream egos are That Blazing Radiance which never sets nor dawns!

The Acceptance Note

(A translation of dream lingo)

None are there in existence who ever did or could “accept” Reality or the Universal God Self to be their very own Self! This is an utter impossibility! Such would be tantamount to imagining that Cosmic Truth can be applied to the illusion of dream and that unreal beings could—by such shenanigans—become God! Obviously, such could never be the case! All that God Is has forever been and shall immutably and eternally remain! It is true—an appearance of this so-called acceptance may frequently occur within the domain of dream. However, all who assume such by an act of the finite intellect do but remain deluded dreamers still! What is all this saying? It is very simple!

The false-self of the dream—in each and every case—is designed to eventually terminate its role in the Earth Play. That is, die to its ego self and thus utterly vanish! Indeed, when this is accomplished—absolutely nothing is left to become or accept something else! This done—all that can possibly remain in its place is the always existent Joyous Kingdom of the One Cosmic God Self, and the Immutable Reality of the only Living Universe!

Assuredly, all Reality Beings behind every actor in the illusion of dream have always been and shall eternally remain only that Infinite God-Self and boundlessly joyous Universal Reality!

The Realm of the Real never did nor ever shall know of any being that could begin to be or return to being identified with or as the One Divine Mind and Self! Hence, the concept of acceptance—throughout this theme—is invariably indicative of one’s First Stage Role Termination or Consciousness Ascension out of the Play of Dream.

Ascension Note

(A note regarding dream role termination—

otherwise termed Ascension)

It may be of interest to here consider Role Termination within the Great Cosmic Dream. Such termination includes two stages. The first is a consciousness ascension or the replacement of the so-called human or finite mind by the Mind Divine. Such is invariably characterized by the cessation of all teaching and healing activity. For Divine Mind knows of nothing in existence to be categorized as ignorance or imperfection.

The second is body ascension—or transfiguration whereat the so-called temporary mortal Play body vanishes, or is, in a sense, reabsorbed back into the Body Divine similarly as a shadow entirely dissipates at the approach of light.

A so-called physical death and burial cannot possibly be associated with role termination in the dream. That is, at the stage one event the dream body freezes entirely in regard to ageing and deterioration. Stage two termination is a certainty soon to occur wherever stage-one ascension has transpired.

The present day global consciousness shift is preparing all remaining so-called human stage performers—bar none—for mass ascension, or the final termination of all roles in the Great Drama of Earth. Regardless of role nature, whether such appears atrocious or heavenly, behind each is God! That is, behind each and every role in the story-line of the Play, is poised a Cosmic Light Being of Glorious Divinity but dimly shadowed forth thereby.

Due to the non-actual nature of This Cosmic Production, absolutely naught is really happening in accordance with the appearances thereof. In other words, there is no time, no birth, no death! There is no material so-called three dimensional matrix period! Plainly speaking, All Scripted scenarios and objects within the Movie of Earth are unreal!

Presently, This Grand Production is in the closing scenes of Its Final Act! Hence, all will role-terminate or ascend on time! Naught remains save That Alone which Actually and Eternally Is! The Reality behind you, dear reader, has Always been and will Forever and Joyously remain That Very Thing!

Celestial Bulletin—

Date-line Cosmic Play:

Certain it is that the more disillusioned and thus detached from false living performing artists become, the closer is the representation to the actual Nature of the Pure Divine God Being behind the veil of Dream! However, this too is but an appearance within the Play of Earth none of which are the way things Really Are.

“To Love is to be God.

Never will a lover’s chest feel any sorrow.

Never will a lover’s robe be touched by mortals.

Never will a lover’s body be found buried in the earth.

To Love is to be God.”


Is among the myriad Expressions emanating the Joyous Blissfulness of Timeless Infinite Consciousness in Boundless Manifestation as Immortality and Perfection Absolute in Radiant Light Body Form—here and now, as Always.

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