The News In Two Minutes – Who Says There Is Nothing Happening – 12 September 2012

This week has not ended yet and we have  seen our news speed along from the ESM treaty that now has to put up with the ordered restrictions  of the German Constitutional Court  and a green light for the bond buying scheme. The Dutch people in The Netherlands,  one of the largest payers to the EU and the ESM, now being divided after the elections between the left PVDA and right VVD at almost the same strength  and the rest of the parties to take up the shatters.  Hopefully we get a government that will hold its power base longer than 1,5 years. The extreme Neo-Liberal populist Wilders saw his power base demise to 1/3. We saw also a lot of things happening that were not mentioned in the news.

There have been breakthroughs ET/UFO disclosure the past couple of weeks. More is coming out bit by bit as also the government cover ups and inside job of 9/11 has been highlighted on mainstream news in a documentary and interview.  Blair could be maybe trialed for war crimes in Scotland after the way was cleared by the Scottish parliament. More court cases and lawsuits pop up.  Wow things now really get moving. Also reports of the active disinformation campaigns are discovered and disclosed.  Even people like Soros are now actively are mixing in their views to make the  crisis in the Euro zone turn in their advantage.

Gold and Silver, what do you mean worth lots. The reports of interfering and (possible) manipulation in the markets of gold and silver are booming. I see the reviving of a dead system again and again at any cost even  if solutions are no solutions but only stalling the inevitable outcome of a crash. We will see the Ben Bernanke sorcerers hat being used in probably tomorrow announcing QE number………. and printing the inflation in Americas dollar to oblivion. When do they awake to the fact the system is dead. You see the signs if you look that make clear the great depression and crash is coming. Employment moves away. Big Multinationals and companies lay off big amounts of people for profit boosting for their dear stockholders for example Philips International.

Let alone the figures of poor and unemployed got rigged. There are several moves from groups and countries around the world to break through the hegemony of the big companies that try to instate corporate rule of the world in all. The Monsanto’s and others, Hungary and India for example.  I also see in lightworker communities strange behaviour of people loosing totally the plot. Looking to deep in the money-making trail or think to be grander than the grandest leader that will save the world.  Some truths maybe true.

Some are just plain foolishness. Honesty and clear intent and not getting yourself in trouble to contradict with that what you have said earlier or even being inconsistent with that what you have told, is something they really can learn all (and yes we have our faults).   What about disinformation spreading amongst others.  A true story mixed with untruth is not making it a truth, how hard your selling the story. Getting people’s  attention is not through telling them to be a bad boy or girl if they not follow your advice or be expelled from class.  These are truly very exiting times. The things behind the scenes are saying the time is near. The signs are clear and we see also lots of good initiatives happening to make a difference, to make an end to injustice or even to start new projects that will make communities succeed to help themselves, be self-sufficient or having new methods in exchange and new money systems work for them.

Let me say to all  with the best intentions in their view, do that part you do and do it honest and well. More can not be asked. Know that  we can differ in things and even honestly may take some points of view to heart. But in the end we all have the same goal.  Keep seeing that and try to be in the boat and not the store away or even the man over board.  Differences can mostly be solved in seeing that we are in the end not so different at all and wanting the same.

Still the news is racing on. We will for sure have tomorrow a new wonderous or breaking story, article, channeling or event. It is as it is. We see that tomorrow.

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