Natural News – Mike Adams – GoDaddy Attack Likely A Psyop To Discredit Anonymous While Pushing Cyber Security Executive Order – 12 September 2012

Natural News ~ It is likely no coincidence that on the verge of President Obama’s plan to sign an unconstitutional Executive Order (EO) implementing police state cyber security measures, the internet gets hit with one of the worst DDoS attacks ever perpetrated. Today, GoDaddy got “nuked” with a highly-coordinated DDoS attack, taking down its name servers, websites, hosted email and all its internal phone systems. (See original story here.)

The mainstream media is blaming “Anonymous” for the attack, but this is almost certainly a cover story. The problem with being an anonymous group is that anyone can claim to be you. What’s even more revealing is that the attacker who claimed responsibility for the attack openly stated he is not part of Anonymous. His twitter name was “Anonymous Own3r,” eluding to the hacker slang of someone “owning” a selected target. This term is often used in online video games. It means this user is saying he achieved victory over Anonymous, not that he IS Anonymous.

The attack itself was devastating not only to GoDaddy’s customer base, but also to the reputation of Anonymous itself. That was probably the whole point: to make Anonymous look like a group of online terrorists when, in reality, the real Anonymous group historically only attacks selective targets with strong ties to the police state.

Across the mainstream media, from PC Magazine (,2817,2409516,00.asp) to CBS News (…), the mainstream media is falsely reporting that “Anonymous” claimed responsibility for the attack. But that’s simply not true: the “Anonymous Own3r” user claimed responsibility for it. And he added, in a Tweet, these words:

“It is not Anonymous collective it’s only me. Don’t use Anonymous collective name on it, just my name.” (…)

So if Anonymous didn’t wage the attack on GoDaddy, who did?

A cyber security false flag attack

As InfoWars reported just yesterday, the Obama administration is on the verge of pushing through a cybersecurity executive order. Read details here:…

To push through a new police state internet directive, however, you can’t just smack it down without justification. You first have to create a demand for it by staging your own false flag attack that brings down a significant portion of the internet for a day or so.

And then, when the internet business owners cry out for the government to “do something!” you respond with the executive order. To “keep the internet safe,” of course.

This is a classic problem-reaction-solution tactic. First, you create the problem, wait for the reaction, and the implement your solution — the thing you wanted all along.

In the case of false flags, the “solutions” are always an expanded police state, more government power, fewer civil liberties and the crushing of freedom. This is what’s been happening in America at an accelerated rate ever since 9/11 and the Patriot Act.

Now that this false flag attack on GoDaddy has been pulled off, you can expect a swift reactionary — and even “extremist” — response from the White House. Watch for a cyber security EO to be signed and implemented within the next few weeks, and watch for this attack on GoDaddy to be cited as the reason for “needing” the EO.

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