Sophia Love – Our Seamless Ascension – 1 – 12 September 2012

PictureThis ego is a construct of this dimension.  It is true that your personality remains with you always – you are who you are – yet your personality is not your ego.

The essence of you (your personality) is what is recognized by others you have known.  The experience of meeting someone for the “first time” and feeling immediate familiarity happens because you’ve been together before – as other versions of you.  In the case of “love at first sight” the prior connection was an important and loving one.

This doesn’t always mean you’ve been lovers in your “past”.  Love is expressed deeply in many relationships – parent/child, brother/sister, lifelong friend or beloved grandparent each create a bond that spans lifetimes.

So what is love?  Love is the fabric of you. You are birthed from Source, an element that holds the identical components of our Creator.  Everything God can do you can do also.  This is not blasphemy, it is truth.  The love of God is all encompassing, unconditional, eternal and free.  This is what you are, and it defines where we are headed.  Life is an evolutionary progression.  We are experiencing now just a moment in an eternal string of potentials.

This human that is you today has developed thought patterns, necessary to keep you focused in this dimension; the patterns of ego.  As we begin to prepare ourselves for Ascension, we let go of them.  They are no longer necessary.  They were needed to keep us here, “believing the dream”.  This life was set up so that we’d experience it as if it were real.  It is not, and as we gradually uncover the truth we simultaneously increase our vibration – Ascension.

Our bodies are doing this by prior agreement.  Ascension was always the plan.  It is not something to worry about or wonder if you’ll be ready for.  You are on the list and your body is fully aware.  As our planet raises her vibration, so do we.  This is a simultaneous, beautiful event and we’ll enjoy it as One.  There is no test or tool necessary, it is already done.  We are Ascending right now.

Our fears were creations of our ego and a part of this dimension.  Ascension puts them behind us.  Where we are headed, there is only love.  There is no loss in truth.  There is only Agape.

Love is what is felt for everyone.  Oneness is understood.  Punishment is not even considered an option; there is no blame.  We do, in fact, love everyone equally.  There are some we favor and harmonize with beautifully – these souls we gravitate towards and dance with again and again.  There are none we hate.

This is life in the next dimension and our natural state.  Our ego is not bad; it just can’t go where we are headed.  We can seek justice and work to correct what does not serve us without adopting a divisive belief system that segregates us. These are habits of this third dimension.  We can drop them right now.  All it takes is a decision.

We’ve played our parts and are acting our roles as we agreed to do before arriving.  With free will, we colored them in our own unique way, using a pallet of ego.  They are not, in truth, who we are.  This was and is a grand production, believable and captivating.  We’ve done a great job.

It’s time for new roles, with less acting and more truth.  Our bodies are already preparing.  It is our minds that have to get ready now; it’s almost time to take the stage. We were meant for this part.  It’s going to be the greatest show in the galaxy, produced with perfection.

We are the ones we are all waiting for!!

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