Visionkeeper – Are You Feeling It? – 12 September 2012

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So, are you feeling things intensely and finding perhaps you are just a bit out of balance and shaky? I sure am. I know yesterday September 11th had some major issues surrounding it, but beyond that, the energy coming in to earth is powerful! I have continued to drop things all morning, tripped over rugs and just a short while ago fell down the last five steps of the stairway into a heap on the tile floor below.

I am okay aside from a cut hand and a sore back and rear, but boy, yesterday was not my day. I know what the Oracle report had to say about it and I guess I was falling into step. I find the more we seem to be getting realignments within the more out of whack my body becomes while trying to function in 3D. I will be most pleased when we are finally in place somewhere and we stop this jumping in and out of dimensions.

As I asked above, are you finding things a bit off-balance lately? I know we have to go through all of this in preparation for other dimensional living, sometimes the adjustments just hit harder than others. It is different for everybody I’m sure. Just the day before I was on top of the world and going merrily with the flow, but yesterday I felt like someone loosened a few spark plugs within and I am running rough. These days will be happening for everyone and as time gets closer to the end, I am sure all of this will intensify even more. Our best bet is to ride it out, be able to laugh at yourself and all of your antics and always remember that tomorrow is always a new day. Until we are fully integrated we will be in and out of the flow and when we are out, we must not let it throw us for a loop. We are all doing our best.

We must remember that what we as the whole of humanity are trying to do with raising our consciousness and moving out of 3D into 5D has never been done before. There are no instruction booklets, directions telling what we do after we complete each step. We are winging it and going on the small bits of memory we may have of who we really are. We must be patient with ourselves and with each other and be supportive for we are all doing our best to get to our final destination. We are all being rewired inside, being given new ways of being we must learn to grow into and we need time to adjust to what is happening. Again, be patient with yourself and others.

As we often read in the Oracle Report, we are being greatly influenced by the planets and their positioning in the heavens. Now add that on top of all of the inner changing we are going through, that is a lot to have on our plate at one time. Do not become overwhelmed or freak out. Remember, we are ALL going through this in one form or another. We are not alone in what is taking place and we will be here for each other in every way we can be. Stay as calm as you can, remember all you have learned so far about staying in your heart and being love to all those around you, stay positive and don’t be sucked into the dark ones dramas that will be ongoing throughout this journey. Stay above and free from the drama.

This will be short today. I really am rather sore so I am headed to a hot bath to soak. I hope the day is going better for all of you. If it isn’t don’t forget to laugh at yourself and stay light at heart. We need laughter to see us through the darkness and if we can laugh at ourselves and look at life through less serious eyes, we ahead of the game, for we will not be pulled under by the evil that prevails.

Blessings to you all,

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